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6 AUGUST 1944

    SUBJECT: Roster of Officers.

    TO : Commanding Officer. 450th Bombardment group (H).

    A. P. O. . 520, U. S. Army.

      1. The following is a roster of Officers, of this organization as of 25 February 1944.




    Major North, Donald G. 0-449882
    Captain Colley, Gordon T. 0-412089
    Captain Wagner, Alfred W. 0-471088
    Captain Weber, Verne A. 0-902772
    1st Lt Williams, Max L. Jr. 0-511689
    1st Lt Brown, Robert L. 0-798738
    1st Lt Carr, Rolland R. 0-734425
    1st Lt Edwards, Robert W. 0-1699465
    1st Lt Sachs, Monroe 0-796441
    1st Lt Wells, John H. Jr. 0-579625
    1st Lt Giraudo, John C. 0-739765
    1st Lt rhodehamel, Harley W. Jr. 0-856621
    2nd Lt Farmer, Robert L. 0-661089
    2nd Lt Wright, James G. 0-442499
    2nd Lt Counts Dave 0-688926
    2nd Lt Cranston, William R. 0-737368
    2nd Lt Cummings, Richard S. 0-690059
    2nd Lt Cunningham, Charles E. Jr. 0-684292
    2nd Lt Correia, William P. 0-1553975
    2nd Lt Dewey, Hartley C. 0-7488156
    2nd Lt Brown, Arlie L. Jr. 0-749668
    2nd Lt French, Gerald M. 0-685248
    2nd Lt Williams, Eugene A. 0-689296
    2nd Lt Gladstone, Harold E. 0-683571
    2nd Lt DeKraker, Donald 0-690381
    2nd Lt Bell, Edward W. 0-747567
    2nd Lt Adeimy, John D. 0-690342
    2nd Lt Adrian, Elmer 0-691137
    2nd Lt Allen, Thomas H. 0-688733
    2nd Lt Amster, Louis 0-688896
    2nd Lt Augustenborg, Jarome M. J. 0-684223
    2nd Lt Connors, Ernest D. 0-752283
    2nd Lt Bechtel, Donald R. 0-684241
    2nd Lt Guthrie, Lawrence B. 0-682027
    2nd Lt Boerema, John A. 0-747570
    2nd Lt Bowes, Jerome P. III 0-749709
    2nd Lt Boyle, Glen E. 0-690621
    2nd Lt Brannon, Richard E. 0-752311
    2nd Lt Fulks, John S. Jr. 0-8801612
    2nd Lt Cantrell, Paul B. 0-795355
    2nd Lt Bahti, Lenus A. 0-691468
    2nd Lt Stebbing, Harry T. Jr. 0-804419
    2nd Lt Phebus, James E. 0-864330
    2nd Lt Polce, John L. 0-689643
    2nd Lt Hannah, Lewis D. 0-690649
    2nd Lt Ready, George T. Jr. 0-864397
    2nd Lt Felder, Harold A. 0-690070
    2nd Lt Sherrill, Franklin A. 0-809743
    2nd Lt Park, Arthur D. 0-752354
    2nd Lt Smith, Lawrence J. 0-809749
    2nd Lt Pomerville, Edward J. 0-676522
    2nd Lt Taylor, William R. 0-809765
    2nd Lt Teed, Albrt s. jr. 0-749628
    2nd Lt Varvil, Dana V. 0-749361
    2nd Lt Warner, Donald F. 0-795844
    2nd Lt Ward, John W. Jr. 0-691931
    2nd Lt Watson, Winston C. 0-691020
    2nd Lt White, Stanley A. 0-691026
    2nd Lt Smith, Dalton W. 0-663192
    2nd Lt Kitson, Francis L. J. 0-680455
    2nd Lt Hart, Thomas F. 0-690416
    2nd Lt Hodgson, Sydney W. 0-690657
    2nd Lt Hodgson, Ralph G. Jr 0-801369
    2nd Lt Ryne, Jack W. 0-861711
    2nd Lt Hopper, Elvyn G. 0-690425
    2nd Lt Oravec, Joseph J. 0-689630
    2nd Lt John, Ernest F. 0-681426
    2nd Lt Joyce, Joseph J. 0-809625
    2nd Lt Ley, Edmund A. 0-735806
    2nd Lt Malcolm, Walter T. 0-735806
    2nd Lt Malarkey, John E. Jr. 0-690472
    2nd Lt Marpe, Frank C. Jr. 0-681454
    2nd Lt McCraw, Reaford C. 0-745714
    2nd Lt Molina, Frank W. 0-689329
    2nd Lt Lamb, Harry L. 0-690669
    2nd Lt Miles, Lawrence H. 0-749728
    2nd Lt Miles, James F. 0-728500
    F/O Cumming, James D. T-1536
    F/O Ralls, Warner T. T-21902

    For the Squadron Commander;

    Captain, Air Corps


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