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6 AUGUST 1944

    SUBJECT: Roster of enlisted men.

    TO : Commanding Officer. 450th Bombardment group (H).

    A. P. O. . 520, U. S. Army.

      1. The following is a roster of enlisted men of this organization as of 25 February 1944.




    M/Sgt Beard, William M. 35276380
    M/Sgt Canters, Dillard D. 19055655
    M/Sgt Huber, Norman V. 53285980
    M/Sgt Mason, Ralph J. Jr. 20106013
    M/Sgt Skinner, Frederick W. 31128074
    1st Sgt Kulenkamp, Donald L. 16026738
    T/Sgt Aylesworth, Scott M. Jr. 14163459
    T/Sgt Barr, Charles F. 38181953
    T/Sgt Brown, William C. 35451337
    T/Sgt Clark, Julian C. 7005862
    T/Sgt Culver, Robert B. Jr. 18169319
    T/Sgt Johnson, Vernon L. Jr. 16068282
    T/Sgt Kosanovic, Samuel 13085343
    T/Sgt Kulchitsky, Anthony 33335009
    T/Sgt Manak, John 36328772
    T/Sgt Neely, Hugh A. 14053111
    T/Sgt Plentis, Withold A. 36057232
    T/Sgt Privateer, Russell C. 32478232
    T/Sgt Reine, Roy W. 39088899
    T/Sgt Juneau, Dominique 11013938
    T/Sgt Selby, Bruce A. 39536929
    T/Sgt Stretch, Vincent P. 37132869
    T/Sgt Swearingen, Paul 16146307
    T/Sgt Van Deusen, Donald 12203261
    S/Sgt Adair, Jay R. 39835372
    S/Sgt Adle, Donald 12030988
    S/Sgt Anderson, Marion D. 18082213
    S/Sgt Barkley, Howard R. 39553433
    S/Sgt Baz, Joseph T. 15354645
    S Sgt Beckolic, James H. 16044402
    S Sgt Bishop, Ray 6142127
    S Sgt Bowden, Avis L. 38280002
    S Sgt Boren, Berl E. Jr. 34395963
    S Sgt Boynton, Charles, Jr. 14133651
    S Sgt Britton, William H. 38232000
    S Sgt Castro, Julio 39842549
    S Sgt Cannon, Walter O. 34576601
    S Sgt Cain, Burdette L. 17089950
    S Sgt Chambers, Kenneth M. 39200893
    S Sgt Clapprood, Edward L. 31149526
    S Sgt Cox, Thomas S. 32377949
    S Sgt Compton, Eugene M. 35418709
    S Sgt Craven, Robert J. W. 12064177
    S Sgt Cullar, Cugahtamoo R. 38092622
    S Sgt Dallario, Michael 32374098
    S Sgt Daferarl, Joseph A. 11094451
    S Sgt Dunn, Joe W. 14185626
    S Sgt Ester, Glenn W. 15081830
    S Sgt Evans, Merle A. 37121106
    S Sgt Fasolas, Charles E. 33286674
    S Sgt Falchner, Charles C. 36441150
    S Sgt Fields, William O. 37057591
    S Sgt Fili, William J. 13151977
    S Sgt Flanagan, Charles E. 32580213
    S Sgt Foster, John G. 39121479
    S Sgt Frymire, Clarron J. 35540139
    S Sgt Gantile, Frank 32624030
    S Sgt Grgurich, Frank 35426225
    S Sgt Crybal, Walter A. 16148425
    S Sgt Griffin, Arlie L. 14187905
    S Sgt Grzywa, Erwin F. 32831531
    S Sgt Harper, Ryan D. 14025009
    S Sgt Haynes, William J. 32399558
    S Sgt Haight, William J. 12049710
    S Sgt Heineman, Cyril G. 37439012
    S Sgt Hecht, Russell J. 37654204
    S Sgt Hopkins, Wallace C. 35597436
    S Sgt Johnson, Stanley J. 39266181
