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If you have a name to submit to the roster, or can fill in some of the missing information below
please contact us using the "Contact Us" link, in the main menu.


If the name is underlined, click on the link to find additional information about the person.





1st Lt Taft, Harold H. 0-1845251 722nd
  Taft, Jean L.   723rd
Sgt Tagan, John F.   723rd
2nd Lt Talbott, Robert M.   723rd
Cpl Tallis, Stanley T. H. 36417621 722nd
T/Sgt Tandy, J. B. 38106818 721st
Sgt Tanem, Vernon P.   720th
Sgt Tank, Harold F. 32144710 720th
2nd Lt Tarasko, Frank E.   723rd
S/Sgt Tarr, George A. 15340932 723rd
Sgt Tate, Howard W. 14142811 721st
2nd Lt Tate, Leroy D. 0-689403 721st
Cpl Tate, Sam 34600243 720th
S/Sgt Tateman, Woodrow W. 16016562 722nd
2nd Lt Tatum, Richard E. 0-804579 723rd
Sgt Taulbee, John W. 35423777 721st
1st Lt Tautfest, Earl W. 0-749800 721st
2nd Lt Tautfest, Theodore R. 0-689404 723rd
S/Sgt Taverna, Joseph A. 32767926 720th
  Taylor, Carl L.    
Cpl Taylor, Claude W. 37520679 722nd
Captain Taylor, Dayton R.   720th
  Taylor, Elwood    
2nd Lt Taylor, Gordon S. 0-682917 720th
S/Sgt Taylor, Herbert R. Jr. 38137167 720th
Sgt Taylor, Jack. V. 32682116 723rd
Sgt Taylor, John 35044827 720th
2nd Lt Taylor, John W. 0-749600 722nd
S/Sgt Taylor, Johnie C. 18057855 722nd
Sgt Taylor, Richard C. 38185492 721st
Sgt Taylor, Robert C. 33916996 720th
Pvt Taylor, Robert M. 37114410 723rd
Captain Taylor, Vincent I. 0-691313 723rd
Cpl Taylor, Waite L. 39271787 721st
2nd Lt Taylor, William R. 0-809765 720th
2nd Lt Teague, Jack C. 0-831847 720th
T/Sgt Tedford, Harley O. Jr. 16129926 720th
2nd Lt Teed, Albert S. 0-749628 721st
Sgt Tegstrom, Carl R. 16170430 723rd
Pfc Temonio, Carlos 1612136 722nd
Cpl Templeton, Robert J. 36295950 721st
2nd Lt Templin, Earl L. 0-579439 723rd
Cpl Tenorio, Carlos 18121369 722nd
S/Sgt Terrell, Edward   722nd
T/Sgt Terrill, Donald   722nd
  Terrogrossa, Sal   722nd
  Terry, Clair E.   720th
Pvt Terry, John D. 38343177 722nd
S/Sgt Terry, Robert N. 35369827 720th
S/Sgt Tessitore, Albert 32693989 723rd
S/Sgt Tharp, James F.   721st
Sgt Theimer, Richard L.   723rd
2nd Lt Theriault, Jack M. Jr. 2002137 HQ
Sgt Theriot, Ferdinand W. 16150350 723rd
  Therman, Ernest   721st
S/Sgt Thibodeau, Albert J.   720th
Sgt Thieven, John J. 32461114 722nd
Sgt Thomas, Arthur E. 33578699 722nd
S/Sgt Thomas, Carl W. 15086070 720th
Captain Thomas, Clarence L. 0-579447 722nd
  Thomas, Dayton L.   723rd
Sgt Thomas, Earl H. 32885137 HQ
Cpl Thomas, Harry M.   720th
1st Lt Thomas, Jeff T.   723rd
2nd Lt Thomas, John E. 0-822140 720th
Sgt Thomas, Leonard 32710120 722nd
Sgt Thomas, Millard Z. 39842104 723rd
Cpl Thomas, Robert H. Jr. 32384789 721st
2nd Lt Thomas, Robert J. 0-690009 723rd
2nd Lt Thomas, Robert J. 0-690009 723rd
Sgt Thomas, Seamon C. 18150918 720th
S/Sgt Thompson, Albert L. 14125812 720th
  Thompson, Arno H.    
S/Sgt Thompson, Byron V.   723rd
Sgt Thompson, Gordon J. 17142902 720th
Pvt Thompson, Henry L. 37415986 723rd
  Thompson, Jack   722nd
S/Sgt Thompson, Jack P. 15011895 720th
Sgt Thompson, Jack W. 12166402 723rd
  Thompson, Jeffrey    
  Thompson, John R.   720th
2nd Lt Thompson, Luther J. 0-809766 721st
Sgt Thompson, Robert L.   723rd
