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Office of the Squadron Commander

APO 520                  US Army

6 Deecember 1944

    SUBJECT:  Roster of Officers.

    TO          :   Awards & Decorations Officer, 450th Bomb Gp. APO 520, U.S. Army.

    1.   Transmitted herewith is the complete roster of officers in the 721st Squadron as of 5 April 1944




    Major Clark, Doyle J. 0-350786
    Major Davis, Howard A. 0-437919
    Captain Bowman, Charles S. 0-904469
    Captain Osincup, Paul W. 0-1700522
    Captain Pitt, William V. 0-441015
    1st Lt Andersen, Howard L. 0-679014
    1st Lt Bartheimy, Raymond E. 0-674105
    1st Lt Cain, Robert W. 0-859914
    1st Lt Clarke, William A. 0-793069
    1st Lt Heimberger, Harvey E. 0-680634
    1st Lt Hervey, Abner D. 0-749239
    1st Lt Howard, Thomas F. 0-1554912
    1st Lt Kingsman, Chester F. 0-738930
    1st Lt King, Joseph A. 0-857637
    1st Lt Nelson, Verne A. 0-861451
    1st Lt Paul, Leslie J. 0-747312
    1st Lt Scott, Thomas A. 0-449997
    1st Lt Scott, Leonard B., Jr. 0-684904
    1st Lt Spitz, Henry 0-579325
    1st Lt Whitt, Elbert A. 0-796932
    1st Lt Wolcott, Edmund H. 0-799526
    2nd Lt Anderson, Earl G., Jr. 0-745853
    2nd Lt Baffa, Achilles 0-684644
    2nd Lt Bensley, Walter 0-816210
    2nd Lt Bishop, Lloyd R. 0-683949
    2nd Lt Boulton, Howard C. 0-862618
    2nd Lt Boggs, Russell E. 0-691035
    2nd Lt Burns, Frederick A. 0-690361
    2nd Lt Cisternino, John R. 0-864644
    2nd Lt Clark, Charles R. 0-803774
    2nd Lt Crapps, Lorace A. 0-684640
    2nd Lt Devane, John T. 0-682823
    2nd Lt Dyer, Jack E. 0-691485
    2nd Lt Eldred, William L. 0-739927
    2nd Lt Emch, Merle W. 0-747240
    2nd Lt Feltenstein, Harry D. 0-798466
    2nd Lt Fleming, Julian D. 0-689574
    2nd Lt Gallagher, Joseph P. 0-684860
    2nd Lt Gilday, John W. 0-691493
    2nd Lt Gottlieb, Stanley I. 0-752331
    2nd Lt Hall, Edgar J. 0-799554
    2nd Lt Hervery, Robert E. 0-814313
    2nd Lt Henchman, Joseph f. 0-689965
    2nd Lt Heiser, William J. 0-749634
    2nd Lt Hunter, James F. 0-757489
    2nd Lt Huisking, Francis R. 0-691507
    2nd Lt Huff, Herbert F. 0-805835
    2nd Lt Jenkins, James E. 0-693271
    2nd Lt Kantner, John B. 0-751912
    2nd Lt Kirsnis, Albert C. 0-799793
    2nd Lt Lamoreaux, George W. 0-690700
    2nd Lt Lamirand, Richard A. 0-749644
    2nd Lt Leebody, Robert W. 0-749619
    2nd Lt Lumovich, Victor 0-749167
    2nd Lt Malloy, Raymond L. 0-689621
    2nd Lt Martin, John H. 0-737600
    2nd Lt McSloy, Ralph F. 0-576300
    2nd Lt McIver, Claud L., Jr. 0-684017
    2nd Lt Meeker, Victor K. 0-690679
    2nd Lt Morris, James T., Jr 0-747670
    2nd Lt Murray, Leonard P. 0-697053
    2nd Lt Murray, George W., Jr. 0-748019
    2nd Lt Myers, Herman A. 0-698217
    2nd Lt Nardone, Gerard M. 0-754851
    2nd Lt Ogozalek, Robert S. 0-578764
    2nd Lt Ramshaw, William G. 0-689485
    2nd Lt Reynolds, Olin L. 0-809725
    2nd Lt Riley, Daleman C. 0-694715
    2nd Lt Robbins, Leonard 0-809726
    2nd Lt Ryan, George A. 0-700722
    2nd Lt Salinger, Gordon J. 0-669792
    2nd Lt Scott, John J., Jr. 0-685037
    2nd Lt Schunk, Theodore W. 0-747626
    2nd Lt Sorensen, Ronald G. 0-694812
    2nd Lt Spotts, William E. 0-682732
    2nd Lt Stoerer, Leo O. 0-581250
    2nd Lt Strange, John W. 0-751972
    2nd Lt Tate, Leroy D. 0-689403
    2nd Lt Thrasher, Ernest B. 0-810262
    2nd Lt Vanderstek, Henry M. 0-816007
    2nd Lt Wasserman, Bernard 0-809780
    2nd Lt Wayne, Maynard I. 0-809782
    2nd Lt Wagoner, Robert M. 0-747685
    2nd Lt Weilert, Irving J. 0-691426
    2nd Lt White, Arthur D. 0-690694
    2nd Lt Zamrok, Bronislaus, Jr. 0-814483
    F/O Basamania, Joseph J. T-181802
    F/O Chestnutt, Joseph D. T-122818
    F/O Levinson, Lawrence T-122595
    F/O McGinnity, Patrick J. T-121641
    F/O Poggi, Andrew T-121808

    For the Squadron Commander;

    Captain, Air Corps


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