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M/Sgt. Edward C. Tinney
722nd Squadron

Edward Tinney

Edward was 29 years old when he entered the service. He was referred to as "the old man".

Edward in front of Stinky Siren

Edward by a downed ME 109

Left to Right - Merritt Edwards and Reynolds
January 1944

Edward & Merritt
Taken the day that Edward and his group were issued their Bronze Stars, by Major General Twining.
30 April 1945.

Edward in the 234BG
Clovis, New Mexico - July 1945

Bronze Star Medal Order

Edwards Medals

Shrapnel removed from 450th Aircraft

# 1 - 13mm Fragment from a Fw190 over Regensburg. Taken from the #4 Cylinder Head of aircraft # 513.
# 2 - 88mm Fragment from Flak over Brener Pass. Taken from the #3 engine Hydraulic Pump of aircraft # 954.
# 3 - 88mm Fragment from Flak over Regensburg. Taken from the Port Gear Strut of aircraft # 449.

Commemerative Shadow Box

The background material in the shadow box is from one of Edward's dress Jackets.
The jacket pocket was burned because he and another guy, a limey fighter pilot, were walking across a bridge after having a couple of drink's and these Italian guys tried to rob and kill them.
There were guys in front of them and behind them on the bridge.
Edward had a german walther P-38 in his right pocket and just shot through the coat. He said they would have killed them both and stripped them of everything and dumped them under the bridge.
Edward took his final flight on 14 March 2007, aged 95. Hopefully he is having a beer with all his buddy's and dancing to some Harry James with his wife.

War Journal

01 02 03 04
05 06 07 08
09 10 11 12
13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28
29 30 31 32
33 34 35 36

M/Sgt Edward Tinney

1 - 4 - 44

Manduria, Italy

Fri.  1– 28– 44   42-7753

#3 Engine fails crushed oil serum engine change – 196 hours.

Little Lulu, busts nose wheel and is in class 26.  first ship lost.

Sat. 1– 29– 44

Short arms – insp. Big Blow Out can't get landing gear down 42 – 7740

R. wheel only. Bail out over field belly lands at other field second ship lost.

 2–5– 44    41–29281

I was given crew job on 281 Sullins ship he had Big Blow Out. Got court martialed. I hope to make good 32:40 on ship went to big show rain and cold.

2– 8– 44 My ship made first hop. And one mission too. Changed fuel ?? in Bomb Bay – 88:10 A B-24-M from 455 G.P. crashed ran out of gas. Nav. Killed and plane burned found sockets & machete. (fine weather)

 2-10-44 Marges Birthday 24 years old.

TUE. 2-22-44     (42-7741)

Honey ship Galloping Ghost shot down all lost – Eberle's ship cracked up on runway – nose wheel didn't' come down. 281 renamed "TANNA LIZA" 118:40  Broke L.R. Bomb bay door – (Lt Gillespie P.) went to Lecce on 24th pass – Bombed Mettinschimt factory.

2-23-44  WED.

Bombed Austria lose two Bombay doors – Lost 7 ships in group – Major of 723 (F.O. Weatherman P.) 281 shot down 4 ships today TOTAL – 6  "STYER AUSTRIA"

2-25-44 FRI.

Bombed Mettershmitt Factory "Tana Liza" shot down in raid all on crew lost. Plane as share – oxy leak in nose – 5.0. N.C.W.  Heater insp. – Rain & Cold.

P. GL Gillispie 2nd Lt            R W McClellen S/Sgt

CP. Ratskoski Lt                   Tail.

Bomb. Cooke Lt                    Nose – "Regensberg"

Nav. Reycke Lt                     Radio – "Germany"

Eng. Martin T/Sgt                 41-29281

Ball. Brazle S/Sgt                 Regensburg

            126:00 hours on ship

EITHER FLEW TO SWITZERLAND OR All parachuted to safety in Yugoslavia.

FRI. 3-3-44 Game back from Taronto had good time. 723rd plane crashed at end of runway didn't quit get off ground loaded with double pack of frags. Plane explodes and all on ship killed 10 in all terrible site. Same spot where other plane crashed. Saw show in "Oria"

3-10-44 SAT.

Lyons ship – Janner was shot down and all lost. 42-7731 B-24-H Dewey brought this plane from Detroit – it bombed France "Toulon"

MONDAY 3-13-44

Paul & I went to Lecce I bought Lugar Pistol and watch for Marge. Will go to Toranto next week went back on Merretts plane.

