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"Hero's in Life not Death"

The 450th Memorial Association remembers, and pays tribute to, those who have taken their last flight
and offers our deepest concolences to their family and friends.

7 April 2024T/Sgt.Joseph E. Hornyak721st
21 February 2024S/Sgt.Robert Wehnert720th
28 October 2023Pfc.Domenick Mazzone723rd
13 April 2022 CaptainJulian D. Fleming721st
25 August 20212nd Lt.Warren K. Miller723rd
25 June 2021Cpl.Irvin DeGroff720th
28 January 2021Cpl.Louis P. Zemek722nd
19 Janury 2021Sgt.Joseph J. Ukish723rd
5 January 2021S/Sgt.James P. Vaughn723rd
May 20202nd Lt.Fred Cunha723rd
29 March 2020Sgt.Raymond C. Duran723rd
21 March 2020Sgt.James P. Carey723rd
13 February 2020S/Sgt.Robert A. Breneman723rd
13 January 2020CaptainMaurice A. Erickson720th
20 November 20192nd Lt.Stuart J. Lefkowits722nd
20 October 2020T/Sgt.Harold E. Lopeman722nd
18 October 2019Sgt.William G. Milliken721st
13 September 2019Sgt.Raymond E. Malley721st
6 July 2019ColonelCharles D. Sands722nd
2 May 2019Sgt.William T. Ball721st
22 November 2018 John D. Hull722nd
28 September 20182nd Lt.Gerald M. French720th
18 August 2018S/Sgt.Herman A. Deal722nd
July 2018S/Sgt.Ralph S. Stevenson721st
13 June 2018Pfc.William Strickler Jr.721st
7 June 2018S/Sgt.Michael Moramarco722nd
6 February 2018Sgt.Howard W. Tate721st
18 January 2018Sgt.Donald Swank722nd
14 January 20182nd Lt.William C. Marak721st
29 December 2017T/Sgt.Anthony J. Vola722nd
8 december 2017Sgt.Water Clive720th
8 December 20171st Lt.William C. Goffrier Jr.721st
December 2017S/Sgt.Adelbert W. Kenyon723rd
16 November 20172nd Lt.Howard E.Tomlinson Jr.723rd
25 August 20172nd Lt.John M. Keil722nd
21 September 2017S/Sgt.Floyd R. Carlsrud721st
13 August 20172nd Lt.Earl G. Anderson Jr.721st
25 July 2017Pfc.Edward J. Chomer Jr.721st
18 July 2017Cpl.Richard J. Pinardi721st
13 July 2017S/Sgt.John Schlapak721st
3 May 2017S/Sgt.Paul J. Versch721st
3 May 2017S/Sgt.Robert N. Terry720th
6 March 2017S/Sgt.Frederick A. Uphoff Jr.723rd
4 March 2017Cpl.Wilfred J. BishopH.Q.
12 January 2017S/Sgt.Kenneth R. Hopkins721st
12 December 2016Pfc.Blake Ayers723rd
3 December 2016S/Sgt.Nunziato Alleruzzo723rd
30 November 2016Sgt.James A. Zocco722nd
18 November 2016T/Sgt.Edward R. Gulin721st
12 November 2016T/Sgt.Charles B. Black720th
2 November 2016Sgt.Silvio A. Damato720th
29 October 2016 George C. Anson Jr.720th
28 October 2016S/Sgt.Henry R. Hunter Jr.722nd
17 October 2016Pfc.Rene D. Reuse723rd
11 September 20161st Lt.Gerald H. Fahrer720th
3 August 20162nd Lt.Earl A. Shanken722nd
15 July 2016Camera OperatorAlbert V. Saldarini1st CCU
4 July 2016Sgt.James Cosenza722nd
13 June 20162nd Lt.Robert E. Riley720th
28 May 2016Cpl.Robert P. Waterman721st
12 April 20162nd Lt.Robert H. Berly Jr.721st
7 April 20161st Lt.Philip T. Hamer723rd
22 March 20161st Lt.Marshall N. Samms720th
16 March 2016T/Sgt.William G. Smith722nd
2 March 2016S/Sgt.John D. Greer720th
22 February 2016S/Sgt.Alcide "Jim" Champagne722nd
12 February 20161st Lt.John B. Stockton722nd
17 January 2016 William J. Croes 
16 January 20162nd Lt.Joseph W. Geary Jr.721st
11 December 2015CaptainDayton R. Taylor720th
8 November 2015ColonelWilliam D. Conklin723rd
