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please contact us using the "Contact Us" link, in the main menu.


If the name is underlined, click on the link to find additional information about the person.





1st Lt Raab, Doid E. 0-830923 721st
2nd Lt Raasch, Harold A. 0-715095 722nd
2nd Lt Rabe, Carl C. 0-698344 723rd
Sgt Rabe, Willard A. 18190535 722nd
  Rabel, Ralph J.    
M/Sgt Radkoff, Stephen 32403783 723rd
2nd Lt Radloff, Donald C. 0-751193 723rd
Sgt Radtke, Ralph A. 35318046 721st
1st Lt Radue, Paul F.C. 0-664056 720th
2nd Lt Rafferty, Edward   720th
T/Sgt Raffkind, Sidney W. 18077330 721st
Sgt Raffoni, Anthony 32706385 722nd
Pvt Ragsdale, Herman 38468189 721st
Sgt Ragsdale, John W. 38434895 723rd
S/Sgt Rainey, George T.   723rd
Sgt Rains, William R. 33854879 720th
T/Sgt Rainsberger, Richard C.   720th
S/Sgt Rainwater, Lloyd Q. 38350402 721st
  Raleigh, James F.   721st
F/O Ralls, Warner T. T-121902 720th
Pfc Ramesy, Doanld H. 32449238 723rd
Pfc Ramirez, Manuel F. 39859031 723rd
Pvt Ramos, Jessie P. 36365972 721st
Sgt Ramos, Victor D. 39560041 721st
Sgt Ramsey, Eugene D. 35632540 723rd
Sgt Ramsey, Grover F. 32449228 723rd
2nd Lt Ramshaw, William G. 0-689485 721st
Sgt Ramus, Adolph E. Jr. 32716444 723rd
Pfc Randall, Glen H. Jr 37341756 723rd
Pfc Randall, Raymond H. 33222615 720th
S/Sgt Randazzo, Jack M. 32362357 720th
Cpl Randerman, August J. 31247811 722nd
Cpl Randles, Frank L. 35629741 723rd
Sgt Rankin, William D. 38396417 721st
Sgt Rankin, William T. 34509126 722nd
1st Lt Ransom, Lennox R.   721st
Sgt Rapoza, Joseph B. 31303065 723rd
  Ratzekit, Stephen   HQ
2nd Lt. Rau, Jack J. 0-2060847 723rd
  Rau, William    
Cpl Rausch, Donald C. 13132835 720th
  Raven, Jack   722nd
Sgt Raymond, Ivan W. 33704703 721st
  Raytek, Steppen J.    
2nd Lt Rea, Charles Jr.   721st
  Reade, James R.   722nd
S/Sgt Reade, Rodman Z. 19181013 722nd
2nd Lt Ready, George T. Jr. 0-864397 720th
  Ready, Robert K.   720th
F/O Reagan, Mike T-127981 720th
Cpl Real Bird, George 39615634 723rd
Sgt Reardon, John H. 11106747 720th
1st Lt Rearick, Harry R. 0-700767 720th
  Rease, Herbert   722nd
Cpl Rebello, Walter V. 20155281 722nd
S/Sgt Rechichar, Michael A. 33261615 720th
Sgt Reckley, Calvin G.   722nd
S/Sgt Recska, Steve W. 19173850 723rd
Cpl Redcay, Mark C.   721st
T/Sgt Redding, Robert L. 18131994 722nd
S/Sgt Redewald, Earl G. 36245900 720th
S/Sgt Reed, Claude W.   723rd
2nd Lt Reed, Harry F. Jr. 0-761830 720th
Cpl Reed, Joseph D. 32753454 721st
1st Lt Reger, Nelson R.   722nd
2nd Lt Rees, John C.   720th
  Rees, Robert K   720th
S/Sgt Reese, Herbert   722nd
Sgt Reese, James M. 33497166 722nd
1st Lt Reese, Jesse O.   720th
  Reese, Leo E.    
  Reese, Michael   720th
  Reeves Rene    
Pfc Reeves, John R. 32548659 723rd
Sgt Regier, August J. 37070547 722nd
T/Sgt Regus, Carlton H. Jr 31057129 721st
1st Lt Reicherts, Clarence W. 0-660079 721st
Sgt Reid, Francis 39342588 721st
Sgt Reid, John R. 16129583 721st
1st Lt Reid, William J.   722nd
  Reigle, Norman   722nd
T/Sgt Reine, Roy W. 39088899 720th
Sgt Reinegger, William J. 13136189 723rd
2nd Lt Reinke, Fredrick C.   721st
2nd Lt Reis, William J. Jr. 0-2058546 720th
2nd Lt Remaher, William G.   721st
T/Sgt Remmell, Eugene J. 33065971 720th
S/Sgt Remynse, Bob    
Cpl Rennick, Nicholas E. 38415386 722nd
1st Lt Reno, William E. Jr 0-737650 721st
Sgt Rentmeister, Ned   723rd
S/Sgt Resnik, Benton J. 13077830 720th
2nd Lt Retzlaff, Willis R. 0-748241 722nd
Cpl Reuse, Rene D. 32767170 723rd
Sgt Reven, John R.   723rd
1st Lt Reville, John 0-2072868 721st
T/Sgt Reynolds, Edward L. 15065815 722nd
2nd Lt Reynolds, Olin L. 0-609725 721st
T/Sgt Reynolds, Wayne B. 6954626 720th
2nd Lt Reznik, Abraham 0-759822 723rd
  Rhea, Charles   721st
  Rhode, John H.    