Sgt Thompson, Sam L. 6954657 723rd
S/Sgt Thompson, Tilman J. 36222185 721st
S/Sgt Thomson, Henry J. 42094173 720th
Major Thorpe, George L. 0-369206 HQ
2nd Lt Thrasher, Ernest B. 0-810262 721st
2nd Lt Thrasher, Louis N. 0-742466 723rd
Sgt Thrush, Thomas L. 35619809 723rd
  Thurman, Ernest   721st
Sgt Thurston, Osman L. 31221975 723rd
Cpl Tibbets, Lawrence A. 11122600 723rd
1st Lt Tiernan, Lawrence T.   720th
S/Sgt Tierney, John B. 34496279 723rd
Cpl Tijerina, Jesus M. 38458290 723rd
S/Sgt Tikkanen, Urpo   723rd
2nd Lt Tiller, Anton J. 0-816005 722nd
Sgt Tillison, Clarence A. 6235551 723rd
S/Sgt Tilzer, Norman   722nd
Sgt Timmel, Eugene A. 35696528 721st
S/Sgt Timmerwilke, Donald J. 16162448 722nd
M/Sgt Tinney, Edward C. 16150572 722nd
Sgt Tinning, Jack 17115833 720th
2nd Lt Tipton, Vernon J. 0-688615 722nd
S/Sgt Titus, Richard M.   722nd
S/Sgt Tizzard, Charles   723rd
  Todd, Victor K.   720th
Cpl Tofte, Earl L. 39617074 721st
Cpl Tolan, Anthony G. 35305511 720th
1st Sgt Tollver, Willard O. 16041217 723rd
Sgt Tolman, Odella 11084369 721st
2nd Lt Toman, William A. Jr.   721st
Cpl Tomaszowski, Joseph J. 13064256 722nd
Sgt Tombrack, John   722nd
2nd Lt Tomlinson, Howard E. Jr. 0-714222 723rd
S/Sgt Tond, George E. 15131965 722nd
Sgt Torgerson, Marvin G. 19143150 HQ
S/Sgt Tornillo, Thomas R. 32466984 721st
T/Sgt Tornquist, James M. 36479967 720th
Sgt Torre, Louis J. 33777144 721st
Sgt Torregrossa, Salvatore J.    
S/Sgt Tounis, William Jr. 36450426 720th
1st Lt Tousignant, Robert J.   723rd
  Townsend, Edward   723rd
  Townsend, John J.   720th
  Tracht, Junior.   723rd
Sgt Tracy, Jack H. 13095099 721st
Pfc Tracy, Robert F. 12209600 723rd
S/Sgt Tranbarger, John E. 15105725 723rd
2nd Lt Tranes, Oscar F.   722nd
S/Sgt Trantham, Hugh W. 6937024 721st
2nd Lt. Treece, Lloyd C.   722nd
  Treislinger, Robert   721st
1st Lt Treloar, Charles W.   720th
2nd Lt Tremblay, Laval D. 0-825715 720th
Cpl Trevino, Davis C. 38453653 721st
Pvt Trinkle, Homer R. 38475840 723rd
S/Sgt Trinkley, James W. 39559061 723rd
Sgt Trinnier, Charles M. Jr. 36584365 720th
Sgt Tripp, Charles W.   723rd
Cpl Tripp, Wilton 34597137 722nd
2nd Lt Trivett, Stanley C. 0-747684  
S/Sgt Troiano, Michael R. 32870600 720th
2nd Lt Tronerul, Norman K.   720th
Cpl Troppe, Martin F. 36743103 722nd
  Troup, Claire V.    
T/Sgt Troxell, John C. 14188028 723rd
Cpl Trueman, Delbert W. 35900811 721st
S/Sgt Truex, Vincent C.   720th
Captain Trzyna, Casimir J.    
2nd Lt Tubbs, Joseph F. 0-690836 722nd
Captain Tucker, Lee N. 0-573617 723rd
Cpl Tuinstra, Erwin R. 16085728 722nd
Pvt Tuite, James J. 33426018 721st
2nd Lt Turasko, Frank E.   723rd
2nd Lt Turk, Richard E. 0-831064 721st
Cpl Turnage, Ronald E. 34664543 722nd
S/Sgt Turner, Everett S. 15333609 722nd
Pvt Turner, James R. 34650983 723rd
1st Lt Turner Wesley W. 0-533394 723rd
Sgt Turner, Whit 35459562 723rd
T/Sgt Turrentine, William W. 15013407 723rd
Cpl Tussey, Carl B. 33562528 720th
Cpl Tute, Sam 34600293 720th
Sgt Tuttle, Lawrence W. 34671940 723rd
Maj Gen Twining, Nathan F.   HQ
S/Sgt Tyhurst, Louie G.   721st
Sgt Tymick, Fred M. 36722842 723rd
Sgt Tysco, Stanley E. 12167073 723rd
  Tyte, Jimmy   721st



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