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Office of the Squadron Commander

APO 520

8 AUGUST 1944

    SUBJECT:  Roster of 721st Bombardment Squadron (H) AAF..

    TO          :   Commanding Officer, 450th Bombardment group (H), APO 520, U.S. Army.

    1.   Transmitted herewith is the roster of personnel in the 721st Bombardment Squadron (H) on the 25th February 1944.




    Major Clark, Doyle J. 0-350786
    Major Davis, Howard A. 0-547929
    Captain Bowman, Charles S. 0-904469
    Captain Osincup, Paul W. 0-1700522
    1st LT Barthelmy, Raymond 0-674105
    1st Lt Clarke, William A. 0-793069
    1st Lt King, Joseph A. 0-857637
    1st Lt Kingsman, Chester F. 0-739930
    1st Lt Spitz, Henry 0-579325
    2nd Lt Andersen, Howard L. 0-679014
    2nd Lt Anderson, Earl G., Jr. 0-745853
    2nd Lt Bishop, Lloyd R. 0-683749
    2nd Lt Boggs, Russell E. 0-691034
    2nd Lt Boulton, Howard C. 0-826618
    2nd Lt Burns, Frederick A. 0-690361
    2nd Lt Cain, Robert W. 0-859914
    2nd Lt Cisternino, John R 0-864644
    2nd Lt Eldred, William L. 0-739927
    2nd Lt Ensh, Marle, W. 0-747240
    2nd Lt Feltenstein, Harry D. 0-798466
    2nd Lt Fleming, Julian D. 0-689574
    2nd Lt Gallagher, Joseph P. 0-684860
    2nd Lt Gottlieb, Stanley I. 0-752331
    2nd Lt Hall, Edgar J. 0-799554
    2nd Lt Hartman, Elmer J. 0-542322
    2nd Lt Heiser, William J. 0-749634
    2nd Lt Helmberger, Harvey E. 0-660754
    2nd Lt Henehman, Joseph F. 0-689965
    2nd Lt Hervey, Abner D. 0-749239
    2nd Lt Howard, Thomas F. 0-1554912
    2nd Lt Huff, Herbert F. 0-805835
    2nd Lt Hunter, James F. 0-757489
    2nd Lt Kantner, John B. 0-751912
    2nd Lt Kirsnis, Albert G. 0-799793
    2nd Lt Jenkins, James E. 0-693271
    2nd Lt Lamereaur, George W. 0-690700
    2nd Lt Leebody, Robert H. 0-749619
    2nd Lt Lilley, Robert W. 0-753145
    2nd Lt Malloy, Raymond L. 0-689621
    2nd Lt Melver, Claud L., Jr. 0-684017
    2nd Lt MeSloy, Ralph F. 0-576300
    2nd Lt Meeker, Victor K. 0-690679
    2nd Lt Morris, James T., Jr. 0-747670
    2nd Lt Murray, George W., Jr. 0-748019
    2nd Lt Nelson, Vernon A. 0-861451
    2nd Lt Ogozalek, Robert S. 0-578764
    2nd Lt Paul, Leslie J. 0-747312
    2nd Lt Penn, Joseph C. 0-680498
    2nd Lt Pratt, Richard J. 0-689645
    2nd Lt Remaher, William G. 0-694715
    2nd Lt Reynolds, Olin L. 0-809725
    2nd Lt Riley, Deleman C. 0-694715
    2nd Lt Robbins, Leonard 0-809726
    2nd Lt Salinger, Gordon J. 0-669792
    2nd Lt Schunk, Theodore W. 0-747626
    2nd Lt Scott, Thomas A. 0-449997
    2nd Lt Scott, Leonard B. Jr. 0-684904
    2nd Lt Scott, John J., Jr. 0-685037
    2nd Lt Stoeber, Leo O. 0-581250
    2nd Lt Tate, Leroy D. 0-689403
    2nd Lt Wagner, Robert M. 0-747685
