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If you have a name to submit to the roster, or can fill in some of the missing information below
please contact us using the "Contact Us" link, in the main menu.


If the name is underlined, click on the link to find additional information about the person.





Cpl Maas, Albert   720th
S/Sgt Macafee, Edward J. 33581318 723rd
2nd Lt MacDonald, Bertell A. 0-689619 723rd
S/Sgt MacDonald, Norman   720th
Cpl MacElroy, Charles H. III 31361665 723rd
Sgt Macer, Edward C. 35479829 723rd
2nd Lt Mackanin, Michael Jr. 0-832181  
2nd Lt Mackoul, Nicholas 0-556083 723rd
Captain MacQueen, Henry C. 0-364961 721st
S/Sgt Madden, James T. 33175599 721st
S/Sgt Maddox, Noel L. 35366074 720th
2nd Lt Maddux, Hobert R. 0-1703124 722nd
S/Sgt Madera, Aurelio 39269826 722nd
S/Sgt Maestretti, William E. 39909459 HQ
Pvt Magill, James R. 12171972 721st
S/Sgt Magna, Joseph P. Jr.   720th
2nd Lt Magnuson, David W. 0-703283 720th
Sgt Mahar, Bruce W. 31220444 721st
2nd Lt Mahar, Paul S. 0-742172 722nd
Sgt Mahar, Ronald J. 42029807 722nd
Sgt Mainard, Arthur H. 37497683 721st
Sgt Major, Robert R. 31267770 722nd
2nd Lt Makowski, Edward J. 0-751919 723rd
Pfc Malak, Richard E. 32831597 721st
S/Sgt Malarik, Stephen 12203110 721st
2nd Lt Malarkey, John E. Jr. 0-690472 720th
S/Sgt Malawsky, Irving B. 36738921 723rd
2nd Lt Malcolm, Walter T. 0-578485 720th
2nd Lt Maljanian, George K.   720th
Sgt Malley, Raymond E. 31328784 721st
Cpl Malloy, James T. 11118031 723rd
2nd Lt Malloy, Raymond L. 0-689621 721st
Sgt Maloney, Francis R.   723rd
T/Sgt Manak, John 36328772 720th
S/Sgt Mancano, Louis J.   722nd
Cpl Manchester, H. R.   722nd
Sgt Mancuso, Richard S. 13107893 720th
Sgt Mandanyohl, Joseph A. 35550331 720th
T/Sgt Mandella, Nicholas   723rd
S/Sgt Mangrum, Wilburn D. 20809655 723rd
Cpl Manley, Marion L. 35333361 721st
Cpl Mann, Wilbur E. 11122126 720th
S/Sgt Mann, William B. Jr. 15394435 720th
S/Sgt Manner, Alexander   723rd
  Manning, Robert    
M/Sgt Manring, Omri P. 37237080 721st
Sgt Mansman, Kenneth P. 12184540 722nd
Sgt Mantor, Archie C. 39126950 723rd
Sgt Mantropier, Leonard P. 33276486 720th
Cpl Manuel, Lawrence F. 32196850 HQ
Sgt Manuele, Arthur F. 12098088 723rd
Pfc Mapes, Walter J. 12219527  
2nd Lt Marak, William C.   720th
T/Sgt Marallo, Joseph J. 32633197 721st
  Marallo, Vern   721st
Cpl Maravilla, Frederick R. 35561238 721st
S/Sgt Marcey, Ferdinand F.   723rd
2nd Lt Marcus, George   723rd
T/Sgt Marcy, James B. 11064220 722nd
  Marett, William C.    
T/Sgt Marianangeli, John E.   723rd
T/Sgt Marino, Angelo   722nd
1st Lt Mark, Hart H. Jr. 0-1692858 720th
2nd Lt Marker, Herbert J. 0-702309 722nd
S/Sgt Markert, Charles A.   723rd
2nd Lt Markley, Leonard 0-799207 720th
2nd Lt Marpe, Frank C. Jr. 0-681454 720th
  Marrazi,   723rd
T/Sgt Marrer, Francis B. 33464321 722nd
S/Sgt Marrill, Charles W. Jr. 19141416 723rd
S/Sgt Marrone, Ralph Jr.   723rd
2nd Lt Marsden, Robert B. 0-698024 722nd
Sgt Marshall, Joseph E. 38541797 721st
Sgt Marshall, Richard D. 35601809 721st
Pfc Marshall, Walter H. 33372754 722nd
  Marston, Warren M.    
S/Sgt Martignoni, Pasquale   723rd
T/Sgt Martin, Alfred 31159522 723rd
T/Sgt Martin, David J. Jr. 13079762 722nd
S/Sgt Martin, Donald Y. 37323464 722nd
M/Sgt Martin, Eugene 13066441 721st
S/Sgt Martin, Frank W. 33136334 722nd
  Martin, George   720th
Sgt Martin, James R.    
S/Sgt Martin, John A.   720th
2nd Lt Martin, John H. 0-737608 721st
  Martin, Lawrence J.   722nd
Cpl Martin, Murrel N. 35700937 723rd
S/Sgt Martin, Wayne E.    
