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APO 520          US ARMY

10 AUGUST 1944





1st Sgt Kuhn, William 32360210
M Sgt Brown, John H. 31098409
M Sgt Chester, Herbert B., Jr. 17028078
M Sgt Clark, James B. 8594517
T Sgt Bock, William A. 16088880
T Sgt Clark, Morris B. 35134235
T Sgt Conner, John P. 13613520
T Sgt Dandurand, John T. 16147299
T Sgt Dupre, William J. 11038062
T Sgt Geiser, Francis W. 33192892
T Sgt Goeghan, John J. 35386874
T Sgt Hatfield, Gilbert W. 6566134
T Sgt Hopper, James V. 34145081
T Sgt Hospodar, Theodore R. 35307366
T Sgt Kath, Norman A. 20715507
T Sgt Kubas, John D. 35455219
T Sgt Martin, David J., Jr. 130797762
T Sgt Perkins, Jack M. 15394451
T Sgt Robertson, John F. 32577757
T Sgt Rodman, Loran, V. 17033078
T Sgt Smith, William G. 39685098
T Sgt Spector, Morris 12183223
T Sgt Sullivan, Edward J. 31081590
T Sgt Sullen, Clyde W. 34057502
S Sgt Anzo, Andrew A. 17175105
S Sgt Archibald, Russell 18052442
S Sgt Attteberry, Joseph T. 16075612
S Sgt Ault, Ray E. 37238961
S Sgt Barnett, Howard 15355509
S Sgt Balasic, Baltizai C. 16068054
S Sgt Badger, Howard L. 17069431
S Sgt Beaman, Emil N. 39555117
S Sgt Beightol, Harry M. 32671845
S Sgt Bebee, Carl O. 18171137
S Sgt Bird, Sherald R. 35447027
S Sgt Blassczak, John A. 32747151
S Sgt Boettcher, Paul W. 36885690
S Sgt Boaz, Paul D. 34664370
S Sgt Booth, William J. 34205040
S Sgt Brazzle, William 14162015
S Sgt Bryant, Oscar S., Jr. 34449456
S Sgt Burns, Vincent A. 12159949
S Sgt Caudill, Roy 35537297
S Sgt Champagne, Alcide 31211173
S Sgt Clark, Aubrey A. 38273551
S Sgt Cosgrove, Richard N. 19055215
S Sgt DiGiovanni, Eugene 32638997
S Sgt Dominski, Alphonse S. 12053200
S Sgt Dornak, Edwin J. 18158002
S Sgt Erickson, Theodore H. 57498408
S Sgt Ferrario, Joseph M. 37392958
S Sgt Garake, Herman A. 39842200
S Sgt Garby, Michael F. 31329104
S Sgt Gaertig, Roy M. 16172720
S Sgt Gamble, Thomas F. 18162507
S Sgt Gerdes, Stanley J. 38118302
S Sgt Grad, George G. 35518707
S Sgt Graziano, Carl 12190501
S Sgt Greinert, Hugo L. 32473693
S Sgt Haver, Harry V., Jr. 35602806
S Sgt Hellem, Melvin C. 37327591
S Sgt Hines, Donald C. 18194442
S Sgt Hohenhaus, Robert A. 20825043
S Sgt Hovey, Glen G. 17069515
S Sgt Bishop, Thomas 11072666
S Sgt Jadozak, Henry J. 36172595
S Sgt Johnson, Walter S. 37445790
S Sgt Kemp, Fred B. 34720470
S Sgt Kostro, Walter J. 12164516
S Sgt Krinzman, Eli 32302061
S Sgt Lanier, Robert A. 15577086
S Sgt Levis, Leon 12180323
S Sgt Linkous, Ronald G. 35447016
S Sgt Lowrance, Beuford L. 37397918
S Sgt Longo, Anthony V. 32587991
S Sgt Lyon, Russell S. 31160149
S Sgt McClellan, Lucius W. 34407691
S Sgt McLaughlin, Loyd W. 36560979
S Sgt McClaskie, Max E. 15534846
S Sgt Meadows, John E. 14160782
S Sgt Merritt, Gerald P. 15065477
S Sgt Meier, Adolph D. 19046066
S Sgt Pitts, Joe B. 34205500
S Sgt Platt, Glen K. 32138654
S Sgt Pool, Asa B. 38288557
S Sgt Prescott, Jack H. 14107944
S Sgt Reynolds, Edward L. 15065815
S Sgt Riddle, James E. 18006068
S Sgt Sanders, George B. 35303680
S Sgt Saperstein, Harold J. 12183713
