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2nd Lt. Paul V. Vegna
720th Squadron

Foggia Italy - 20 June 1945

Larry and Paul
Paul Vegna was the Co-Pilot in William Haines Crew.
He flew in the planes Satan's Gal and Mighty Mouse

Paul was probably 20 years old and was the pilot of his own crew.
On 9 March 1945 he was assigned to fly with another pilot, Haines.
They flew with two pilots and no co-pilot.
His original crew was flown by Lt. Saurer as pilot and John Downey as co-pilot.
Haines and Vegna were to fly in the # 2 spot as standby lead in case the lead plane was shot down.
10 planes went into the cloud bank and only 9 planes came out of the cloud bank.
All but Vegna and one other of Vegna's original crew died that day (see MACR #12922)

Left to Right
Larry, Jim, John, Paul Vegna & S/Sgt. Edward S. Yack

Molto Buono Article
Saturday, 24 February 1945

Paul and John

Manning a 50cal waist gun

A sketch of Paul by Frank Demjen, 720th Squadron

A note with the above sketch

Another sketch

Vegna and James Irwin

A letter home to Paul's parents

Paul relaxing - April 1945

Supply Officer (L) and Paul (R)

Vegna and Frank Demjen

Link To Crew Information

Information provided by Susan Del Monte, daughter of Paul Vegna

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