    2nd Lt Wasserman, Bernard 0-809780
    2nd Lt Wayne, Maynard I. 0-809782
    2nd Lt Wollart, Irving J. 0-691426
    2nd Lt Whitt, Elbert A. 0-581546
    2nd Lt White, Arthur D. 0-690694
    2nd Lt Williford, Wade H. 0-796932
    2nd Lt Wolcott, Edmund H. 0-799526
    Flt Off Bassannia, Joseph J. T-121802
    Flt Off Lovinson, Lawrence T-122595
    Flt Off McFinnity, Patrick J. T-121641
    Flt Off Peggi, Andrew T-121808
    M Sgt Carson, Earl S. 34513533
    M Sgt Doristy, Thurston A. 14041756
    M Sgt Eggerss, Wilbert J. 37121057
    M Sgt Gillum, Paul S. 20545049
    M Sgt Holman, William M. 6251586
    M Sgt Loguereio, Francis A. 11027284
    M Sgt Martin, Eugene 13066441
    M Sgt Moyer, James W. 15047789
    M Sgt Moore, James W. 18083464
    First Sgt Cherry, Joseph B., Jr. 33264294
    T Sgt Baird, Clarence L. 20810317
    T Sgt Borneman, Walter U. 33369922
    T Sgt Donagala, Anthony 32380211
    T Sgt Driscoll, James T. 32380799
    T Sgt Ferguhar, Wayne M. 37428355
    T Sgt Hoffman, Joseph H. 17001905
    T Sgt Johncour, Harold G. 33167468
    T Sgt Larkin, Patrick J. 32278592
    T Sgt Massey, Lester C. 14072481
    T Sgt Monghan, Robert E. 31135290
    T Sgt Morgan, Howard O. 14121241
    T Sgt Nelson, Edwin E. 35440995
    T Sgt Neiar, Joe J. 37384382
    T Sgt Negus, Carlton H. Jr. 31057129
    T Sgt Rhode, ClaudeH. 39841013
    T Sgt Shafer, Charles A. 15054188
    T Sgt Smith, Gordon E. 6547779
    T Sgt Stock, Benjamin A. 32378224
    T Sgt Tandy, J.B. 38106818
    T Sgt Witherspoon, Lester J. 6489954
    S Sgt Anderson, Clarence N. 15082092
    S Sgt Arabit, Louis 18060983
    S Sgt Ashmore, Clarence L. 18190830
    S Sgt Barr, Carl W. 37432582
    S Sgt Bear, Paul D. 35620040
    S Sgt Beets, Wallace M. 17175854
    S Sgt Be11 Waymon A. 18158212
    S Sgt Beard, Byron K. 190895916
    S Sgt Bristol, William R. 18143979
    S Sgt Bury, Joseph H. 12185278
    S Sgt Carey, Charles H. 7034385
    S Sgt Cameron, Hugh E. 19028819
    S Sgt Chaplin, Daniel G. 11089458
    S Sgt Cox, James E. 39400272
    S Sgt Darby, Joseph C., Jr. 39148243
    S Sgt Dennis, Charles D. 33296402
    S Sgt Downtain, Frederick P. 37239896
    S Sgt Flanagan, William N. 11032200
    S Sgt Ford, William J. 17088141
    S Sgt Frank, J. R. 38428302
    S Sgt Genna, Vincent M. 39312425
    S Sgt Goldswaite, John F. 11085588
    S Sgt Griffin, Claude R. 34256767
    S Sgt Grossman, Martin H. 13151817
    S Sgt Hallow, Leslie E. 36618976
    S Sgt Hill, Chester T., Jr. 35517132
    S Sgt Holloway, Harvey L. 382123998
    S Sgt Jiig, Rudolnh, Jr. 39175471
    S Sgt Jones, Connie J., Jr. 38428029
    S Sgt Kent, Donald A. 39238557
    S Sgt Kelleher, John S. 31186529
    S Sgt Lauer, Frederick A. 12033730
    S Sgt Larcey, William E. 18191917