3-24-44 Fri.

Another black day for us. More so for me Patricia Ann 42-52088 the plane I brought from Detroit, was shot down over the sea. She was "ditched" Lt. Stripp, Lt Cava. Were on plus, Glenn, Lt Ryon.

Also went down was "Frisco Belle" 41-29252 Lt. Anderson pilot Sgt Thomas was Ball gunner. Also Sullen. 3rd ship lost "Reddy Teddy" 42-78083 Capt Bullis pilot. Petre Eng. It was Pat's 15th mission Frisco's 27th & Reddy's 3rd. It was a piss poor Sgt up someone. Screwed up the works. Lt. Col. Snathe was leader.

Also 4 was lost in crash in midair 2-723rds & 2-721sts. They pancaked. We lost "7" in this raid. There target was "Steyer Austria"  "No Bueno" was assigned to Harens crew

3-25-44 Heard about "Jet" type plane. 2 types 1 eng. 2 eng. ME.s & Hienkel.





3-28-22 Made Staff Sergent got holster for gun.

3-29-44 Was assigned 42-82085 Riddles ship. 3 new ships game today.

3-30-44 Changed #2 engine on 085

3-31-44 Test hopped 085 with Major Orris. Flew as Co Pilot & Eng. Flight "OK" got paid $109.64.

4-2-44 Went to Bucharest – came back shot up. #2 eng. Intercol. Full of flack. Right tire changed. Worked all night.

4-3-44 Lt. King didn't take off – changed intercooler. No flight.

4-4-44 Went to Bucharest. Flew the hell out of it. Flame & smoke 10,000 FT.

4-5-44  Lt. King. Went to Plosti oil fields blasted the hell out of it – lost 9 planes – 451st plane exploded at end of runway. 3rd ship lost at that point. Took picture of smoke & flames. 025 ok. Opened up mess hall swell supper no flight tomorrow. Mail very poor.

4-16-44 Sunday

9:30 P.M. Sitting in shack getting ready to wash a terrible explosion occurred it shook everything I thought it was a raid it was a plane in 720 sqd. The flame and rockets went 1000 ft in air #443 it blew every thing to bits 5 were killed and lots injured. Eberly finally died of skull wound 4-19-44. 3 firemen were killed I saw 2 bodies there truck was a mess Merritts sure was lucky to be alive I was terribly shaken up.

4-19-44 Eberle died this morn. 1:30A.M. he was awarded distinguished service cross. Burch at Bari Still no mail from home or Marge. The ships must have been sunk.

4-23-44 Sullen lost his 5th plane "Maiden U.S.A." The "Joker" scraped due to explosion.

4-25-44 The "Shadow" crashed on runway.

4-21-44 Went to Lecce – Got Statue.

4-28  720 lost 3 planes. At Anzio "Pistol Packin Mama" had 42 missions on it. "Stinky" shot up.

4-29-44 Stinky – E.R. Broken oxygen line. Raid at  - Toulon France. Lost 2 maybe 3 Dernacks  582 (56)  Merretts 2nd  376 (55)  Major Orris & 11 others MIA – all bailed out. Lt. Maddox piloted. Dernacks, Deweys landed at Isle Capri we hope. Lt Smith pilot. Loses very high. Deweys ships # is 42-94901

5-1-44 Stinky went up on practice mission & got a 50 Cal. In #1 fuel cell changed cell – 39 missions

5-1-44 Made Tech Sergeant.

5-4-44 Lyons ship didn't get off runway. Dauntless Duchess no one hurt. Lyon gets Deweys old ship 901. Landed in Corsica  - Lt. L. C. Sirat

5-7-44 Went to Orea saw Catacombs in church. Also castle. Old Roman relics. Saw show "You were never so Beautiful"

5-11-44 Something big is about to happen. Starting of invasion I believe. Stinky has 40 missions Capt. Johnston relieved of duty here now. In England lost secret code book. F.B.I. here.

5-12-44 Something big, Lost both Marty Rubblemaker & Marge. Nortlo Rome.

5-15 – Changed #2 #3 #4 Eng. Got a lot of stick time.

5-17-44 More stick time.

5-19-44 Madam Shoo Shoo lost – ditched in Naples Harbor. Lt Shain killed.

5-21-44 Moved in cots "Multi Buono" Marge has $141.00 in bank.

5-24-44 Sullen lost his 6th ship. Change #4 Eng.  3 crashes.