11 October 20152nd Lt.Kenneth D. Fullmer721st
6 October 2015S/Sgt.Abe I. Silver723rd
3 October 2015Sgt.Manuel Gil de Rubio 
17 October 2015T/Sgt.Gordon P. Brown Jr.720th
13 August 2015Sgt.States W. Viar723rd
22 June 20151st Lt.Frank A. Heid Jr.721st
21 June 2015S/Sgt.Joseph R. Falconetti722nd
6 June 2015S/Sgt.Sydney Spyer723rd
2 June 2015F/OFrancis S. Rzatkowski722nd
1 June 20152nd Lt.Francis D. Bauder720th
27 May 20152nd Lt.Elwood A. Fitz722nd
20 May 2015S/Sgt.Harvey R. Houston722nd
13 May 20151st Lt.Donald Jenkins Jr.720th
11 May 20152nd Lt.Glenn W. Klotz723rd
3 April 2015S/Sgt.Arthur E. Parrow722nd
3 April 20152nd Lt.Courtney Shanken722nd
30 March 20152nd Lt.Harry L. Lamb720th
21 March 20152nd Lt.Walter E. Gilbert721st
21 March 2015S/Sgt.Paul L. Crum Jr.720th
6 February 2015S/Sgt.Jesse N. Bradley721st
26 January 20152nd Lt.Andy J. Benedict723rd
18 January 2015T/Sgt.Paul Swearingen720th
15 January 2015S/Sgt.William J. Rossman723rd
November 2014S/Sgt.James E. Deaver723rd
19 October 2014Sgt.Eugene F. Meehan721st
11 September 2014Cpl.Fred A. Keffer721st
27 August 2014S/Sgt.Fred B. Kemp722nd
23 August 2014Sgt.Raymond M. Hook721st
August 20142nd Lt.Frank W. Molina720th
August 20142nd Lt.Frank D. DiGiovanni723rd
24 July 2014S/Sgt.George R. Pynn720th
18 June 204T/Sgt.James E. Strickland720th
16 June 20142nd Lt.Louis Siegal722nd
15 March 2014Pfc.Romeo C. Bertrand720th
5 February 2014 Michael A. Pino722nd
7 January 2014S/Sgt.James F. Barron723rd
21 December 2013S/SgtCletes A. Cain Jr.720th
5 December 2013T/SgtGeorge H. Rosenberg721st
30 November 2013Pfc. Leroy J. Hardman722nd
19 November 2013Sgt.Salvatore P. Vanacore723rd
1 November 2013MajorRex V. Fuller723rd
28 October 2013Sgt.George T. Condeelis720th
21 October 2013Sgt.Roger F. Graham720th
18 October 2013Sgt.Samuel Stein721st
9 October 2013Sgt.John N. Paris (Parathiras)721st
1 October 2013S/Sgt.Julius J. Eccell723rd
23 September 2013Cpl.Jerome Schwartzman722nd
16 September 2013S/Sgt.Maurice H. Gilliam720th
12 August 2013Cpl.Maynard O. Baughman723rd
27 July 2013Pfc.Robert J. Collinson720th
16 July 2013Sgt.Thomas Lynch723rd
8 July 20132nd Lt.Leonard Robbins721st
6 July 2013CaptainDonald G. Nyreen721st
29 June 2013Sgt.Joseph E. Marshall72st
14 June 2013Cpl.Carl V. Cardinalli722nd
12 June 20132nd Lt.Russell J. Verby723rd
23 May 2013 Charles J. Pappas721st
7 May 2013S/Sgt.Julian T. Jackson723rd
24 April 2013S/Sgt.Harold J. Saperstein722nd
16 April 20131st Lt.Harlan S. Place722nd
6 April 2013Sgt.Gus Comas721st
5 April 20132nd Lt.Harry T. Stebbing Jr.722nd
26 February 2013S/Sgt.James Keleshian723rd
20 February 20131st Lt.Alfred B Rollins Jr.720th
18 February 2013T/Sgt.John H. Laing720th
10 February 20132nd Lt. Vincent M. Hanrahan721st
20 January 20132nd Lt. Louis Amster720th
3 January 20131st Lt.Sumner M. Field Jr.722nd
3 January 20132nd Lt.Adolph A. Jelen 722nd
23 December 20121st Lt.William E. Reno Jr.721st
15 December 2012 David Fanshel722nd
8 December 2012S/Sgt.Harvey H. Rusco722nd
1 December 2012S/Sgt.Bruce J. Griffith720th
30 November 20122nd Lt.James E. Jenkins721st
27 November 20121st Lt.Vernon A. Wilk720th
19 November 2012F.O.Norman T. Kanel721st
15 October 2012S/Sgt.Vernon D. Hasley723rd
9 October 2012S/Sgt.Edward J. Grancagnolo723rd