    S Sgt Lineicome, Chester R. 15021596
    S Sgt Lind, Merland O. 16155113
    S Sgt Lloyd, Eugene A. 13170475
    S Sgt Manring, Cari P. 37237080
    S Sgt Matau, Jack 35373000
    S Sgt McDuffie, Raymond B. 35373000
    S Sgt McGown, James R. 7083055
    S Sgt Morine, Merle L. 14156279
    S Sgt Murphy, John c. 36708815
    S Sgt Nagle, Clifford E. 13091902
    S Sgt Nelson, Byron H. 37654183
    S Sgt Nelson, Richey E. 18118403
    S Sgt Painter, Glenn w. 37408370
    S Sgt Peitz, Herman C. 32394544
    S Sgt Peterson, Morrell W. 16009382
    S Sgt Powell, Harry O., Jr. 33302168
    S Sgt Powell, Charles H. 34582710
    S Sgt Sandholm, Maurice H. 37436244
    S Sgt Schott, Henry 38084693
    S Sgt Schmidt, Carl H. 19112608
    S Sgt Sisting, Robert 39395947
    S Sgt Small, Harmon L. 18037795
    S Sgt Stone, William F., Jr. 35553573
    S Sgt Thompson, Tilman J. 36222185
    S Sgt Tormillo, Thomas H. 32466984
    S Sgt Walsh, Fred L. 99187254
    S Sgt Wernett, Charles T. 19027447
    S Sgt Wingate, Ray H. 15354833
    S Sgt Youngren, Carl E. 37166786
    Sgt Acosta, Robert 39243579
    Sgt Adams, Harold 13048812
    Sgt Anderson, Norman 39406046
    Sgt Armstrong, Samuel E. 18047625
    Sgt Askins, Harold R. 35567639
    Sgt Barrett, LaFurne R. 36805247
    Sgt Bales, Warren H. 37502286
    Sgt Ball, William 13145784
    Sgt Barnhardt, Donald A. 15117880
    Sgt Bates, Fred a. 17111144
    Sgt Barrell, Robert R. 36248538
    Sgt Belgio, Samuel 32624341
    Sgt Benton, Byron S. 11081304
    Sgt Broughton, William 35680305
    Sgt Bronson, George L. 37239541
    Sgt Brown, John P. 36436311
    Sgt Brischler, Joseph P. 12182668
    Sgt Bradley, Jesse N. 14077533
    Sgt Bush, James H. 37515149
    Sgt Bulkley, Robert s. 32674281
    Sgt Barritt, Charles H. 12130066
    Sgt Carter, Claudius a., Jr. 38045121
    Sgt Carter, Donald B. 35440437
    Sgt Chisinski, Stanley H. 31325907
    Sgt Church, William P., Jr. 33388233
    Sgt Ciliotta, Aldo J. 32573448
    Sgt Clarke, Joseph H. 39826582
    Sgt Clary, Robert B. 18188797
    Sgt Comas, Gus 36165732
    Sgt Cox, Rufus I, 20364094
    Sgt Collings, Frank R. 32626578
    Sgt Crabtree, Robert B. 34314176
    Sgt Curreri, Jerry 32628855
    Sgt Cunnup, Thomas A. Jr. 14178364
    Sgt Cummings, Jessie C. 18082504
    Sgt Davis, Martin O. 38231581
    Sgt Dever, William F. 39272321
    Sgt Dirking, Fred E., Jr. 39127815
    Sgt Dolida, John 32392975
    Sgt Dreisbach, George W. 15071376
    Sgt Durham, Russell 34057968
    Sgt Eckart, George E. 37239462
    Sgt Elliott, John I., Jr. 18150237
    Sgt Faulkner, Kenneth F. 18167921
    Sgt Farrer, William A. 18208824
    Sgt Ferguson, Charles M. 14124663
    Sgt Fisher, Robert C. 16021946
    Sgt Gilmore, Russell E. 36728986