5-25-44 Went to Brendisi Polish Air Force had good time.

5-26-44 Stinky stopped at Naples for gas. Tok.  "Madam Shoo Shoo" Engineer.  AIR RAID

5-29-44 Stinky at Foggia. Went down and out crew. AIR RAID

5-30-44 Went to get Stinky & stayed all nite a "49" sqd tried to take off on 3 Eng #1 no good tried 2 times. Got $174.96 pay.

6-1-44 Still at Foggia. Hal & Chic came down with Bird. Slept in plane all nite. Fixed hydraulic system.

6-2-44 Took off from Foggia. Landed ok. Lt. King going home. Hoppy gave me comforter & clothes. Got ".45" from Hoppy. 9MM. fit Sten gun.

6-11-44  5 day pass to rest camp. Made Master 10th.

6-19-44  720 whiskey ship explodes. One parachuted safely. Rec. watch from home "a dandy".

6-21-44 Plane & Eng. Missed field hit Adriatic. 3 killed 3 drowned.

6-24-44 Went to Toranto took picture ITV. Sub. & went on board. HMS Abacrombe Amonitor 2-10" guns. 8 guns to a PomPom.


            "The H.M.S. Abercrombie" in life WWII Italian campaign a artcal on the Sicilian invasion.

            The invasion of Sicily July 1943 – General Bradley – General Patton 7th Army hit the beach at "GELA" Sicily the opposing Italians & Germans were in command of General Kissilings Herman Gorings Div.

            Backed by American Navy USS Savannah & the British monitor H.M.S. Abercrombie commanded by Capt Faulkner as the range of the offshore batterys of the Savannah the Abercrombie with its 15 inch guns – removed ballast from the bow and pumped it in to the stern so to elevate the guns and have hanger range to pound the Germans 20 miles or more.

            The American rangers were having a tough go of it it and the invasion of Southern SICILY SICILY SICILY.

            It had mine hole in right side. Went all thru from stem to stern – had raid on Plosti lost 10 ships in Grp. 3 in our Sqd. Farris's & Morgan's & McKees.

6-26-44 On way to Cairo saw great convoys – will write later.

6-27-44 Had good but short time. Saw Nile & Pyramids. Desert. Cairo Lik. N.V City. Saw dancing girls. What a dance!

7-3-44 Stinky Siren shot down over Plosti also Deweys. Got new plane. 179. B-24-G

7-4-44 Lt. Farrow.

7-4-44 Farris's ship shot down

7-14  Two Plains crashed on run way.

7-16-44 100th mission.

7-18-44 Had to drill. Westill got our little mouse. (Mickey)

7-19 Went to Naples saw Mt. Vesuvius saw Crater Harbor of Solerno & Naples full of ships also Bari & Toranto. Saw German & Eng. Gliders steel pipe frame work. Monstrous 150 & 160 ft long bio enough to put 3 GI truck in it. I sure miss my Marge.

7-20 Lost 179 on raid to Germany it went to the Swiss side I hope. Lt Farrow Pilot.

Saw a Arab stick pins in face & arms. A lay on nails & have a rock broken on his chess.

7-21-44 Heard of Civil War in Germany in Germany. German purge all out attack tomorrow. All planes flying. Saw one swell show. 2 Girls & a Sailor. I hope this rumor is on the ball.

7-23 Something big on the way. Southern France or Balkans are next. Night fly started. Going to Bari – 25th – Combat men briefed to German soldiers. Won't bother you they let the civvies get you & do what they please with you – No Bono.

7-25-44 Went to Toranto. Saw 5 American destroyers & two battle wagons. Arkansas & Nevada. Went on board Nevada. Saw Irving Berlin & show. Went thru complete ship. Ate supper it was a real meal. Both ships took part in the invasion at Cherberg. June 6 5:10A.M. took pictures of Berlin & Com. Officers of the fleet. Took picture of Nevada.

7-28-44 Got new plane. 505 A.J. Ft. Fitz Pilots name of Plane is "Pat" for Pat Tinney.

8-1-44 Lyons plane blow up at end of runway every thing blew to bits on trace of seven on board. 3 escaped Comp. "B" 500#'s.

8-3-44 Went on Sqd picnic at beach very good time all the beer you can drink good cans.

8-4 Day off – Big convoys a Naples

8-7 Pats birthday. Finished painting "Pat" on plane.

