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In The Media

We have a copies of archived film footage of the 450th in Manduria.
These are large files and may take a while to download

Robert Wehnert and Burl Harmon courtesy of Veterans Voices of Contra Costa

Training at Alamagordo courtesy of

450th Crews I courtesy of

450th Crews II courtesy of

450th On Film courtesy of the 1st CCU

Life in Italy courtesy of the John Noll, 723rd Squadron

After the War courtesy of the John Noll, 723rd Squadron

Heavens Above Crew courtesy of Charles Herrington, 720th Squadron

Andy Benedict courtesy of Andy Benedict, 723rd Squadron

Aircraft courtesy of

Veteran Interviews I - Omaha 2010

Veteran Interviews II - Omaha 2010

Veteran Interviews III - Omaha 2010

Veteran Interviews IV - Omaha 2010

Library of Congress, Veteran Tribute Videos

There are several good books about the 450th in circulation. Here are a few you might like to read:

Combat Missions
Published by BookBaby Publishers
Written by Burl D. Harmon, Engineer, 720th Squadron
ISBN 978-1-66785-696-4

The Lessard Chronicles
Published by Judith Lessard
Written by Judith Lessard

Hitlers Tenant
Published by Xlibris Corporation
Written by William H. Harvey, 722nd Squadron
ISBN 978-1-4568-6757-7

Navigating the Course - A Man's Place in His Time
Published by Valley Meadow Press
Written by David Fanshel, Navigator, 722nd Squadron
ISBN 978-0-972369-6-4

A Fallen Eagle
Published by Dog Ear Publishing
Written by Clarence P. Cowart, Lt. Col. AUS Ret.
ISBN 978-159858-937-5

450th Bomb Group (H) The Cottontails of WWII
Published by Turner Publishing
ISBN 1-56311-243-4

The War Of The Cottontails - Memoirs of a WWII Bomber Pilot
Published by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill 1989
Written by William R. Cubbins, a 450th pilot
ISBN 0-912697-96-2

Liberator Pilot - The Cottontails Battle for Oil
Published by California Aero Press
Written by Vincent F. Fagan
ISBN 0-914379-02-X

Shadow - A Cottontail Bomber Crew in WWII
Published by McFarland and Company, Inc
Written by Neil Hunter Raiford, a professional author
ISBN 0-7864-1906-7

Fast Track to Manhood
Published by Trafford Publishing
Written by Thomas P Griffin a pilot in the 450th
ISBN 1-4120-0647-3

Liberal Lady I - IV - Reflections of a Milltary Pilot
Published by BookSurge Publishing
Written by Gerald M. French a pilot and Fligiht Commander in the 450th
ISBN 978-1419673504

The Evadee
Published by BookStand Publishing
Written by Frank Bauder, 720th Squadron

A Gift From My Father
Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC
Written by Michael L. Banner, son of S/Sgt. Alexander Banner, 723rd Squadron
ISBN 978-1-62147-255-1

The Flight. A Father's War, a Son's Search
Published with the assistance of the V. Ray Cardozier Fund
Written by Tyler Bridges
ISBN 978-0-8071-7537-8


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