S Sgt Seider, Lawrence H. 17128710
S Sgt Shirley, James G. 39399946
S Sgt Stansell, James D. 38429125
S Sgt Tatman, WoodrowW. 16016562
S Sgt Taylor, Johnie C. 18057855
S Sgt Thomas, Carl W. 15086070
S Sgt Timmerwilke, Donald J. 16162448
S Sgt Upchurch, Edwin R. 37393261
S Sgt Vance, Arthur R. 35577898
S Sgt VanRoden, Richard J. 13154662
S Sgt VanSandt, Robert 14121310
S Sgt Visosky, John J. 32554302
S Sgt Vlass, Harold C., Jr. 11114271
S Sgt Vola, Anthony J. 31248516
S Sgt Vogel, Jesse 18141748
S Sgt Walters, Guy R. 36362955
S Sgt Warren, Charles B. 32373993
S Sgt Wardm Keibard H, 11952361
S Sgt Weber, Julius H. 36242868
S Sgt Weaver, Richard L. 18150894
S Sgt Wedding, Robert I. 18132994
S Sgt White, Charles R. 35229745
S Sgt Whitley, Loyd 14196516
S Sgt Wilch, Herbert N. 17068010
S Sgt Wilkins, Alexander V. 33221155
S Sgt Witkowski, Alex, Jr. 13116594
S Sgt Wood, Herbert J. 38313439
S Sgt Zidan, John J. 39242505
Sgt Adkins, Kenneth A. 18194054
Sgt Alvaro, Edward L. 12203833
Sgt Armstrong, George R. 12149235
Sgt Bocco, Carlton M. 36708456
Sgt Bosserman, Harold D. 13121503
Sgt Cass, Richard L. 13176438
Sgt Cinkowski, Albert J. 35347809
Sgt Cook, William a. 36237351
Sgt Corno, Frank J. 39323746
Sgt Desrocher, Henry E. 39121674
Sgt Dekowski, John P. 33553874
Sgt Dixon, James D. 18184767
Sgt Dombroski, Anthony J. 38279705
Sgt Eberle, Adolph 12149450
Sgt Ellison, John A. 38136669
Sgt Faulkner, Edward 31180142
Sgt Farris, Edward N. 14138987
Sgt Feuer, Melvin 15354863
Sgt Flora, Raymond W. 15338865
Sgt Gamble, Kenneth C. 17070999
Sgt Gilmore, Leo S. 37233888
Sgt Glenn, Robert E. 13031750
Sgt Granger, Charles D. 33666584
Sgt Gustin, Harry D. 35638143
Sgt Hanna, Charles 11111831
Sgt Hamlin, James F. 14107818
Sgt Halberg, Kenneth C. 19175613
Sgt Herrman, Edward F. 32565456
Sgt Henry, Robert L. 14181615
Sgt Hill, Spurgeon J. 34709171
Sgt Hogan, Joseph H., Jr. 32713450
Sgt Huddleston, Edgar 37415218
Sgt Hubbard, David J., Jr. 34316421
Sgt Hubbard, Charles Q. 18187502
Sgt Jarvis, Clarence B. 38419080
Sgt Jaken, John J. 33603450
Sgt Jalen, Joseph H. 36650749
Sgt Jones, Dee R. 19174895
Sgt Kennedy, Roy D. 38369957
Sgt Klinshaw, Benedict L. 32582036
Sgt Kosak, Anthony 31211476
Sgt Kolibas, Michael J. 32566308
Sgt Lamb, Herman C. 35458566
Sgt Leichliter, James W. 33305766
Sgt Ling, Si K. 32704028
Sgt Lippman, Walter I. 12218892
Sgt Maxwell, Roy D. 35589783
Sgt Macy, James B. 11064220
Sgt Mansman, Kenneth P. 12184540
Sgt Matych, Thomas J. 16043702
Sgt McKee, Claude W. 18068663
Sgt Miller, Frederick G. 32696230
Sgt Miller, Carl E. 33483082
Sgt Moore, James D. 36414979
Sgt Moon, Watson W. 332715263
Sgt Moscovitz, Norman E. 14058361
Sgt Morgan, Edward A. 16076112
Sgt Nealands, Marvin 39553361
Sgt Nease, Julius I., Jr. 34447858
Sgt Nicholls, William R. 11115574
Sgt Nowicki, Richard M. 161345337
Sgt Pamplin, Walton C. 38119295
Sgt Poythress, John M. 14142858
Sgt Quilty, John M. 16048823
Sgt Reade, Rodman E. 19181013
Sgt Reese, James M. 33497166
Sgt Root, Lowell E. 35157141