8-8-44 G.T.O. 800 ships in Naples & Salerno Harbors. Expect something big to pop. ME 109 drops in field and gives self up. We had lots of rain. Got new Eversharp pen from Lt. Rome is like home. Very modern. 4 missions "Pat".

8-10-44 "Lost Pat" today. Over Ploesti. Lt. Fitz Pilot – Art Bell saw Jack Haley. Mary Brain & 30th ER girls dancer & singer & squeeze box player. One of the best show I ever saw. Something big going on maybe invasion its due.  Will take a good rest. "Pat" was a "J" B-24  42-78505 the best ship I ever had. We got comidation from Gen. Twining for devastating of Budapest air field for 450 Bomb Grp. Rebe plane & Deweys crew came back & Pat took place.

8-14-44 It looks like the nite flying we have done in the last month has bore fruit. Our first nite mission is due tonite. We think its another "D" day. Went to Lecce made $55.00. Started Photo lab of our own. Will send home 80.00 tomorrow. No more double mission just sorties now – Saw movie (It happened tomorrow) very good.

            The invasion should come off tomorrow morning. Target time 7:00 A.M. (500# Comp. B.) take off at 2:15 A.M. 8-14-44.

                                    Southern France

8-15-44  There was no mention of the invasion on radio at 8:00A.M. We knew it was on. Planes came back at 10:30AM. We hit at 7:16AM to 7:30AM then Navy came into play. Every type every type of air craft you can mention Bri. Amer. And the Navy. No flak no fighters – no losses no opposition. We bombed from beach in to get mines and barbed wire & pill boxes.

8-17-44 Ploesti Major got flack in ass.

8-18-44 Saw in Old Oklahoma. Started photo lab of our own.

8-19-44 Got new plane – 848 Got lot of flack. Saw "Ration G" good picture. 1st mission "Vienna" sent rosaries home blessed by Pope.

9-2-44 Combat crews returned from Rumania prison Camps at Buckerest. Pats crew safe. Marge has 7 missions. "Pats" crew came back today. From Ploesti. Lt. Walrath & part of crew. Came back today. 2 killed T.G. one leg off. Stinkey Sirens crew back today. Hit in #3 & 1 Eng. #3 before target.

9-4-44  Sent drawing of me home.


9-7-44 Gliders are coming in and we figure another invasion by paratroops. C47 are towing. Small bulldozers & graders. Changed all 4 Carb. On Marge. Lt. Fitz & crew went home.

9-9-44  Raid on Vienna. Saw Benlyons & Bebe Danials and 3 swell girls. The classiest show I've seen. Got two snapshots of "Marge & Pat"

9-9-44  Lt. George took my gun home for me.

9-12-44  Eagle beek chicken.

9-15-44 "Marge" went to Cairo Egypt for P.W.s Lt Wilson ok German hit him with rifle butt face.

9-17-44 Reset watch 1 hour. Back went to "Budapest" Marge back – Cairo.

9-18-44  Budapest again. Not any flack or fighters. Flack guns are going back into Germany invasion of Holland & Germany progressing well. No mail.

9-21-44 "Marge" got hit bad changed #4 Eng. Flak ally Yugo.

9-23-44 "Brenner Pass" no mail 132 miles from Berlin.

10-5-44 Marge went down after raid on Vienna. Ditched in Adriatic Sea & Wilkins & Lyons, Sullen landed at Viz. Crew all safe. Lt. McCumsey Pilot.

10-9-44 Got 42-51954. Terrible rain storm.

10-10-44 Went on first mission dirty plane. 721st plane crashed after take off. 4 killed.

10-22-44 Finished house and moved in.

10-28-44 Put stove in – OK.

10-29-44 Went to Lecce & got wool sox from farmer. Seen how they kill kids & sheep. Bad weather all this month.

11-1-44  15th Air Force is one year old today.

11-3 & 4-44 Vienna. Hit again all flak guns there.

11-6-44 Went to Taranto. Lt. Farrow of 197 came back from Switer. Escaped thru France. Darrow killed chute never opened – all rudder controls shot out. P.O.W. 3 months. Marge hit Vienna again.

11-7-44 Got pictures of Pat & Dad & Wally. She is like a little angel. This is election day.  F.D.R. wins I hope.

11-12-44 Hitler is on the air now. Telling the people they will win. But got to work hard. There are swearing in some ? under 21 of a organization in to the army the said Zig Heil Hitler from Berlin also in tomb of unknown soldier read by Henrick Hensler.