    S Sgt Johnston, Norris E. 170440070
    S Sgt Jones, Thomas E. 15377782
    S Sgt Kerr, Samuel B. 34169332
    S Sgt Kittelson, Lloyd K. 39680056
    S Sgt Kirkland, HermanJ. 17076571
    S Sgt Klappenberger, Clifford W. 15323468
    S Sgt Kourvalas, Charles P. 34503266
    S Sgt Kristal, Stanley L. 20214091
    S Sgt Kusnirgk, Stephen W. 33285555
    S Sgt Landon, Edward T. 36007198
    S Sgt LaRivas, Lee R. 11091483
    S Sgt LaFountain, Lee H 12025374
    S Sgt Leatherbarry, Chester C. 35335165
    S Sgt Leasure, Richard B. 35424465
    S Sgt Long, Richard P. 33015017
    S Sgt Mason, John Jr. 35373694
    S Sgt Matan, Francis A. 11102489
    S Sgt Mancusco, Richard S. 13107893
    S Sgt Mann, William B., Jr. 15394435
    S Sgt McLaughlin, Bill L. 35567235
    S Sgt McDonald, William W. 13080581
    S Sgt McCorkle, Richard E. 19062457
    S Sgt Miller, Lawrence R, 39304578
    S Sgt Morgan, Robert L. 23282299
    S Sgt Monkus, Victor J., Jr. 13136982
    S Sgt Moon, Carl A., Jr. 19179245
    S Sgt Netherton, Thomas W. 35487589
    S Sgt O'Brian, John F. 31199102
    S Sgt O'Hara, John J. 32785921
    S Sgt Opanahiaw, Melvin L. 39551615
    S Sgt Peterson, Robert A. 16014998
    S Sgt Phillips, John 36555222
    S Sgt Phillips, Russell W. 32385086
    S Sgt Phipps, Warren J. 16013263
    S Sgt Pratt, William T. 36352945
    S Sgt Randazzo, Jack M. 32362357
    S Sgt Rechichar, Michael A. 332616 15
    S Sgt Redewald, Earl G. 36245900
    S Sgt Roberts, Elwyn D. 17154926
    S Sgt Sanders, William N. 14092396
    S Sgt Schanel, Donald B. 36629926
    S Sgt Schoonover, Jack C. 19112512
    S Sgt Shaw, Leonard 38298128
    S Sgt Signs, William J. 35347128
    S Sgt Starkovich, John 38168649
    S Sgt Strauthman, Raymond H. 16034427
    S Sgt Strickland, James R. 14182389
    S Sgt Stoy, Harry M., Jr. 18081439
    S Sgt Taylor, Herbert, Jr. 38137167
    S Sgt Tedford, Harley O., Jr. 16129926
    S Sgt Verguin, Howard J. 36276762
    S Sgt Violett, Harold J. 17033301
    S Sgt Wasserman, Solomon 12182599
    S Sgt Ward, John L. 14150983
    S Sgt Webb, Thomas C. 13047909
    S Sgt Wilson, Homer B. 12168550
    S Sgt Wood, James A. 33341008
    S Sgt Woolun, Paul J. 15094728
    S Sgt Woodstock, Stanley P. 33327553
    S Sgt Weller, William V. 20252677
    Sgt Aaron, William W. 16129924
    Sgt Anderson, Maxwell S. 32715677
    Sgt Arcond, Jean R. 11101497
    Sgt Barnhill, Oscar C. 30135277
    Sgt Bartel, Harrison A. 39692585
    Sgt Barnacle, John T. 20113210
    Sgt Barnacle, Douglas A. 37474222
    Sgt Barnett, Stanley J., Jr. 33279421
    Sgt Beshore, Robert E. 13094566
    Sgt Bernstein, Joseph 13119892
    Sgt Berg. James W. 16141630
    Sgt Bistrihaley, Henry 39529611
    Sgt Bionshi, George S. 19067099
    Sgt Bohnannon, Robert S. 18219153
    Sgt Braslett, Walter G. 35450664