    Sgt Goldgrabe, Edward B. 32782776
    Sgt Graves, Cris L. 37230546
    Sgt Hammock, James C. 14069122
    Sgt Hesse, Burt L. 38200256
    Sgt Hinnenkamp, Elmer E. 37243033
    Sgt Higgins, William F., Jr. 38420599
    Sgt Hoover, Lawrence J. 37224727
    Sgt Hoime, Edwin 37321318
    Sgt Hockenberger, Charles 32844853
    Sgt Hortel, John P. 15117642
    Sgt Holmes, Elmer E. 18150830
    Sgt Hutchings, Fitzhugh L. 6292604
    Sgt Iagrigg, Thomas J. 15105171
    Sgt Kleeman, William G. 15336865
    Sgt Kovas, John 35589527
    Sgt LaFond, Wilford A. 31109837
    Sgt Labert, Vernon L. 37327020
    Sgt Levene, Herbert A. 12089627
    Sgt Lindeland, Thomas R., Jr. 19185464
    Sgt Loden, Quitman R. 14151165
    Sgt Martinez, Refugio G, 39684204
    Sgt Madden, James T. 33175599
    Sgt Malaik, Stephen 12203110
    Sgt McCloskey, Patrick H. 34152338
    Sgt McCarthy, William J. 11117954
    Sgt Meuerer, Richard G. 12147761
    Sgt Merecki, Carl N. 16159870
    Sgt Micek, Chester J. 32452160
    Sgt Molenda, Edward W. 35579635
    Sgt Myers, Kenneth E. 14153937
    Sgt Nix, Marvin H. 39233079
    Sgt Parathiras, Jean 12159660
    Sgt Pennell, Clarence R. 31099068
    Sgt Pharr, J.T. 14161759
    Sgt Pinkley, Delbert M. 19014551
    Sgt Potanovic, John W. 39236039
    Sgt Ramos, Victor D. 39560041
    Sgt Radtke, Ralph A. 35318046
    Sgt Rigano, Agatino 32539208
    Sgt Riske, Morris T. 33320866
    Sgt Rosati, Romeo F. 32403842
    Sgt Robertson, Sam H. 14160686
    Sgt Runyan, Benjamin F. 35715491
    Sgt Satterfield, Leon C. 39262973
    Sgt Sarynski, Stanley A. 32824118
    Sgt Scarba, Edward J. 35520968
    Sgt Scherick, Sidney S. 32889419
    Sgt Shergold, William W. 12005895
    Sgt Singer, John E. 32671732
    Sgt Smith, John R. 35600504
    Sgt Smitehurst, Alvin W. 34406565
    Sgt Spragins, Charles L. 14156628
    Sgt Stewart, Charles K. 33696253
    Sgt Stein, Samuel 11091770
    Sgt Strange, Rodney 12056350
    Sgt Taylor, Richard C. 38185492
    Sgt Tate, Willie H. 14142811
    Sgt Tolman, Odella 11084369
    Sgt Vassak, John P. 12187811
    Sgt Valley, David R. 16147357
    Sgt Weber, Edward L. 37384815
    Sgt Welby, Raymond F. 33032575
    Sgt Windham, Richard A. 34477355
    Sgt Wolfman, Melvin S. 12124367
    Sgt Wolcott, Harvey R. 19070533
    Sgt Yantis, James C. 18056995
    Sgt Youmans, Illiff G. 392664782
    Cpl Adam, William O. 17063983
    Cpl Arredondo, Savino 36574686
    Cpl Armstrong, Edward F. 36630003
    Cpl Backman, John P. 39118533
    Cpl Bealer, Henry K. 34148794
    Cpl Belles, Wilford T. 16109395
    Cpl Benoit, Rodney J. 18171151
    Cpl Christner, Lozelle F. 36481282
    Cpl Ciranne, Thomas P. 12188793
    Cpl Cohen, Meyer 19180857
    Cpl Cook, William E. 32678051
