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2nd Lt. Raymond Wnukowski Crew
720th Squadron

Wnukowski Crew

Back Row Left to Right

Cpl Charles G Bentel Jr - Engineer
Cpl Robert C Hartmann - Nose Gunner
Cpl Morton Burdman - Radio
Cpl Emory O Jones - Ball Turret
Cpl Robert H Dale - Waist Gunner
Cpl John A Charron - Tail Gunner

Front Row Left to Right

2nd Lt Raymond Wnukowski - Pilot
2nd Lt George L Friederichs - Co-pilot
2nd Lt James R Van Slambrouck - Navigator
2nd Lt Robert E Riley - Bombardier

Wnukowski Missions

In front of the Parachute Building in Manduria

Left to Right
Bob Hartman, Emory Jones, Bob Riley, Ray Wnukowski, Morton Burdman, George Friederichs & Charles Bentel

This picture provided by Emory Jones

Wnukowski Crew

The missions with the X beside them are the missions the crew participated in.

Wnukowski Missions

Wnukowski Crew

Wnukowski Crew

Information courtesy of Robert E. Riley, 720th Squadron

If any information is being used out of context or if you would like to use some of this information, please contact the Webmaster

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