    Sgt Brandalick, Martin W. 32883677
    Sgt Buffin, Francis H. 12131176
    Sgt Buchmann, Fred 12152783
    Sgt Canary, Arthur D. 32293422
    Sgt Cottina, Frank N., Jr. 12158075
    Sgt Christopher, Clifford 37520372
    Sgt Chapman, Frederick W. 36560854
    Sgt Chupp, Doyle W. 16082047
    Sgt Coryall, Jack 36505263
    Sgt Corn, John L. 14137710
    Sgt Crans, Chester H. 11079388
    Sgt Dachman, Perry 37333456
    Sgt Desnoyers, Charles H. 34687399
    Sgt Farwell, Ward H. 36475884
    Sgt Froiz, Norman J. 35551258
    Sgt Fenske, Norman C. 39555676
    Sgt Ferry, Angelo T. 29134183
    Sgt Gaulter, Ralph K. 33188179
    Sgt Gelger, Aubrey N., Jr. 33095820
    Sgt Gildo Runlo, Manuel 32862779
    Sgt Good, Lamor H. 18119038
    Sgt Haney, Randolph F. 13120901
    Sgt Heinlen, Richard L. 37547245
    Sgt Hefferman, Joseph J. 32497841
    Sgt Haytota, John 32558077
    Sgt Hern, Frank N. 35675516
    Sgt Heyman, Ralph 12165316
    Sgt Hildreth, Norton H. 16140835
    Sgt Hopkins, Morris L. 39677307
    Sgt Hodanich, Michael 33456951
    Sgt Humphries, Harold 32838031
    Sgt Haish, Alfred L. Jr. 19106463
    Sgt Ives, Walter E. 19114327
    Sgt Jelly, William A. 32605947
    Sgt Johnson, Herbert F. 31294496
    Sgt Jones, Charles E. 19102223
    Sgt Kelley,. Robert G. 33757967
    Sgt Lash, Kenneth E. 33188155
    Sgt LeMond, Nolan H. 39089417
    Sgt Lochte, Charles T. 32579655
    Sgt Lubin, Solomon 33065217
    Sgt Mandanyohi, Joseph A. 35550331
    Sgt Mantropier, Leonard P. 33276486
    Sgt Mauritz, Edgar T. 16009469
    Sgt McEachon, Robert R. 32738653
    Sgt McCree, Vernon N. 34612328
    Sgt McAtee, Charles M. 13086146
    Sgt Mericle, Harold H. 35399319
    Sgt Miller, James I. 33565700
    Sgt Moore, Howard W. 32070879
    Sgt Moore, Maurice W. 12159977
    Sgt Morrison, George W. Jr. 15330809
    Sgt Moody Everett C. Jr 18168314
    Sgt Murray, Alan H. 32165912
    Sgt Murphy, Daniel P. 33221864
    Sgt Oakleaf, Roba C. 18127087
    Sgt Peterson, Lawrence F., Jr. 16156752
    Sgt Plummer, Bobby R. 18161598
    Sgt Reardon, John H. 11106747
    Sgt Russo, Alfred P. 12183255
    Sgt Ryan, Terrance G. 31144802
    Sgt Schmidt, Raymond H. 36262179
    Sgt Schultz, Lester L. 36281386
    Sgt Scheller, Carl F. 36296370
    Sgt Smith, Francis H. 14084055
    Sgt Spendlove, Durward 39679016
    Sgt Skylieca, Walter J. 32475525
    Sgt Terry, Robert N. 35369827
    Sgt Thomas, Seamon C. 18150918
    Sgt Vaile, Donald E. 36640193
    Sgt Walters, John P. 30149781
    Sgt Walsh, Joseph C. 20120199
    Sgt Warnett, Ralph W. 20329197
    Sgt West, Oscar D. 16154677
    Sgt Yandall, Lesley 38017176
    Cpl Adamson, Lars B. 32829580
    Cpl Alfonso, Mario P. 32765511
    Cpl Alldredge, Woodrow 34333052
    Cpl Anderson, Joseph L. 13076303
    Cpl Anderson, Roy W. 16143047
    Cpl Ayres, Francis 34605527