Sgt Ryan, Thomas J. 16036083
Sgt Santarlas, Eugene F. 35587609
Sgt Sadecki, Mathew G. 32572084
Sgt Schwartz, Harold 37545134
Sgt Shute, Thomas H. 34427353
Sgt Sigl, Ronald E. 32547625
Sgt Sigwald, Gerald G., Jr. 14125706
Sgt Slinkard, Albert 39259781
Sgt Strange, Charles O. 37429570
Sgt Stoner, Paul S. 33506398
Sgt Summers, Willard M. 15082585
Sgt Swank, Donald 35585656
Sgt Thievon, John J. 32461114
Sgt Thomas, Arthur E. 33578699
Sgt Tinney, Edward C. 16150572
Sgt Vogel, Sherman C. 12153700
Sgt Vris, Edwin F. 18176402
Sgt West, Stanley S. 11116525
Sgt Wilhelm, Louis 37264599
Sgt Williamson, Eugene D. 18171258
Sgt Zaglifa, John G. 36624827
Sgt Zdanowicz, George 36639649
Sgt Zocco, James A. 31197772
Cpl Apanavage, Albert F. 13079439
Cpl Bandringa, Peters 36344148
Cpl Behrend, Melvin W. 18225687
Cpl Blanford, Oakley a. 56364405
Cpl Bolerjack, Harold D. 36582698
Cpl Brodsky, Leon 52855698
Cpl Bryden, George W. 33397989
Cpl Broadway, Archie R. 14178395
Cpl Byington, David M. 12147191
Cpl Cartwright, Redick 37266059
Cpl Caviness, James T. 34425906
Cpl Chase, James A. 38576266
Cpl Clark, Boyd H. 16086969
Cpl Cook, Merle E. 37472868
Cpl Cobia, Carl L. 34801864
Cpl Cottone, Joseph C. 35328233
Cpl Coutts, James D. 13127347
Cpl Creuts, William A. 36595751
Cpl Davenport, Cletus D. 13174630
Cpl Deindrea, Federal F. 33691240
Cpl Dewey, Raymond C. 17091713
Cpl Downer, Alford E., Jr. 39410233
Cpl Dodson, Rufus E. 14159572
Cpl Easley, William F., Jr. 34508614
Cpl Ehreman, Howard 32816693
Cpl Enke, Wayne E. 35416732
Cpl Esswinn, John E. 33401847
Cpl Federico, Dominic A. 39112377
Cpl Ferrara, Joseph J. 11044890
Cpl Flemmens, Roger W. 33014982
Cpl Forti, James A. 11044953
Cpl Gargaro, Lawrence J. 36809867
Cpl Gash, Wendell L. 39411132
Cpl Gallagher, James J., Jr. 35603319
Cpl Harris, Alfred F. 39122813
Cpl Haren, Louis N. 19179675
Cpl Heap, Ralph W. 38400678
Cpl Hickman, Robert W. 35629864
Cpl Hillendahl, Harris A. 18225967
Cpl House, Douglass M. 19134541
Cpl Hubbard, Raphael W. 38399262
Cpl Jones, Millard C. 34766883
Cpl Kingray, George R. 35700971
Cpl Korndorffer, Earl E. 18151141
Cpl Lamp, Jack F. 35748459
Cpl Larson, Christian d. 39560441
Cpl Lanoir, Joseph L. 32503611
Cpl Leszozynski, John L. 36027675
Cpl Loomans, Robert E. 16048552
Cpl Marrer, Francis B. 33464381
Cpl McKenzie, Paul 38468932
Cpl McQuire, William W. 31274822
Cpl McMahon, Thomas P. 32425152
Cpl Mercado, Paul S. 39294028
Cpl Miller, Paul B. 6249732
Cpl Mount, John A. 32801526
Cpl Montante, Leonard R. 12200967
Cpl Nicolosi, Phillip A. 16120783
Cpl Odom, Phillip A. 34444295
Cpl O'Hare, Roert E. 17122222
Cpl Paschal, Samuel D. 38430551
Cpl Parrish, Wilmer D. 39906272
Cpl Psesani, Dominic 30593870
Cpl Pilgrim, Kenneth N. 18131953
Cpl Pine, Michael H. 36248395
Cpl Puelo, Anthony L. 11018924
Cpl Quateri, John B. 38425803
Cpl Randerman, August J. 31247811
Cpl Rennick, Nicholas E. 38415386
Cpl Rinehart, William D. 13155679
Cpl Ritchie, Milton W. 36563116
Cpl Russell, Samuel C. 32885628
Cpl Sackman, James E. 31308002
Cpl Sabrowsky, Miles P. 36476014
