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Army Air Base

Clovis, New Mexico



NO……………187 )


June 16, 1943




            2. The fo named personnel of the 450th Bomb Gp, this st, are placed on temp dy for approx 30 days, unless sooner reld to return to proper sta, for the purp of attending a course of instruction at Sch of Applied Tactics, and are directed to proceed, via mil ap, o/a, RUAT to Registarar, Academic Center, AAFSAT, not later than to attend course indicated. Upon completion this temp dy will rturn to proper sta, AAB, Alamogordo, New Mexico. A flat per diem of ($6.00) is auth while travling by mil ap. No per diem will be allowed while at school at Govt housing and messing facilities are available. Dependents and privately owned automobiles will not be taken with them on this temp dy. The below listed equipment will be taken:


Officer Personnel                                  Enlisted



Four (4) sheets*                                   Gas Mask

Two (2) pillowcases*                           Mess Equipment

Gas Mask                                            Two (2) blankets

* Sheets and pillow cases are not available from quarter master stocks or local merchants at Component of all O is Air Corps.


TDN.  FD 34 P 434-02 A 0425-23  Auth:




Col John S Mills                       017106                        2nd Lt William B King               0797555

Capt William G Snaith  0399635                      2nd Lt Albert E Rubin                0798723

Capt James A McKamy           0904660                      2nd Lt Robert H Gerard            0799755

Capt Howard A Davis              0437919                      2nd Lt James Courtwight           0742480

Capt Clark J Wicks                  0406434                      2nd Lt Clarence Smith               0671978

Capt Chadburn Steward          0417721                      2nd Lt Sigurd J Nilsson 0670594

1st Lt Gordon Colley               0412089                      T/Sgt J B Tandy                       38106818

1st Lt John E Lapxxxx               0736530                      T/Sgt Vernon L Johnson           16068282

1st Lt Allen C Jordon                0728280                      T/Sgt Theodore Hospodar        35307366

1st Lt William H Wear               0664096                      T/Sgt John J Geoghan               33326874

2nd Lt Jack Graham                  0799916                      T/Sgt James S Ish                     39387260

2nd Lt Raymond Barthelmy        0674105                      S/Sgt Ralph L Pippins               14099802

2nd Lt Monroe Sachs                 0796441                      S/Sgt John G Valk                    12049902

2nd Lt Robert L Brown 0739765                      Sgt John Manak                       36328772

2nd Lt Horace G Fory           0795660                      Sgt Frank S Campbell              15107852

2nd Lt Robert Xuxxxxxx            0377073                      Pvt Chester Leatherberry          35335165




1st Lt Thomas W Jackson         0854348                      T/Sgt William M Board 5276380

2nd Lt Max L Williams 0511689                      S/Sgt Paul B Gillum                  205456xx

T/Sgt William Holman   6251586                      S/Sgt Norman V Nuber            35285980

T/Sgt Xart Bowmen Jr  39165747                    Sgt Stephen Radkoff                 32403783

T/Sgt Gilbert Hatfield    6566134                      Pvt John Robertson                  32377757




S/Sgt Stephen Rutkowski         36171884                    Sgt William J Dupre                  11037662

S/Sgt Clyde Sullen                    34057502


By order of Lt Col Fuller


Robert L Rees,

2nd Lt, Air Corps



Classified SECRET by:


CO, AAF, Clovis, N. Mex.

Initials: RSR

Date: June 16, 1943


NOTE: The use of x's has been necessary due to the poor condition of the documents copied. The x replaces the character that was completely eradicated due to the faded quality of the document. Rather than guess, I used the x. Ed.

Information courtesy of

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