    Cpl Bartholomew, Edward D, 33487897
    Cpl Basken, Howard N. 12159737
    Cpl Balanger, Yves E. J. 31177794
    Cpl Bonsall, Leo B. 37201986
    Cpl Bort, Sam 12143583
    Cpl Brown, Donald J. 35547521
    Cpl Brady, Edward T. 32319350
    Cpl Brandt, Aaron L. 33387328
    Cpl Bujne, Joseph L. 13046865
    Cpl Carroll, John M. 36740247
    Cpl Cain, Cletes A., Jr. 38427768
    Cpl Cangiano, James L. 32734992
    Cpl Campbell, James L. 14163447
    Cpl Clemente, Joseph 32881043
    Cpl Cottle, William A. 39906041
    Cpl. Comeril, Eugene R. 32632799
    Cpl Cohen, Irving 32747283\
    Cpl Coward, Thomas A. 16111514
    Cpl Conkling, Alvin R. 17164237
    Cpl Crawford, Ronald W. 39410895
    Cpl Crow, Gene L. 34601412
    Cpl Critcher, Joseph M. 34644363
    Cpl Dean, Ronald G. 35722178
    Cpl Dillow, George L. Jr. 35686474
    Cpl Didziulio, Vincent S. 326639846
    Cpl Doran, Frank 39198856
    Cpl Donnall, Omer 34191591
    Cpl Dupont, Gerard L. 11101781
    Cpl Fincher, James L. 38395992
    Cpl Figg, George T. 36716853
    Cpl Fleenor, Hugh C. 35567551
    Cpl Fox, Martin E. 14170793
    Cpl Franklin, William P. 36199986
    Cpl Gallardo, Salvador G. 39282159
    Cpl Hay, John F. 35475867
    Cpl Hess, Reuben 37228880
    Cpl Hegler, Charles S. 37232204
    Cpl Hopp, Clayton E. 36696734
    Cpl Hoffman, Herman C. 32365813
    Cpl Hower, Lloyd E. 34547034
    Cpl Ilton, Edward L. 39557845
    Cpl Jacobs, Jack M. 16168963
    Cpl Johankrischt, Clarence E. 36266887
    Cpl Kesler, Harry R. 37382250
    Cpl Healilier, Willard E. 39201857
    Cpl Ketzel, Geirge H, 32533542
    Cpl Kirzeder, Harold T. 36437781
    Cpl Koski, William J. 16024219
    Cpl Lennex, John M. 39529076
    Cpl Louvier, Robert U. 38341710
    Cpl Lucas, Theodore J. 32748376
    Cpl Mathison, Edward E. 36352133
    Cpl Mann, Wilbur E. 11122126
    Cpl McCoy, Ralford N. 34682928
    Cpl McCobb, Carleton L. 13070375
    Cpl Melby, Albert 37443931
    Cpl Metcalfe, Thomas W. 13131900
    Cpl Meixner, Donald H. 16148522
    Cpl Mintz, Abraham 32420346
    Cpl Morley, Arthur W. 36575525
    Cpl Moran, Joseph B. 37182072
    Cpl Nelson, Rolland R. 14161723
    Cpl Oliver, Manuel 39038885
    Cpl Park, William N. 35472758
    Cpl Pace, Clyde D. 33307196
    Cpl Petran, Michael 16151502
    Cpl Pruit, Curry T. 38167963
    Cpl Price, Glenn H. 34646021
    Cpl Pullisi, Carmelo N. 32211432
    Cpl Robertson, Woodrow W. 33632273
    Cpl Rohrbaugh, William G. 35035853
    Cpl Ruswick, Earl W. 16142405
    Cpl Smith, Warren J. 36462614
    Cpl Sociss, Antonio 38415006
    Cpl Stranahan, John J. 35528617
    Cpl Stepan, Raymond 37352828
    Cpl Tute, Sam 34600293
    Cpl Tussey, Carl B. 33562528
    Cpl Vandergrift, Howard E. 39281557
    Cpl Vanditbelli, Guido F. 36593983
    Cpl Weise, Morris 32769172