    Cpl Daniel, Samuel L. 34313749
    Cpl Deconie, Frank 32760497
    Cpl Derby, Thomas a. 33582256
    Cpl Diltz, Jack E. 33236610
    Cpl Dillard, Robert C. 14149094
    Cpl Ehrlich, Sam 32496459
    Cpl Ernst, Curtis L. 16162129
    Cpl Everett, Leonard B. 38435056
    Cpl Fellers, John R. 36631206
    Cpl Fridley, Vearl R. 37651455
    Cpl Freed, Samuel 19124334
    Cpl Goodwin, Eley D. Jr. 34802843
    Cpl Halvorsen, Angelo M. 39684272
    Cpl Hansen, George T. 32424744
    Cpl Hamilton, Weldon D. 18094570
    Cpl Heitkamper, Lester J. 35668023
    Cpl Herrick, Oliver L. 36298547
    Cpl Hemmingson, Charles R. 17143686
    Cpl Heagerty, John J. 12165028
    Cpl Hughes, Charles W. 14159843
    Cpl Imus, Gwen R. 39037529
    Cpl Juchinski, Casimir J. 36742467
    Cpl Kansam, Carlyle M. 36435179
    Cpl Kacicek, Walter L. 33490060
    Cpl Kelly, Joseph P. 33324408
    Cpl Keffer, Fred A. 13119166
    Cpl Kincaid, William A. 37379865
    Cpl Kinsey, Harry M., Jr. 34688881
    Cpl Knapp, Harry T. 39037571
    Cpl Krebs, James P. 32671644
    Cpl Kutchma, Mike 33572832
    Cpl LaFlame, Allen N. 31297992
    Cpl LaPollla, Phillip 12165384
    Cpl Lyons, Cornelius T. 31300148
    Cpl Marshall, Richard 35601809
    Cpl Max, Willard E. 34508116
    Cpl Manley, Marion L. 35333361
    Cpl McAndrew, Kenneth E. 38454247
    Cpl McBride, Hugh W. 39554164
    Cpl McLaughlin, Raymond 19188528
    Cpl Meister, Michael A. 20349500
    Cpl Merrow, Verne L. 31217833
    Cpl Merone, John M. 32780947
    Cpl Miller, Robert C. 35057117
    Cpl Munday, Adam 36339189
    Cpl Nadler, Harry C. 32821485
    Cpl Newsom, Willard 34782843
    Cpl Palka, Anthony S. 36651072
    Cpl Poortenga, Howard 16087266
    Cpl Read, Joseph D. 32753454
    Cpl Rork, Walter V. 35581016
    Cpl Roper, Vernon O. 19109400
    Cpl Sarubbi, Daniel 32696012
    Cpl Saloka, Francis W. 33576239
    Cpl Skarman, Karl A. 32878780
    Cpl Smith, Perry M. 11119539
    Cpl Stein, Kenneth L. 37668259
    Cpl Stahlhoefer, Harry W. 16144285
    Cpl Steger, Joseph F. 39693391
    Cpl Taylor, Waite L. 39271787
    Cpl Taulbee, John W. 35423777
    Cpl Templeton, Robert J. 36295950
    Cpl Thomas, Robert J., Jr. 32384789
    Cpl Timuel, Eugene A. 35696528
    Cpl Tofte, Earl L. 39617074
    Cpl Travino, David C. 38453653
    Cpl Waterman, Robert J. 31503990
    Cpl White, Jack L. 37509722
    Cpl Wroblewski, Edward J. 33426187
    Cpl Young, Harold E. 36444000
    Pfc Bartonsewicz, Stanley 31281127
    Pfc Batchelor, Allen D. 18053654
    Pfc Blackwell, John W. 34057906
    Pfc Bruno, Joseph L. 32872216
    Pfc Cassidy, James M. 13124100
    Pfc Cunningham, William P. 12123863
    Pfc Denney, Johnnie W. 35683295
    Pfc Dinihanian, John 31329093
    Pfc Dorazio, Charles R. 13060178
