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2nd Lt. Andy J. Benedict
723rd Squadron - Crew#35
The following six photographs were taken on the Island of Vis, Yugoslavia in 1944
after the crash Landing of our B-24, "No, No Nanette"


Sgt. Ernest J. Pellington - Engineer


Co-Pilot Andy J. Benedict (left) shakes hands with Pilot Lt. Roger A. Kent on a "Good Landing"
Sgt. Pellington looks on from the Co-Pilot's seat


Sgt. Robert F. Tracy (left) & Lt. Benedict


Back Row - Left to Right:

Unknown Gunner
Unknown Bombardier
Sgt. Sylvester N. Burgoon - Radio operator/Gunner
Lt. Roger A. Kent - Pilot
Sgt. William R. Swayze - Waist Gunner

Front Row - Left to Right:

Lt. Andy J. Benedict - Co-Pilot
Unknown Navigator


Sgt. Sylvester N. Burgoon - Radio Operator/Gunner


Posing with the local Partisan Chief
(He's in the middle with the dark sweater)

Inside the Coliseum, Rome August 1944

Coliseum 1944

Left to Right:

Lt. Vincent Taylor - Assistant Operations Officer - 723rd Squadron
Lt. Benedict
Lt. Kent

Outside St. Peter's Basilica, Rome August 1944

Basilica 1944

Left to Right:

Lt. Kent
Lt. Benedict

Mitchell Field, June 1944

Mitchell Field 1944

Left to Right:

Lt. Andy J.Benedict
Lt. George J. Caselli
Cpt. Arthur J. Stavely
Lt. Myron J. Dare

Above Photographs courtesy of Andy J. Benedict

Manduria Re-Visited, 1978

Manduria 1978

Lt. George J. Caselli at the main gate of the 450th Air Base

Operations Room 1978

What is left of the Operations Building

Above Photographs courtesy of George J. Caselli

French Embassy Medal Ceremony - 2011

Medal Ceremony 2011

Lt. Andy Joseph Benedict

Medal Ceremony 2011

Medal Ceremony 2011

Medal Ceremony 2011

Medal Ceremony 2011

Medal Ceremony 2011

Medal Ceremony 2011

Medal Ceremony 2011

From Left to Right:
Michael Benedict & his wife Vicki
Lt. Andy Joseph Benedict
Andy John Benedict and his wife Margaret
Rose Benedict and Jon Benedict

Above Photographs courtesy of Andy Benedict

Back In A B-24 After 65 Years

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Link To A B-24 Ride in 2011

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