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Office of the Commanding Officer

APO 520

4 December 1944

    SUBJECT:  Roster of Officers.

    TO          :   Awards & Decorations Officer, 450th Bomb Gp. (H), APO 520

    1.   Transmitted herewith is complete roster of Officers in the 723rd Squadron as of 5 April 1944




    Lt Colonel Babb, Harold T. 0-22881
    Major Herzberg, Bernhard F. 0-493093
    Major VanSickle, Wendell M. 0-353278
    Captain Jefferson, Harold D. 0-430702
    Captain Smith, William B. 0-484325
    1st Lt Barry, Robert N. 0-661067
    1st Lt Barbati, Patrick A. 0-677219
    1st Lt Conklin, William D. 0-684845
    1st Lt Courtright, James C. 0-742480
    1st Lt Gillan, Gale N. 0-577683
    1st Lt Hefner, Richard C. 0-668067
    1st Lt Henderson, Leland H. 0-745090
    1st Lt Kaltenbach, Nicholas W. Jr. 0-857633
    1st Lt Kelley, Robert B. 0-1554408
    1st Lt Kellman, Harry L. 0-737593
    1st Lt Kent, Roger A. 0-464705
    1st Lt Lael, Francis V. 0-667525
    1st Lt Lane, John H. Jr. 0-684007
    1st Lt Loomis, Edward C. 0-737602
    1st Lt Miller, Thomas B. 0-683046
    1st Lt Morris, Jack C. 0-683750
    1st Lt Quinn, Luke C. Jr. 0-566475
    1st Lt Richman, Chester A. 0-730819
    1st Lt Rickey, Ralph R. 0-684813
    1st Lt Smick, Bryant L. 0-740966
    1st Lt Templin, Earl L. 0-579439
    1st Lt Tucker, Lee N. 0-573617
    1st Lt Voigt, Quintin R. 0-858044
    1st Lt Wells, John F. 0-799690
    2nd Lt Baker, Bert O. 0-684228
    2nd Lt Benz, Ralph A. Jr. 0-813647
    2nd Lt Brill, Bernard N. 0-690541
    2nd Lt Buksa, William L. 0-688308
    2nd Lt Buenting, Ernest A. 0-805392
    2nd Lt Coatos, Charles L. 0-688312
    2nd Lt Crossen, Thomas R. 0-692480
    2nd Lt Dalgish, Chris E. 0-688316
    2nd Lt Davis, Wendell H. 0-807706
    2nd Lt Dickerman, John A. 0-690383
    2nd Lt Dier, Alex 0-694348
    2nd Lt DiGiovanni, Frank 0-688319
    2nd Lt Ferguson, Bernard B. Jr. 0-383040
    2nd Lt Frye, John S. 0-698110
    2nd Lt Fulmer, Joel A. Jr. 0-700000
    2nd Lt Gelman, Martin 0-689602
    2nd Lt Griffin, Thomas P. 0-672803
    2nd Lt Graves, Donald F. 0-799760
    2nd Lt Hartz, Fred H. 0-862673
    2nd Lt Hagenson, Eugene F. 0-682028
    2nd Lt Hale, Edmond C. 0-752617
    2nd Lt Houghton, Albert F. 0-694876
    2nd Lt Jeancon, Wallace 0-685325
    2nd Lt Kaulfuss, Ronald J. 0-749641
    2nd Lt Kappeler, William J. 0-811400
    2nd Lt Keener, William H. 0-856604
    2nd Lt Keller, Robert L. 0-809627
    2nd Lt Lawson, John 0-814349
    2nd Lt Long, Robert F. 0-747666
    2nd Lt Lombardi, James C. 0-690125
    2nd Lt MacDonald, Bertell A. 0-689619
    2nd Lt Miller, Warren K. 0-690857
    2nd Lt Morrison, Herbert K. 0-684381
    2nd Lt Norman, Thomas N. 0-689161
    2nd Lt Orley, Joseph P. 0-689631
    2nd Lt Pace, Daniel P. Jr. 0-693528
    2nd Lt Pickard, Edward T. Jr. 0-690709
    2nd Lt Pitkin, Leonard A. 0-694706
    2nd Lt Pieczonka, Thaddeus C. 0-806452
    2nd Lt Pontz, Edward C. 0-694500
    2nd Lt Proctor, Elmer S. 0-692816
    2nd Lt Putman, Edison W. 0-690981
    2nd Lt Rabe, Carl C. 0-698344
    2nd Lt Radloff, Donald C. 0-751193
    2nd Lt Robertson, Dale F. 0-689653
    2nd Lt Roberts, Edward C. Jr. 0-690718
    2nd Lt Sanchez, George E. 0-751936
    2nd Lt Scocos, John G. 0-685034
    2nd Lt Senio, Walter P. 0-682727
    2nd Lt Shoaf, John W. 0-694615
    2nd Lt Sorenson, Theodore W. 0-758092
    2nd Lt Tautfest, Theodore R. 0-689404
    2nd Lt Taylor, Vincent I. 0-691313
    2nd Lt Tatum, Richard E. 0-804579
    2nd Lt Thomas, Robert J. 0-690007
    2nd Lt Thomas, Robert J. 0-690009
    2nd Lt VanPopering, Henry C. 0-684915
    2nd Lt Vernon, John L. 0-811807
    2nd Lt Vogel, Robert R. 0-684814
    2nd Lt Walters, Johnnie M. 0-690511
    2nd Lt Waterman, David 0-690512
    2nd Lt White, Ned c. 0-692982
    2nd Lt Wilder, Lee L. 0-692928
    2nd Lt Williams, Raymond L. 0-692591
    2nd Lt Zeitler, Leonard M. 0-691556
    2nd Lt Zink, Robert G. 0-691343
    F/O Bailen, Samuel T-121801
    F/O Clay, Robert J. T-121906

    For the Squadron Commander;

    L. N. TUCKER
    Captain, Air Corps,


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