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Group Movement - June 1943


Office of the Commanding General Colorado Springs, Colorado 370.5 (E-3)


June 30, 1943


SUBJECT: Movement of Unit: 450th Bombardment Group (H)

TO: Commanding Officer, Army Air Base, Clovis, New Mexico


            1, It is directed that you take the necessary action and/or issue necessary orders to effect the movement of the below listed organization, from Army Air base, Clovis, New Mexico to Army Air Base, Alamogordo, New Mexico, at current strength. All elements of this organization will be in place Army Air Base, Alamogordo, New Mexico, on or about July 5, 1943.


ORGANIZATION                                                      CURRENT STRENGHT

                                                                                    OFF                EM

450th Bombardment Group (H)                             66                    265

720th Bomb Sq (H)

721st Bomb Sq (H)

722nd Bomb Sq (H)

723rd Bomb Sq (H)


            *The words “on or about” are used in this movement order so as to allow for minor adjustments of training schedules and to provide for delays which may be encountered in obtaining transportation. However, Special Orders issued by your Headquarters, reference this movement, will set an exact arrival date for the personnel involved.

            ** Certain of the personnel involved in this movement are now on DS at Army Air Base Orlando, Florida.


            2. This is a temporary change of station. (Last Perm Sta: Activated at AAB, Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho; has never been moved to a permanent station.)


            3. Individual equipment only now on hand and/or in storage will accompany this organization.


            4. This movement will be accomplished by air and/or rail. (All travel orders issued to cover the movement by air of the members of this unit will include a paragraph authorizing the continuation of the journey by rail it is impracticable to proceed by air.)


            5. Cost of transportation of troops and individuals, including the shipment of things, will be governed by the provisions of War Department Circular 206, 1942 as amended. Particular attention is directed to Section 4, War Department Circular 129, dated June 1, 1943.


            6. Your attention is directed to the following instructions:

a. Army Air Force Memorandum 42-14, dated March 7, 1942, subject, “Notice of Arrival of Troops”.


b. War Department Memorandum W-700-1-43, dated January 5, 1943, particularly to paragraph 4, sub-section C (1 &2).


7. Reference this movement, direct that at the earliest practical be hour you send the Commanding General, Army Air Forces, Attn: From; the Commanding General, I Bomber Command; the Commanding General, 16th Bombardment Wing; the Commanding General, 18th Replacement Wing; the Commanding Officer, station of destination; and this Headquarters (Attn: A-3, E-3)*, a properly classified message containing the following information:


            a. The date and hour of departure.


            b. Destination and estimated date and hour of arrival there at.


            c. Unmistakable identification of the element affected and of the organization of which it is a part.


            *Message sent to this Headquarters will indicate that similar messages have been sent to the above listed commanders.


8. It is directed that you inform this Headquarters (Attn: A-3, E-3) By properly classified message of the actual completion date of this movement. This notification will arrive at this Headquarters not later than 24 hours following the completion of the movement.


9. Prior to the departure of this organization from your station, direct that you ascertain that the station of destination has adequate housing and base facilities to accommodate the personnel involved in the movement. In the event that a lack of adequate housing and/or base facilities should necessitate a delay in the completion of this movement, direct that you contact this Headquarters at once by direct telephone.


10. Direct communication between the commander concerned, consistent with the classification of this order, is authorized and enjoined.


11. Copies of all travel orders involved will be furnished without delay as follows:


            1. Returns Section, Miscellaneous Division, AGO

            2. Army Air Forces, Director of War Organization and Movement

            3.  Army Air Forces, Director of Personnel

            4. Commanding General, Second Air Force.



E. L. Tharp

Captain, Air Corps

Act. Asst. Adjutant General



James A McKamy

Major, Air Corps

S-2 Officer



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