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APO 520          US ARMY

25 February 1944





Major Huer, Herman J. 0-221560
Major Oris, William L. 0-3099540
Captain Erwer, Gordon 0-468824
Captain Jonston, Robert B. 0-908723
1st Lt Auin, Albert E. 0-798723
1st Lt Cadwell, Clarence D. 0-663479
1st Lt Dakins, DeWitt C., Jr. 0-803-89
1st Lt Fory, Horace C. 0-795660
1st Lt Hat, Allen C. 0-728274
1st Lt Kig, William E., Jr. 0-797555
1st Lt Leman, Charles P. 0-659566
1st Lt Mcaughlin, John 0-661518
1st Lt Note, William A. 0-735637
1st Lt O Kara, Mathew B. 0-434388
1st Lt Rig, William E. 0-1551720
1st Lt Tat, Harold H. 0-1845251
1st Lt Thomas, Clarence L. 0-579447
2nd Lt Arieson, Joseph D. 0-6884220
2nd Lt Briner, Tommy F. 0-684262
2nd Lt Brisek, Frank A. 0-792058
2nd Lt Burnham, Robert O. 0-377078
2nd Lt Coke, Harold L. 0-681523
2nd Lt Cox, Albert N. 0-683820
2nd Lt Daniels, Arnold L. 0-863982
2nd Lt Decker, George L. 0-690380
2nd Lt Doriak, John P. 0-809558
2nd Lt Garrett, Edward 0-689601
2nd Lt Gillespie, Bernard J. 0-749226
2nd Lt Glivin, William H. 0-682025
2nd Lt Gleason, James F., Jr. 0-688961
2nd Lt Gottfried, Henry A. 0-661991
2nd Lt Gross, Edwin 0-676380
2nd Lt Grofik, Michael 0-758616
2nd Lt Harrison, James D. 0-676518
2nd Lt Hessen, Jules J. L. 0-577900
2nd Lt Hodge, Willoughby J. 0-687510
2nd Lt Howe, Ross E. 0-830898
2nd Lt Kahan, Albert 0-690105
2nd Lt Kava, Richard F. 0-690443
2nd Lt Jennings, Raymond K. 0-412214
2nd Lt Laurini, Zane P. 0-689616
2nd Lt Leonhard, Albert T. 0-862970
2nd Lt McClure, J. C. 0-741274
2nd Lt Medley, Marion D. 0-681457
2nd Lt Meyers, Gerald L. 0-690480
2nd Lt Moberly, George A. 0-862489
2nd Lt Nisiobincki, Edward J. 0-690703
2nd Lt Parr, Harry E. 0-690708
2nd Lt Parrish, William A. 0-691055
2nd Lt Phillips, Harold C. 0-690973
2nd Lt Place, Harlan S. 0-689641
2nd Lt Poore, Robert W. 0-691289
2nd Lt Retzlaff, Wiollie R. 0-748841
2nd Lt Ryan, James M. 0-689365
2nd Lt Ryczek, John J. 0-809732
2nd Lt Schafranka, Robert V. 0-672876
2nd Lt Schieier, Edward W., Jr. 0-691410
2nd Lt Scharff, Walter J. 0-527608
2nd Lt Shain, Lehman E. 0-737657
2nd Lt Shanken, Courtney D. 0-809738
2nd Lt Shanken, Earl 0-809739
2nd Lt Shane, Morris 0-856688
2nd Lt Siegel, Louis 0-752781
2nd Lt Simons, Neil E. 0-748108
2nd Lt Sisserson, William W., Jr. 0-684787
2nd Lt Stripp, James C. 0-749552
2nd Lt Strathie, Arthur R. 0-749626
2nd Lt Taylor, John W. 0-749600
2nd Lt Tipton, Vernon J. 0-688615
2nd Lt Walker, Carl G. 0-749629
2nd Lt Wheary, Frederick W. 0-690521
2nd Lt Wisbrod, William 0-690551
2nd Lt Wright, William E., Jr. 0-691025
2nd Lt Zowader, Herman 0-863605
F/O Maddux, Hobert R. T-121920
F/O Morrissey, Francis J. T-122555
F/O Painter, Frank M., Jr. T-122557
F/O Primrose, Clyde O., Jr. T-122559
F/O Ryan, Frank M. T-122608
F/O Rzatkowski, Francis S T-360
F/O Weathermon, Gerald E. T-187505
F/O Word, J.C. T-187542

For the Squadron Commander;

1st Lt., Air Corps


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