Started "New System" not so good.

12-10-44 Lost Kubas ship over Vienna. Clear day.

12-11-44 British bomb. B-24s with S. African pilots took British tummies over to Greece. Lots of trouble. Bad Weather.

12-12-44 Bomb. Again take Tommies over to Athens. Tommies don't like it. It's the British who won't the monarchy & the people won't. Their own Way. It looks bad for the Royalests. U.S. is for the Greeks. Churchill is a asshole if there ever was one.

12-15-44 My Birthday.

12-25-44 Had turkey. Had lots to drink.

1-1-45 Very Quiet.

1-2-45 Made 70.00 on 10.00.

1-8-45 Rec. Pres. Citation. B-17 came in with wound. Had party. Saw "Mrs. Parkington" celebrated 200 mission  Made 70.00 Hal.

1-9-45  Mission called off offer of Lt. in infantry. Of Air Corps. Got Pres Citation Pin & overseas stripes.

1-10-45 Rain – Lots of planes came in. No mail.

1-11- We got two planes – old 8th air force jobs. Kubas & Dornac. No mail  - Landed on "Luzon" very successful.

1-15-45  Went to Toranto got ring & pins. Rained. Went to Vienna – Saw show.

1-16-45 RAIN.

1-17-45  RAIN. 2 missions so far this month – more planes from England U.K.

1-22-45 First snow. Damp cold Russian 155 from Berlin Germany.

2-11-45  1002.00 in bank says Marge.

2-15-45  Big V. Bombardier on Babbet got killed. Marge came back E.R. #1 turbo out.

2-16-45 Babbets bombardier got buried at "Bari"

2-17 Insberg. Hit 3 – B-17s over target.

2-18 Big V

2-19 Big V 10 men bailed out over field all ok.  720 #16 – Very cold.

2-20 Big V Got "Stukas" in very cold.

2-21 Big V Molti Flak

2-22 Little V Verona Dornaks down at Florance.

27 100hr insp. 579 h.a.s. if the Krauts only knew if they had impact fuses on shells it would down a lot more shells 155. 105. & 88. M.M. Poor metal. Lots of shells going thru ships & not exploding.

3-16-45 #72 – 723 plane blew up. 3 killed #2 Eng exploded & threw prop in cab. Plume of flame went up 1000 ft. 6 – 500 T.N.T.

3-17-45  Gerdes #43 busted up on runway.

3-19-45 Got Marges painting.

3-20 – Linz 100% bombing marsh. yards. Heard Bob Haves was killed in Germany. 21st of Feb.

723d lost ship (flak)

3-21-45 Neuwbert N. of Munich. 100% bomb "Jet" plane shop near Regensberg.

4-27-45 Mussolini & Carlota girlfriend killed by Italian partisans

4-29-45 All planes hit N. Italy.

5-2-45 Looks like the end. Bombing German troops Brenner Pass. Rumors of war in Italy over soon. Warm sunny.

5-4-45  Rumors of German surrender. No planes up.

Edward Tinney

PFC. 3-9-43

CPL. 8-6-43

SGT. 11-21-43

S/Sgt 4-1-44

T/Sgt 5-1-44

M/Sgt 6-10-44

Pat's Birthday Aug. 7 – 43

Marge  "     "    March 10 – 1921

X Big Blow Out

X TanaLiza    2-25-44          -6

X Little LuLu

X Maiden U.S.A.

X Stinky's Siren 50  7-4-44  Walrath

  Down & Go

X Chicquita Mia

X Patricia Ann     21

X Marty the Rubble Maker 5-21-44

X Madam Shoo Shoo  5-19-44

    Booby Trap

X Marge  Italy  5-12-44

X Dauntless Duchess  5-4-44  -3

X Reddy Teddy

X Galloping Ghost

X Janner

X Frisco Belle

X Termite Chaser

X Male Call

X  760

X Rum Buggy   5-30-44

X Lorene  5-30-44

X  901  Deweys  5-29-44

X Myrtle 988  6-29-44   29

X  252

X  376  Sawyers  4-29-44

X  582  4-29-44

X  154  Deweys  7-3-44  Wilson 20

X Janner III  6-23-44    7

   Ilegal Eagle

X  960  5-24-44     44

X  197  Farrow    2   7-20-44

X Passionate Witch

X Snatch    7-20-44

Information courtesy of the Tinney family

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