    Cpl White, Donald R. 37473237
    Cpl White, Morris J. 31332749
    Cpl Wzorek, Carol J. 31212632
    Pfc Alastasio, Michael 31143500
    Pfc Baker, Delmar B. 33648828
    Pfc Bertrand, Romeo C. 37467695
    Pfc Bland, Gerald C. 37341995
    Pfc Blackhurst, James H. 13125549
    Pfc Bommarito, Lawrence A. 37610668
    Pfc Bodgan, Walter 12171283
    Pfc Bucher, Varner B. 35548493
    Pfc Buckovac, Stephen 35172532
    Pfc Caplicki, Donald A. 12170802
    Pfc Carr, Harry H. 12171424
    Pfc Campbell, Leonard E. 17166274
    Pfc Cedano, Marquis 79039722
    Pfc Chomer, Edward J. Jr. 35548430
    Pfc Collisson, Robert J. 36444460
    Pfc Couick, Lemuel L. 34772381
    Pfc Cushing, Victor H. 31317687
    Pfc Darrow, Percy 39201006
    Pfc Dahl, Walter M. 39271518
    Pfc Doyle, Edward C. 31316745
    Pfc Duffy, Kerwin M. 35216787
    Pfc Getz, Gerald L. 35051039
    Pfc Goldstein, Irving 32879302
    Pfc Grosso, Albert J. 31320154
    Pfc Gutterrez, Roland C. 38369938
    Pfc Harrison, Jerome L. 36745402
    Pfc Hendrickson, Jesse V. 35681450
    Pfc Hunter, Arthur E. 39035270
    Pfc Huff, Clarence E. 33208189
    Pfc Ingram, Marial 35650722
    Pfc Kaye, Jack 16105677
    Pfc Kiviat, Herbert S. 32620722
    Pfc Knowlton, Richard F. 32856510
    Pfc Lopez, Bernave B. 39408816
    Pfc Molvig, Glenn D. 39911440
    Pfc Moulton, Rodney F. 17108958
    Pfc Murphy, James C. 32858908
    Pfc Ourzi, Elzie L. 34645426
    Pfc Owen, James H. 35445320
    Pfc Paske, Emil J. 36657542
    Pfc Pyskaty, Tony A. 36566709
    Pfc Quackenbush, Arnold g. 32739881
    Pfc Randall, Raymond H. 33222615
    Pfc Rice, Lawrence P. 33428282
    Pfc Rice, Sanford 326085563
    Pfc Russell, Irin F., Jr. 34257796
    Pfc Sarver, Delancy H. 38257928
    Pfc Socha, Edward 31313761
    Pfc Stroder, Henry 38267957
    Pfc Stewart, Bohnson H. 34670118
    Pfc Sutton, Bernard J. 36562564
    Pfc Sutherland, Cleo L. 3364708
    Pfc Winters, John C. 39286446
    Pvt Bailey, Joseph W. 38468379
    Pvt Alexader, Jesse W. 14156050
    Pvt Bensinger, Joseph J., Jr. 35799827
    Pvt Blandano, Vincenze 12151997
    Pvt Bowen, Larry E. 12023498
    Pvt Brewer, Ernest 34802015
    Pvt Becker, Silas P. 12138131
    Pvt Diaz, Frank 39263650
    Pvt Finnigan, Kenneth C. 39020884
    Pvt Gicek, Alden 37560439
    Pvt Girand, Sylvain 39132788
    Pvt Heyne, Peter T, 36339846
    Pvt Jacoby, Franklin H. 36297423
    Pvt Karpinski, Andrew M. 32747121
    Pvt Milligan, Wayne L. 36655090
    Pvt Oresick, Charles 33163142
    Pvt Roth, Richard H. 38421742
    Pvt Rodrigues, Ramon Z. 39021126
    Pvt Sauvegest, Higb G, 35654860
    Pvt Smith, William T. 38391754
    Pvt Stefanson, Norman I. 37552280
    Pvt White, Raymond M. 32490620

    For the Squadron Commander;

    Captain, Air Corps


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