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Miscellaneous Pictures & Articles
The newest additions are at the top of the list.

Manduria Museum Pictures

Thanksgiving Menu

722nd Squadron, Fall Formal

Flag Poem

Unknown Collection
Courtesy of Daniel Vester

Aircraft Recognition Manual
San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center

Capri Souvenir Booklet


Forbidden Area

Postcards from Camp Roberts

Lucky Little Belle of San Michele

Alamogordo Stationary

723rd Squadron Group Picture

723rd Squadron Picnic

The Island Of Vis
Then (1944) and Now (1999)

A Tribute

Pictures of Italy
Mickey Rorer Collection

Bombs Away Book

Spanish Lessons

Report of Tactics
12 August 1944

Naval Peep Box

Chapel Services

Christmas 1941

Hazardous Flying Notice

Embarkation Pamphlet
Camp Myles Standish

Medal Ceremony

1996 Manduria Program

The Cottontails Song

There I was
A Satirical Cartoon

450th Campaigns

Meal Ticket

Debarkation Cards

Briefing Notes
Mission #253

100 Archived Photographs

Bombardment Operations
Nov. 43 to Nov. 44

Pilot-Bombardier report

Christmas 1944

John Garfield

Postcards From Italy

15AAF Italian Bases

Easter Service - 1944

Florence Cemetary

450th Placque Dedication

Scenes from Italy

Rome From The Air

This Is The Army - By Irving Berlin

Group Citations

Pictures from Rome

Pictures from R&R Trips

Pictures from around the base

Relaxing On The Beach

Unit Citation Presentation

Major Carr

Meyers - Bombardier

Five Buddies

Harvey Miller - Photographer

Lynn's Place - Corsica

Panama Hattie, A USO Show

Gyroscopic Instrumentation Class

Sixth Student Squadron

Officer's Club

Willow Run

722nd Squadron Entrance

722nd Squadron Group Picture

Manduria Airfield

Bombing Commendation

Invitation To A Re-Union

V Mail

15th AAF Heritage

Bomb Sights

Bombs Away

Bad Day

Axis Sally

Air Force memorial, Washington D.C.

Nicholas Mandella Collection, 723rd Squadron

Nose Art

B-24 Engines

Gus Comas In Manduria

Gus Comas In Almogordo

723rd Jeep Restoration

721st Latrine

721st barracks

721st Officers

721st Officer's Club

Ralph Brierley Collection, 721st Squadron

Snowed In

Headquarters and Orderly room

Visiting Aircraft

Crash Damage

Scenes From Manduria

Postcards From Palermo

Pictures Of Manduria

Base Buildings

Propoganda Leaflet

The 450th Memorial Dedication in 1991

Newspaper Clippings provided by Richard Holub

Other Pictures provided by Richard Holub

Sweetheart Song

Mission ready

Whiskey Line

Bombs Away

Vienna Flak

Emergency Radio Procedures

Gunnery School

720th Squadron

720th Officers

Certificate of Valor

Lightning's In The Sky - A Poem

B-24 Production Line

Middle Barracks Under Construction

American ID Card

Rest Camp Memorabelia

Base Entrance

The Olive Grove

Digging Fox Holes

Group Aid Station

Group operations

3rd Photo Group Pictures

Life In Manduria

Italian Tourist Spots

London Air Raids

Loading a Transport



P-51 #25 In Close Escort


The War Ends!

Keesler Field Songbook

Letters from Georgescu

Unknown Pilots' War Memories

The Duke of Windsor Visits

P-47 Escort

Three Crewmen

P-51 Escort

451st Over Ploiesti

Tito On His Horse

A Mobile Brothel

Outside The 720th Orderly Room

The Officer's Club

Cockpit of a B-24

Rainy Days In Manduria

Rouhia Entertains The Men

Mail Call

Video Stills

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