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Special Order # 167


Army Air Base

Clovis, New Mexico



NO…………….167  )


June 16, 1943




            3. The fol named personnel of the 450th Bomb Gp, this sta, are placed on temp dy for approx 30 days, unless sooner reld to return to proper sta, for the purp of attending a course of instruction at Sch of Applied Tactics, Orlando, Florida, and are directed to proceed, via rail, on Main 33690, o/a June 30, 1943, RUAT to Registrar, Academic Center, AAFSAT, Orlando, Florida not later than June 23, 1943 to attend course indicated. Upon completion this temp dy will return to proper sta, AAB, Alamogordo, New Mexico. Party meal tkts will be furn for 60 EM while traveling by rail UP of AR 30-2215, as amended, for 660 meals a/r $0.75 per meal of $1 per meal per man when meals are taken in dining car. No per diem will be allowed this personnel while at school as Govt housing and messing facilities are available. Dependents and privately owned automobiles will not be taken with them on this temp dy. The below listed equipment will be taken:


Officer Personnel                                          Enlisted Personnel


Four (4) Sheets*                                            Gas Mask

Two (2) pillow cases *                                  Mess Equipment (complete)

Gas Mask                                                      Two (2) blankets


            * Sheets and pillow cases are not available from quarter master stocks or local merchants at Component of all O is Air Corps. TDN. FD 33 P 433-02 A 0425-23. Auth: Ltr, Hq 2AF Geo Wright, Wash, dd May 5, 1943, File 326.2, Subject: Organization of 450th & 451st Bomb Gps.




1st Lt Richard C Davis                      0854415        S/Sgt Alexander Witkowski             13116594

1st Lt Henry C Kaecker                     0728282        S/Sgt Leonard J Ward                     11052361

1st Lt Robert B Johnson                    0908723        S/Sgt Burton Sale Jr             39004198

1st Lt Charles S Bowman                 0904469        S/Sgt Dallas N Edwards                  12017617

*1st Lt Verne R Weber                      0902772        S/Sgt Thomas C Webb                    13047909

2nd Lt Borden Chronister                 0571260        S/Sgt Charles F Barr                        381819x3

2nd Lt Willis G Michaels                    0857997        S/Sgt Russell  Privateer                   32478232

2nd Lt Jerome R Goldvarg                0795232        S/Sgt Ralph J Mason                        20106013

2nd Lt Chester A Richmond              0730819        S/Sgt Carl H Youngren                     37166786

2nd Lt Nicholas Kaltenbach              0857633        S/Sgt George A Franz                      19003876

2nd Lt George H Andrews                  0861414        S/Sgt Rex L Colwell                          18077977

2nd Lt Luke C Quinn Jr                      0566375        S/Sgt Edward W Willford                 16076740

2nd Lt Allen C Hart                             0728274        Sgt William D Rodgers                    19051526

2nd Lt John Drew                               08x1xx7          Sgt Raymond L Cook                       34269908

2nd Lt Joseph A King                        0857637        Sgt James W Moore                        18083464

2nd Lt Verne R Nelson                      0861451        Sgt Francis W Geiser                       33192892

2nd Lt Rolland R Carr                        0784425        Sgt John P Connor                           13613520

2nd Lt Jack N Ryne                            0861711        Sgt Joe E Pitts                                  34205300

M/Sgt Herbert B Chester                 17028078      Sgt Thomas Netherton                     35487589

T/Sgt Robert H Ford             14068115      Sgt Mathew A Ferrara                      6901793

T/Sgt Robert X Waxxrop                  38209621      Cpl Joseph C Flanagan                   31215369

T/Sgt Harry D Cobbledick                19075708      Pfc Byron S Benton                          11081304

T/Sgt Benjamin R Stock                   32378224      Pfc Frederick Skinner                      31128074

S/Sgt Charles F Vorhies                  37185340      Pvt Carl D Morgan                            35712808

S/Sgt Martin R Silverman                 37287967      Pvt Manuel Eber                                32548570

S/Sgt Thomas R Tornillo                  32466984      S/Sgt Ray Foyer Jr                           13047789

S/Sgt Clifford E Nagle                     13091902




Capt George L Thorpe                     0369206        Cpl Paul S Carlson                           37124180

Capt Gordon W Brewer                   0468824        Cpl Walter J Robertson                    34209824

1st Lt Alfred W Wagner                       0471088        Cpl Charles Ingersoll                        32446322

1st Lt Sidney S Graft                          0697735        Cpl Cuauhtemoc Cuellar                  38092622

1st Lt Robert X Txxxxr                        0279964        Cpl Withold A Plentis                        36057232

2nd Lt Charles W Robinson              0856531        Cpl John H Brown                             31092409

2nd Lt Victor Hirson                           0860438        Pfc James B Marcy                          11064220

S/Sgt Raymond B McDuffie 7083055        Cpl Eugene Martin                            13066441

S/Sgt James C Septer                     15062142      Pvt Eugene A Timmel                       35696528

Sgt Max Franklin                               6863250        Pvt Donald Swank                            355856x6

Sgt Allen D Batchelor                       18053654      Pvt Jack Coryell                                36505263

Sgt Carlton H Regus Jr                    31057129      Pvt Donald E Vaile                           36640193

Sgt Phillip Sheber                             36342923      Pvt Hilbert W Steiner                        36556854




Sgt Herbert R Taylor             38137167      Cpl Thomas S Cox                           32377949

Sgt Earl S Carson                             x4154533       Pfc John S Owens                            32275994

Sgt Thurston A Doriety                     14041796

(* In Charge)


SPECIAL ORDERS NO. 167,  dtd June 16, 1943, AAB, Clovis, N. Mex. (Par 3 Cont'd)


By order of Lt Col Fuller:


Robert L Rees,

2nd Lt, Air Corps


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