Cpl Shewbert, Otis M. 18189241
Cpl Shain, Sol 34768677
Cpl Simmons. Howard M. 12140543
Cpl Smith, Clifford L. 32855539
Cpl Stout, Juan R. 35403946
Cpl Starkey, King Jr. 37497904
Cpl Sullivan, Peter f. 39690606
Cpl Tallis, Stanley T. 31261856
Cpl Taylor, Claude W. 36417621
Cpl Tomaszowski, Joseph J. 13064256
Cpl Tripp, Wilton 34597137
Cpl Turnage, Ronald E. 34664543
Cpl Unbehaun, Earl C. 36804234
Cpl Vanatter, Ezra W. 35653519
Cpl Way, John L. 33225772
Cpl Werries, Michael H. 35428374
Cpl Wilson, Frank J. 35508760
Cpl Wood, John H. 37506681
Cpl Zamek, Louis P. 32839675
PFC Azevedo, Roland R. 19092525
PFC Barnhill, Wayne E. 32737314
PFC Barnett, John R. 36728266
PFC Benson, Charles F. 34724649
PFC Briceland, Ronald K. 35527821
PFC Campbell, William H. 36556105
PFC Callahan, Andrew J. 376097882
PFC Claxton, Evan A. 34725796
PFC Davis, Clovis E. 38140986
PFC Dettmer, George C. 32767068
PFC Dorr, Ralph C. 37473650
PFC Dunn, Ervin B. 12204098
PFC Fattig, Eugene L. 35092936
PFC Foster, Charles 37368743
PFC Fritts, George H. 38398334
PFC Galack, John M. 32728317
PFC Goodwin, Eugene 35631066
PFC Harrison, George D., Jr. 31255374
PFC Hardman, Leroy J. 11998212
PFC Heyder, William F. 38298909
PFC Hetherington, Jack W. 32765784
PFC Hicks, Calvin J. 34770177
PFC Houser, Ralph G. 32714578
PFC Hostetter, Frank B. 13094696
PFC Ivey, Claude F. 6577719
PFC Jones, Horace C., Jr. 13113574
PFC Kamykowski, Albert S. 36146694
PFC Kite, Charley R. 33537921
PFC Lange, Harold H. 32707417
PFC Lane, Harry V. 32781618
PFC Loucstic, Frank J. 36728489
PFC McCleary, Gordon E. 37511684
PFC McCuigan, Chester R. 33507096
PFC Mercer, Edward E. 31306601
PFC Miller, Robert E. 35631448
PFC Morris, Donal A. 36590064
PFC Papiezanski, James J. 31328228
PFC Palmeri, Ralph A., Jr. 33634571
PFC Rivera, Miguel 32704175
PFC Rynders, Jerome R. 36297310
PFC Salazar, Jose R. 38367884
PFC Shields, Lester R, 36405540
PFC Stowers, Glenn M. 35655744
PFC Sulasanlai, Eino F. 36451119
PFC Tenorio, Carlos 18121369
PFC Troppe, Martin F. 36743103
PFC Tuinstra, Erwin E. 16085728
PFC Urban, Edward T. 31329352
PFC Walton, Guy M. 39044532
PFC Warwick, James B. 39205193
PFC Warner, John R. 33620403
PFC Waymack, Lewis W. 36634149
PFC With, Russell E. 36284337
PFC Wright, Hillman F., Jr. 34729488
PFC Zigal, Willie J. 38459095
Pvt Amendola, Tony 31143468
Pvt Brown, Joseph O. 36505988
Pvt Brandenstein, Harlan H. 36892792
Pvt Bradwell, James J. 35651635
Pvt Cisco, Louis H. 36342576
Pvt Douglas, Levi W. 36812864
Pvt Dunsizer, Douglas C. 15392558
Pvt Edwards, Dallas M. 12017616
Pvt Hase, Harry L. 37230408
Pvt Harris, Daniel J. 37611189
Pvt Holub, Richard F. 36650888
Pvt Hunter, Marvin R. 34685906
Pvt Kiene, Carl W. 12157934
Pvt Limbach, Paul J. 36560937
Pvt Lusk, Paul 6656287
Pvt Peckham, Richard H. 16061455
Pvt Sheber, Phillip 36342923
Pvt Smith, Gilmer 35430793
Pvt Terry, John D. 38343177
Pvt Weckbach, Alpha D. 35790691
Pvt Weiss, Gilbert C. 35429729

For the Squadron Commander;

1st Lt., Air Corps


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