2nd Lt Rhodehamel, Harley W. 0-856621 720th
Pfc Rice, Lawrence P. 33428282 720th
Pfc Rice, Sanford 326085563 720th
S/Sgt Rice, William R.   722nd
Pfc Rich, Isiah C. 34334076 723rd
  Rich, Sanford   720th
Sgt Rich, William J.   721st
Sgt Richards, Arthur S. 13098822 723rd
Sgt Richards, Leroy C. 33241472 721st
Sgt Richards, Robert I. 35919259 720th
Pvt Richards, William J. 32836716 HQ
Sgt Richardson, Jack E.   721st
2nd Lt Richmond, Chester A. 0-730819 723rd
S/Sgt Rick, Robert 1647890 722nd
2nd Lt Rickey, Ralph R. 0-684813 723rd
S/Sgt Riddle, James E. 18006068 722nd
2nd Lt Ridge, Paul D. 0-707402 721st
2nd Lt Rieback, Robert H.   720th
S/Sgt Rigano, Agatino 32539208 721st
Cpl Rigione, Joseph B. 32229082 722nd
2nd Lt Riley, Deleman C. 0-694715 721st
Sgt Riley, Edwin A. 38434906 723rd
S/Sgt Riley, Frank E. Jr. 31259234 723rd
Pfc Riley, James B. Jr. 14064202 722nd
2nd Lt Riley, Robert E. 0-785310 720th
Cpl Rindosh, John E. 13172548 721st
Cpl Rinehart, William D. 13155679 722nd
Captain Ring, William E. 0-1551720 HQ
S/Sgt Ringland, Earl N. 39558405 723rd
T/Sgt Rinko, Micheal J. Jr. 13026349 723rd
Cpl Rinne, Wayne R.   720th
Sgt Rino, Michael A.   722nd
2nd Lt Rinschler, Robert F. 0-825286 723rd;
2nd Lt Riolo, Pete V. 0-772502 722nd
S/Sgt Rippel, Christy 13170538 722nd
T/Sgt Rippy, Paul L. 14001110 723rd
T/Sgt Risch, Emery F. 6865080 722nd
Sgt Riseman, Harry 32705527 HQ
  Risko, George A.   721st
S/Sgt Risko, Morris T. 33320866 721st
Sgt Ritchie, Milton W. 32885628 722nd
  Riva,   HQ
Pfc Rivera, Miguel 32704175 722nd
T/Sgt Rivet, Ralph L.   723rd
Sgt Rizzo, Joseph J. 16169894 721st
1st Lt Roach, Archie W.   722nd
Cpl Roach, Arthur W. 34601701 723rd
T/Sgt Roach, William T. 33328705 723rd
2nd Lt Robbins, Leonard 0-809726 721st
2nd Lt Robe, Carl C.   723rd
S/Sgt Roberge, Russell I. 36585241 722nd
S/Sgt Roberts, Charles L. 6833058 723rd
2nd Lt Roberts, Donald J. 0-771711 722nd
2nd Lt Roberts, Edward C. Jr. 0-690718 723rd
S/Sgt Roberts, Elwyn D. 17154926 720th
S/Sgt Roberts, Jack 37706255 720th
Cpl Roberts, Jesse L. 33525184 723rd
Sgt Roberts, John R. 11140880 721st
Sgt Roberts, Wayne C. 35093469 723rd
Sgt Robertson, Corbett E. 18184782 721st
2nd Lt Robertson, Dale F. 0-689653 723rd
Captain Robertson, Doris B.   723rd
T/Sgt Robertson, John F. 32377757 722nd
  Robertson, Lawrence A.   720th
Sgt Robertson, Sam H. 14160686 721st
S/Sgt Robertson, Walter J. 34209824 721st
Cpl Robertson, Woodrow W. 33632273 720th
1st Lt Robinson, Charles W. 0-856531 HQ
Captain Robinson, Floyd I.   720th
S/Sgt Robinson, Jack R. 18192962 722nd
  Robinson, Joe   722nd
  Robinson, Robbie   721st
  Robinson, Willard   HQ
2nd Lt Robson, Christopher G. 0-717991 722nd
F/O Rocco, Ralph   721st
Pvt Rochford, Lloyd J. 6560961 721st
Pvt Rockwell, Ora J. 39320617 721st
S/Sgt Rode, Walter J.   722nd
Sgt Roderique, Benjamin H. 37413353 720th
S/Sgt Rodgers, James W. Jr. 38397892 723rd
Pfc Rodgers, Thomas A. 33678764 723rd
T/Sgt Rodgers, William D. 19051526 723rd
T/Sgt Rodman, Loran V. 17033078 722nd
Pvt Rodrigues, Ramon Z. 39021126 720th
Pfc Rodriguez, Albert K. 39692727 723rd
1st Lt Roelkey, Francis D. 0-747896 722nd
  Roger, Nelson   722nd
T/Sgt Rogers, Edward A. 36739551 721st
Sgt Rogers, James C. 36241571 723rd
Cpl Rogers, James W. 36726167 723rd
Cpt Rogers, Leo F. 18043670 721st
Cpl Rogers, Paul Q. 36697441 723rd
Sgt Rogosz, John J.   720th
T/Sgt Rohde, Claude H. 39841013 721st
Cpl Rohrbaugh, William G. 35035853 720th
2nd Lt Rollins, Alfred B. Jr. 0-825994 720th
T/Sgt Romer, Alfred P.   721st
S/Sgt Root, Lowell E. 35157141 722nd
Cpl Roper, Vernon O. 19109400 721st
Captain Rorer, Laurence F. 0-748802 723rd
Sgt Rork, Walter V. 35581016 721st
Sgt Rosati, Romeo F. 32403842 721st
Cpl Roscoe, Cecil P. 34772882 723rd
Sgt Rose Anthony M.   723rd
  Rose, John   722nd
Pfc Rose, Robert 13030417 721st
  Rosen, Alvin   723rd
Sgt Rosen, Sol 35474341 722nd
  Rosenband, Leon J.    
