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450th Logo

This site is dedicated to the men of the
450th Bombardment Group (H), 47th Wing, 15th Air Force, United States Army.
It is to them, and many like them, that we owe our freedom

Words of Caution: - Please be aware, there is a website at www.450thbg.org. IT IS NOT affiliated with the 450th Memorial Association in any way.
If you wish to donate, money, pictures, stories, items of memorabilia etc.., please contact us. The450th Memorial Association, located at this website.
We are the only official repository endorsed by the veterans of the 450th Bomb Group for the storage of information, memorabilia, and other historical data or holdings concerning their activities.
Please be aware that other groups on the Internet may seek items from 450th veterans and/or their families however, our items will never be sold or used without the donors express permission.
All donated items will remain open to the public via this website to serve as an educational archive for all.
We urge all veterans and/or their families to consider the 450th Memorial Association, when making any bequests in their estate planning,
especially historical items such as photos, diaries and uniforms, in order to maintain and continue the mission of the 450th Memorial Association.
We offer our condolences to the family and friends of:

Earl G. Anderson Jr. his last flight on 13 August 2017
Edward J. Chomer took his last flight on 25 July 2017
Richard J. Pinardi who took his last flight on 18 July 2017
John Shlapak who took his last flight on 13 July 2017
Robert N. Terry who took his last flight on 3 May 2017
Paul J. Versch who took his last flight on 3 May 2017
Frederick A. Uphoff who took his last flight on 6 March 2017
Wilfred J. Bishop who took his last flight on 4 March 2017
Kenneth R. Hopkins who took his last flight on 12 January 2017

Manduria Park - Tree Dedication

Honor a family member with a tree in Manduria Park

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If any information is being used out of context or if you would like to use some of this information, please contact the Webmaster

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