    Pfc Egan, Joseph P. 32883762
    Pfc Geeta, John N. 32912372
    Pfc Griffin, George W. 38424953
    Pfc Hartle, Max E. 39412318
    Pfc Hardlick, Edward R. 11113405
    Pfc Head, Rex 39282251
    Pfc Hydapool, Robert K. 33528096
    Pfc Judd, Grant 39855665
    Pfc Klepaky, Frank 33393024
    Pfc Krofssik, Morris 31333199
    Pfc Laine, George F. 32765499
    Pfc Lauglitz, Harry 32889262
    Pfc Laird, John M. 33257135
    Pfc Leaniak, Checter A. 36726518
    Pfc Lewis, Eugene F. 31080945
    Pfc Ledour, Lawence E. 31288243
    Pfc Litwin, Seymour 12205895
    Pfc Lunsford, Herbert C. 15112252
    Pfc Maravilla, Frederick R. 35561238
    Pfc Malak, Ricard E. 32831597
    Pfc McCormick, William L. 35685387
    Pfc McKinny, Charles L. 35722913
    Pfc McGlade, Joseph 36444939
    Pfc McConnell, Daniel T. 33424931
    Pfc Meisch, Arthur 39287956
    Pfc Mulvihill, James D. 39285724
    Pfc Milhall, John R. 31210312
    Pfc Russbaum, Walter G. 35797614
    Pfc Orlando, Louis J. 32887692
    Pfc Patigailo, Seymour H. 34543967
    Pfc Pleasanton, Norman 32752198
    Pfc Prigmore, Samuel S. 38404114
    Pfc Savoy, John L. 38484365
    Pfc Schuessler, William G. 33565665
    Pfc Smith, Gerald G. 32746120
    Pfc Speers, Billy M. 15382271
    Pfc Stutes, Lloyd 38266431
    Pfc Welsh, Robert M. 33492316
    Pfc Weiss, William J. 36803418
    Pfc Zaluski, Theodore W. 32796798
    Private Brown, Leland S. 33630705
    Private Bunch, Clifford 39462224
    Private Drager, Lyle R. 37543525
    Private Gonsalez, Alfonse 39693324
    Private Grossman, Harley J. 38468340
    Private Grande, Louis 12157765
    Private Hudek, Emerick L. 38428428
    Private Janson, Paul P. 37614256
    Private Kay, Andrew J., Jr. 38332953
    Private Klestinski, Harold H. 37144897
    Private Lange, Marvin G. 36235868
    Private Larson, Lavern E. 36264786
    Private Laska, David J. 36296483
    Private Longo, Carmen 32760014
    Private Lundy, James A. 34770986
    Private Matthes, Raymond 32935249
    Private Magill, James R. 12171972
    Private Meyer, Walter J. 37414022
    Private Murray, Thomas J., Jr. 38319179
    Private Perkins, Floyd P., Jr. 36559935
    Private Perez, Henry 38438935
    Private Pimardi, Richard J. 31308740
    Private Ramos, Jessie P. 36365972
    Private Ragsdale, Herman 38468189
    Private Rockwell, Ora J. 39320617
    Private Rochford, Lloyd J. 6560961
    Private Ruddock, Raymond M. 32887731
    Private Saroff, Robert R. 34702114
    Private Sheets, Bernard C. 33632958
    Private Smith, Roscoe G. 34771420
    Private Tuite, James J. 33426018
    Private Vashliahan, John, Jr. 33426109

    For the Squadron Commander;

    1st Lt., Air Corps


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