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Mart L. Cope
720th Squadron

This picture is signed by John Ciborski, 720th squadron

I was a member of the 450th BG (H), 720th Squadron from May 1944 to March 1945. I completed 50 missions as a pilot. I flew half as a Co-pilot and half as 1st pilot. My first mission was on May 6th, 1944 and my last on November 20th, 1944. I had the pleasure of flying with many officers and enlisted men in many different aircraft during my time with the 450th.

I was co-pilot in the crew of Guy V. Munsey. We landed in Manduria on May 2nd 1944. We were assigned to the 723rd Squadron. Our first order was to take our plane over to another squadron. The crew was then split up and Lt. Baker took over as pilot. I was told as soon as soon as he learned the finer points of formation flying I would be back with my original crew.

I flew my first mission on May 6th, 1944 under Lt. Conklin. When I got back they called me in and told me I was transfered to the 720th Squadron. (Never asked and never found out why).

My old crew kept flying with Lt. Baker, on May 24th, 1944 they were shot down. Five were killed and the rest became P.O.W.'s.

My next two flights were with Lt. Mullhollan.

I then flew seventeen missions with Lt. John L. Jeff. Lt. Jeff finished his tour in August 1944 and flew home. I was moved to 1st Pilot and assigned personnel to fly with me.

Later I was promoted to 1st Lt. I made 19 trips as 1st Pilot, flew my 50th mission on November 20th 1944.

Our C.O., Major Stevens, wouldn't let me go home. He made me his morale officer. I was promoted to Captain on December 8th, 1944. I did a lot of morale work.

I finally headed Stateside on March 1st, 1945.

Thank you for what you are doing for the 450th,

Mart Cope.

Mart in Manduria 1944

Mart with camp dog "Skippy"

Mart in Manduria 1944

Cadet Cope, San Antonio 1943

Santa Cerera, 1944

Cope Flying a B-24

That's Mart on the right

Mart in Algiers 1944

Campbell & Cope at a home for
injured Yugoslavian children

Left to Right
Krasnow, Gerner, Cope

Left to Right
Cope, Gerner, Krasnow

Left to Right
Cope, Munsey, Rodgers, Tysco

Egbert & Cope

Cope ready to test flight a B-24

Left to Right
Back Row: Krasnow, Gerner, Cope
Front Row: The laundry girls, Patricia & Josephine Giovani

Rest camp at Santa Cerera
Left to Right
Back Row: Cope, Camp Worker, Campbell
Front Row: Camp Worker, Gerner

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