9 October 20122nd Lt.John F. McWilliams723rd
8 September 20122nd Lt. Richard S. Cummings720th
14 August 2012T/Sgt.Grover S. Hundley721st
1 August 2012CaptainJames L. McLain722nd
30 July 2012T/Sgt.Leland M. DeHart721st
21 June 2012S/Sgt.Glenn W. Painter721st
6 June 20122nd Lt.Robert H. Gernand723rd
16 May 2012Sgt.Alexander N. Butkovich721st
9 May 2012Sgt.Kenneth E. Bunn721st
April 20122nd Lt.Henry J. Freitas720th
April 2012Cpl.Charles Ward721st
23 March 20122nd Lt.Herman F. Blumel Jr.721st
19 March 2012Sgt.Maynard J. Lawson721st
4 March 2012F.O.Harold J. Houghton721st
22 February 20122nd LtBruce E. Horst720th
17 February 2012S/Sgt.James G. Sheehan Jr.723rd
10 February 2012Sgt.Mario Alfonso720th
29 January 2012S/Sgt.George W. Fulton722nd
24 January 2012Cpl. James J. Gallagher Jr.722nd
24 January 2012Cpl.John F. O'Neal Sr.722nd
18 January 20121st Lt.James L. Bollinger721st
20 December 2011Sgt.Charles K. Stewart721st
11 December 2011Lt. Col.William K. Haines720th
2 December 2011T/Sgt. James V. Holmes722nd
December 2011CaptainEakley G. Schatzman720th
28 November 2011S/Sgt.Guy E. Myers722nd
22 November 2011T/Sgt.Donald G. Hines722nd
9 November 20111st Lt. George J. Caselli723rd
29 October 2011S/Sgt.William Pride720th
19 October 2011S/Sgt.Leroy W. Neal 723rd
12 October 2011 Joseph Jackson722nd
11 October 2011T/Sgt. Martin M. Goldman723rd
10 October 20111st Lt.Lloyd B. Gottesman723rd
September 2011Sgt. Lamar H. Good720th
25 August 2011CaptainCasimir J. TrzynaH.Q.
17 August 2011 Elmer E. Gusendorf723rd
7 July 2011S/Sgt.Adolph D. Meier 722nd
4 July 2011Sgt.Charles H. Crane720th
June 2011 Ray M. Keller723rd
24 May 20111st Lt.Robert W. Evans Jr.720th
16 May 20112nd Lt.Frank E. Tarasko723rd
12 May 20111st Lt.Philip A. Miller721st
1 May 2011Sgt.Bennett H. Collins720th
29 April 2011Cpl.James W. SandersonH.Q.
23 April 20112nd Lt.Wendall H. Davis723rd
11 April 20111st Lt. John S. Murphy723rd
9 April 2011Cpl.Frank J. Pugliese723rd
26 March 2011 Edwin H. Bolander720th
22 March 2011T/Sgt.Earl Munger723rd
21 March 20111st Lt. Richard L. Nowell721st
6 March 20112nd Lt.Bruce H. Stearns723rd
26 February 2011Sgt.Salvatore J. Torregrossa722nd
18 February 20112nd Lt.Edward J. Nisiobincki722nd
1 February 2011Cpl.Gerard L. Dupont720th
31 January 20111st Lt.Doid K. Raab721st
20 January 20112nd Lt.Joseph E. Shebest722nd
15 January 2011T/Sgt.Nicholas Mandella723rd
2 January 2011T/Sgt.Fred Drake720th
11 December 20101st Lt.Jack J. Shuman 720th
23 October 2010Cpl.Harry M. Kinney Jr.721st
19 October 2010S/Sgt.Nicholas A. Altemus721st
25 September 2010T/Sgt.Adam Sedar723rd
11 September 20102nd Lt.Thomas J. DaPrato722nd
26 August 2010S/Sgt.Peter C. Friend723rd
27 June 2010Sgt. Ellis Flippo Jr.722nd
8 June1st Lt.Ollie J. Agee721st
16 May 2010Sgt.William J. Barber723rd
10 May 20102nd Lt.Victor Lumovich721st
8 May 2010Sgt.Robert F. Walde721st
21 April 20102nd Lt.Edward C. Gerner720th
15 April 2010Sgt.Jack H. Moorehead722nd
3 April 20101st Lt.Francis E. McIntyre722nd
2 April 2010 Bernard N. Felling722nd
15 January 20101st Lt. Harry C. Fockler723rd
1 January 2010Cpl.Francis D. Broderick723rd
31 December 2009Sgt.Clinton G. Pons720th
1 November 20091st Lt.Dillard R. Cantrell720th
