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Escape Statements

720th Squadron

720th Squadron
721st Squadron

721st Squadron
722nd Squadron

722nd Squadron
723rd Squadron

723rd Squadron

2nd Lt. Owen M. Akers
T/Sgt. James E. Arlington
S/Sgt. Norman F. Arnold
2nd Lt. Robert Auman
Sgt. John F. Barnacle
T/Sgt. Charles F. Barr
2nd Lt. Francis D. Bauder
Sgt. Harold F. Bechtolff
S/Sgt. Charles B. Brashier
S/Sgt. William H. Britton
Sgt. James Burleson
S/Sgt. Kenneth M. Chambers
2nd Lt. Ernest D. Connors
Sgt. Charles Cunningham
Sgt. Silvio A. Damato
Sgt. Thomas J. De Simone
S/Sgt. Truett D. Dickerson
1st Lt. Roscoe G. Edwards
S/Sgt. Joseph R. Falconetti
2nd Lt. Mitchel E. Farris
S/Sgt. Jimmie C. Finch
S/Sgt. Charles R. Flanagan
2nd Lt. Milton Flohr
Sgt. Roger F. Graham
S/Sgt. Paul H. Gritten
S/Sgt. Theodore Hallet
S/Sgt. Robert Harris
2nd Lt. Dean Hecht
S/Sgt. Thomas B. Hepburn
F/O Joseph W. Hirsch
2nd Lt. Leonard S. Houston
Cpl. Garth M. Kanen
F/O Dante V. Kingsley
1st Lt. Edward B. Kunkle
2nd Lt. Lamar Landry
2nd Lt. Charles H. Lee
S/Sgt. Walter Lorchak
F/O Hart H. Mark Jr.
Sgt. James R. Martin
2nd Lt. Garvin M. McCain
S/Sgt. Richard E. McCorkle
2nd Lt. Carl D. Nofis
S/Sgt. Joseph R. Odom
2nd Lt. Edward J. Pomerville
T/Sgt. Eugene J. Remmell
1st Lt. Monroe Sachs
Sgt. Harry L. Seawell
Sgt. Samuel L. Shaw
2nd Lt. Franklin A. Sherrill
2nd Lt. Morris Sipser
2nd Lt. William R. Taylor
S/Sgt. Albert L. Thompson
S/Sgt. Jack P. Thompson
2nd Lt. Wesley Urquhart
2nd Lt. Gene R. Wilkinson

Sgt. Harold Adams
T/Sgt. Oscar C. Adamson
2nd Lt. Paul J. Ament
Sgt. Clifford Athon
S/Sgt. Paul D. Bear
T/Sgt. James R. Birtles
M/Sgt. Norman L. Davignon
Sgt. Clarence Dentinio
S/Sgt. Melvin C. Ewing
Sgt. Arthur Grady
Sgt. Orie L. Graves
2nd Lt. Murray V. Hollander
2nd Lt. George K. Holman
Sgt. Raymond M. Hook
Sgt. John P. Hortel
2nd Lt. James F. Hunter
2nd Lt. William T. Just
Sgt. Alfred Kaesser
2nd Lt. Joseph T. Kent
1st Lt. Chester F. Kingsman
2nd Lt. Claude L. McIver Jr.
2nd Lt. Ralph F. McSloy
2nd Lt. Edward Mendenez
Sgt. William F. Mills
Sgt. Raymond A. Moore
2nd Lt. Roland C. Parnell
Sgt. Lenard N. Parr
1st Lt. Leslie J. Paul
2nd Lt. Doid K. Raab
2nd Lt. William G. Ramshaw
Sgt. John K. Soehner
S/Sgt. William W. J. Shergold
S/Sgt. Edward E. Sinski
Lt. Col. William C. Snaith
Sgt. Jason L. Spence
S/Sgt. Tilman J. Thompson
Sgt. Harold Wesley
2nd Lt. Oliver G. White

2nd Lt. Robert K. Archer
2nd Lt. Bernard H. Berger
S/Sgt. Paul J. Blanchard
1st Lt. Thomas J Borgstrom
2nd Lt. Francis J. Byrne
S/Sgt. Elmo L. Cassell
Cpl. Cletus D. Davenport
Sgt. Hilton L. Dodgen
S/Sgt. Gordon H. Fothergill
S/Sgt. Courtney B. Gerrish
T/Sgt. John B. Gondek
S/Sgt. George G. Grad
S/Sgt. Hugo L. Greinert
S/Sgt. Lester F. Griner
1st Lt. Edwin Gross
Sgt. William E. Hunt
Sgt. Neil S. Janoaky
T/Sgt. Dee R. Jones
Sgt. Ira L. Jones
2nd Lt. John E. Kreisle
S/Sgt. Donald Y. Martin
2nd Lt. J. C. McClure
Sgt. Michael P. McKool
Sgt. John Morris
Cpl. Jeremiah J. Mulvihill
Sgt. Gene C. Nally
S/Sgt. Raymond E. Nally
S/Sgt. Merle A. Neff
2nd Lt. Edward J. Nisiobincki
Sgt. William L. Park
2nd Lt. Harry E. Parr Jr.
2nd Lt. William A. Parrish
Sgt. Melbourne R. Ponton
2nd Lt. Willis R. Retzlaff
2nd Lt. Christopher G. Robson
Sgt. Raymond J. Schira
Cpl. Charles N. Slingland
2nd Lt. William R. Smith
1st Lt. Iren B. Stone
2nd Lt. Ralph C. Volk
Sgt. Thaddeus J. Wenzka
F/O. Robert L. Wesner

S/Sgt. James E. Arlington
S/Sgt. William E. Bell
Sgt. Jerrold S. Berstein
T/Sgt. Sam C. Corsentino
S/Sgt. Robert F. Hahn
2nd Lt. Hugh L. Harn
Sgt. Arthur F. Kull
S/Sgt. Stanley L. Kyriakos
2nd Lt. William M. Laughun
Sgt. John J. Di Maggio
T/Sgt. Charles B. McVeigh
1st Lt. Sigurd J. Nilsson
Sgt. William J. Ryan
Cpt. Theodore Stanley
S/Sgt. James P. Vaughn
T/Sgt. Robert J. Waldrop
2nd Lt. Mervyn Williamson


31 October 1944


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