T/Sgt Rosenberg, George   721st
  Rosenburg, Joseph H.   723rd
S/Sgt Rosenfield, Harold 11091428 723rd
S/Sgt Rosenstock, Joe   723rd
2nd Lt Ross, Bernard E. 0-698780 720th
T/Sgt Ross, Gerald E.   723rd
  Ross, Harry J.    
S/Sgt Ross, Henry J. 32675178 72
S/Sgt Ross, James F. 33795481 720th
  Ross, Ronald   720th
Pvt Rossi, Romie P. 32405843 721st
S/Sgt Rossman, William J. 36296586 723rd
Sgt Rossney, James E. 42020674 722nd
Sgt Rotenberg, Kenneth N. 17114761 721st
Sgt Roth, Fred   723rd
Pvt Roth, Richard H. 38421742 720th
1st Lt Rothman, Harry L.   720th
Cpl Rothschild, John D. 33834507  
S/Sgt Roven, John R. 33306544 723rd
  Roven, Max    
  Rowan, Michael E.    
S/Sgt Rowe, Clyde F. 38458479 720th
S/Sgt Roy, Joseph R. O. 11115465 723rd
2nd Lt Roy, Richard A. 0-2001626 721st
S/Sgt Royer, Roy Jr.   721st
S/Sgt Rubin, Sidney 12229638 720th
2nd Lt Rubinton, Jerold E. 0-823694 723rd
Cpl Rucker, Dale E. 19171632 720th
Sgt Rucker, Lester M. 18037303 723rd
S/Sgt Rucki, Albert W. 12164732 721st
Pvt Ruddock, Raymond M. 32887731 721st
1st Lt Rudman, Martin L.   720th
2nd Lt Rudy, William B. 0-718427 720th
F/O Ruhge, Roy J. T-124455 723rd
S/Sgt Rulnick, Sydney 31215436 723rd
S/Sgt Running, Leslie G. 19082896 723rd
S/Sgt Runyon, Benjamin F. 35715491 721st
T/Sgt Rupe, Jay G.   723rd
S/Sgt Rurek, Caskill P. 7025033 721st
  Rusco, Harvey H.   722nd
  Rush, Charles    
Pfc Russell, Irin F. Jr. 34257796 720th
Sgt Russell, Murray F. 16131476 721st
S/Sgt Russell, Oliver J. 19124172 723rd
1st Lt Russell, Robert W. 0-2072873 723rd
Sgt Russell, Samuel C.   722nd
S/Sgt Russo, Alfred P. 12183255 720th
  Russo, John   722nd
2nd Lt Rustad, Warren N.   720th
Cpl Ruswick, Earl W. 16142405 720th
  Ruth, Nelson L.   722nd
M/Sgt Rutkowski, Stephen M. 36171884 723rd
2nd Lt Ryan, Frank M. T-122603 722nd
2nd Lt Ryan, George A. 0-700772 721st
Captain Ryan, James J. 0744169 721st
2nd Lt Ryan, James M. 0-689365 722nd
Cpl Ryan, Joseph M. 12206149 723rd
F/O Ryan, Richard C.   720th
Sgt Ryan, Terrance G. 31144802 720th
S/Sgt Ryan, Thomas J. 16035083 722nd
S/Sgt Ryan, William J. 32741092 723rd
2nd Lt Ryczek, John J. 0-809732 722nd
Pfc Rynders, Jerome R. 36297310 722nd
2nd Lt Ryne, Jack W. 0-861711 720th
F/O Rzatkowski, Francis S. T-360 722nd



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