1 November 2009T/Sgt.Francis B. Marrer722nd
9 October 20092nd Lt. Lenus A. Bahti720th
22 August 2009S/Sgt.Rocco A Laurito722nd
20 August 2009S/Sgt.Adam E. Wood 722nd
1 July 2009S/Sgt.Thomas M. Patterson723rd
21 April 20091st Lt.William C. Kasdorf 720th
18 April 2009T/Sgt.Joseph C. Flanagan720th
25 February 2009CaptainHoward L. Selleck720th
21 February 20092nd Lt.Lee L. Wilder723rd
February 2009Sgt.Joseph E. Steinkerchner723rd
28 January 2009F.O.Edward E. Carlson720th
18 December 2008S/Sgt.William C. Dudley720th
1 December 2008S/Sgt.Joseph R. Bury721st
December 20082nd Lt.Paul D. Ridge721st
23 November 2008Cpl.Floyd Perkins721st
11 October 2008Cpl.Marvin Quinlan720th
7 October 2008S/Sgt.Russell Durham721st
October 2008S/Sgt.Thomas E. Devlin723rd
20 September 2008Sgt.Ralph L Poffinberger722nd
18 September 2008Sgt.Roger W. Goodson721st
2 September 2008Lt. Col.Harry Kirkwood722nd
4 August 20081st Lt.William P. Correia720th
30 July 20081st Lt.Murray G. Stowe723rd
4 July 2008Cpl.Waite L. Taylor721st
11 April 2008Sgt.Donald J. Kishman720th
18 March 20082nd Lt.Christopher Dalgish723rd
24 February 2008T/Sgt,Silvio P. Farina723rd
5 February 2008S/Sgt.Thomas W. Netherton720th
21 January 20082nd Lt.Warren F. Maust721st
1 January 2008Sgt.Adolph E. Ramus Jr.723rd
26 December 20071st Lt.Fred H. Koster721st
20 December 2007 Hudson Branham722nd
25 October 2007S/Sgt.Charles C. Felchner720th
5 October 2007S/Sgt.Ralph G. Strappelli723rd
18 August 20072nd Lt.William Wisbrod722nd
12 August 20072nd Lt.Vladimir W. Skuby720th
29 July 2007Cpl.Oliver Herrick721st
2 July 2007Cpl.Fernand Fournier720th
5 June 2007T/Sgt.Harold O. Paluska723rd
29 April 2007MajorWilliam L. Orris722nd
24 April 2007F.O.Angelo R. Yannuzzi723rd
7 April 2007T/Sgt.Vince Genna721st
4 April 2007Cpl.John J. Stranahan720th
1 March 20071st Lt.Edward P. McCabe Jr.723rd
2 February 2007S/Sgt.Walter Pryseski720th
17 January 2007S/Sgt.Alfred R. Deering723rd
24 December 2006Lt. Col.Ellsworth R. JacobyH.Q.
21 November 2006T/Sgt.Franklin H. Fanger721st
19 November 20061st Lt.Wallace Breckenfeld723rd
11 November 20062nd Lt.Robert S. Jones 723rd
9 November 2006S/Sgt.Alfeo E. Minato721st
October 20062nd Lt.Zane P. Laurini 722nd
2 September 2006F.O.Robert J. Clay723rd
28 July 2006Pfc.Edward Socha Sr.720th
21 July 2006S/Sgt.Edward Sacco723rd
18 July 2006S/Sgt.Max E. McClaskie722nd
28 June 20061st Lt.Thurman A. Glasgow722nd
14 June 2006S/Sgt.Harold D. Bosserman722nd
5 June 20062nd Lt.Edmond C. Hale723rd
June 2006Sgt.Phillip A. Smith720th
22 April 2006 Herbert T. Gouldon720th
12 February 2006T/Sgt.Duane P. Corporon722nd
24 December 2005Sgt.Joseph P. Brischler721st
23 December 2005CaptainHarvey E. Helmberger721st
6 November 2005T/Sgt.Sidney W. Raffkind721st
12 October 2005S/Sgt.Harold L. Francis720th
6 August 2005Captain Paul F. C. Radue720th
12 June 20052nd Lt.Charles H. Lee720th
29 May 2005Sgt.Jack R. Noe 720th
24 April 2005S/Sgt.Thomas H. Schoder720th
28 January 2005Sgt.Homer C. Gritten722nd
9 January 2005ColonelRobert GideonH.Q.
2 January 20052nd Lt.Harry D. Feltenstein721st
4 November 2004M/Sgt.Thurston A. Doriety721st
22 June 19991st Lt.Stuart A. Karmann721st
13 August 19931st Lt.Arthur K. Myers721st

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