Sgt Martinez, Refugio G. 39684204 721st
S/Sgt Martinez, Reynaldo E.   720th
1st Lt Martini, John N.   721st
1st Lt Martus, George F.   720th
Sgt Martz, Harold C.   723rd
  Marvin, George   722nd
Sgt Mason, Eugene G. 37217453 720th
S/Sgt Mason, Frank G.   722nd
S/Sgt Mason, John Jr. 35373694 720th
S/Sgt Mason, Joseph B. 35313143 723rd
M/Sgt Mason, Ralph J. Jr. 20106013 720th
2nd Lt Massaro, Felix 0-693809 720th
2nd Lt Massey, John L.   723rd
T/Sgt Massey, Lester C. 14072481 721st
T/Sgt Massey, Robert E.   722nd
T/Sgt Massey, William F. 34132674 721st
Sgt Massie, Francis L. 37536226 723rd
T/Sgt Mastropaolo, August J. 32764471 722nd
Sgt Mastropier, Leonard P. 33270486 720th
T/Sgt Matan, Francis A. 11102489 720th
S/Sgt Matau, Jack 35373000 721st
Sgt Match, Dominic H. 35311020 723rd
2nd Lt Mathany, Byron H.   723rd
Sgt Mathis, Zelford D. 34425502 723rd
Cpl Mathison, Edward E. 36352133 720th
  Mathius, Donald   720th
S/Sgt Mattera, Ralph A. 31386130 720th
Pfc Matthes, Raymond A. 32935249 721st
Sgt Matthews, John D. 34589692 723rd
T/Sgt Mattison, Walter H.   723rd
S/Sgt Mattos, Cecil   723rd
Cpl Matusavich, Joseph P.   720th
Sgt Matych, Thomas J. 16043702 722nd
Pvt Maure, Salvatore J. 32765409 723rd
2nd Lt. Maurer, Robert A.   722nd
Sgt Mauritz, Edgar T. 16009469 720th
Pfc Mauro, Salvatore J. 32766409 723rd
1st Lt Maushart, Ambrose Y. 0-768825 723rd
2nd Lt Maust, Warren F. 0-823423 721st
Cpl Max, Willard E. 34508116 721st
Sgt Maxwell, Billy B.   720th
2nd Lt Maxwell, George A.   723rd
  Maxwell, Robert J.    
S/Sgt Maxwell, Roy D. 35589783 722nd
Sgt May, Edward C. 32670130 723rd
Cpl May, Frederick C.   723rd
Sgt Mayer, Henry A. 18135724 723rd
1st Lt Mayer, Martin W. 0-659389 722nd
T/Sgt Mayes, Paul R.   721st
S/Sgt Mayhew, Lemuel H. 18227133 720th
  Mayo, Harry B.   720th
Sgt Mays, James H. 14131438 722nd
S/Sgt Mazer, Bernard   723rd
S/Sgt Mazias, Joseph A. 35513513 722nd
Pfc Mazzone, Domenick A. 32818504 723rd
2nd Lt Mazzuchelli, Henry A. 0-180948 722nd
Cpl McAndrew, Kenneth E. 38454247 721st
Sgt McArthy, William J.   721st
Sgt McAtee, Charles M. 13086146 720th
S/Sgt McBride, Charles E. 31423441 721st
Cpl McBride, Hugh W. 39554164 721st
Cpl McBride, Paul J.F.   723rd
S/Sgt McBurney, James J. 13128603 723rd
2nd Lt McCabe, Edward P. Jr.   723rd
2nd Lt McCahill, Joseph E. 0-687879 722nd
2nd Lt McCain, Garvin M. 0-700489 720th
Sgt McCalla, Raymond C. 36538545 723rd
2nd Lt McCarthy, John J.   722nd
1st Lt McCarthy, Robert H. 0-705405 722nd
Sgt McCarthy, William J. 11117954 721st
S/Sgt McCaughey, Charles B. 37375695 720th
1st Lt McClain, Daniel W. 0-691907 720th
T/Sgt McClain, Lawrence L. 19175886 723rd
  McClain, Peter   723rd
Cpl McClanachan, Ernest G. Jr. 33902871 722nd
S/Sgt McClaskie, Max E. 15334846 722nd
Cpl McCleary, Gordon E. 37511684 722nd
S/Sgt McClellan, Lucius W. 34407691 722nd
Sgt McClintock Charles H. 33429907 723rd
Sgt McCloskey, Patrick H. 34152338 721st
1st Lt McClure, Barney H. 0-464350 720th
2nd Lt McClure, J. C. 0-741274 722nd
Cpl McCobb, Carleton L. 13070375 720th
Pfc McConnell, Daniel T. 33424931 721st
S/Sgt McCool, Oliver H. 32624225 721st
S/Sgt McCorkle, Richard E. 19062457 720th
  McCormick, Bill   722nd
T/Sgt McCormick, Donald C.   720th
Cpl McCormick, William L. 35685387 721st
1st Lt McCoubrie, John H. Jr. 0-2031013 722nd
Cpl McCoy, Ralford N. 34682928 720th
1st Lt McCraw, Reaford C. 0-745714 720th
T/Sgt McCrea, Edward D. 37498814 721st
Sgt McCready, Charles J. 32938669 723rd
Sgt McCree, Vernon N. 34612328 720th
Cpl McCrory, Clarence A.F. 33920919 722nd
  McCullen, John R.   722nd
S/Sgt McCully, James K. 38510898 720th
1st Lt McCumsey, Louis M. 0-818711 722nd
Pvt McDaniel, Robert G. 18135884 721st
2nd Lt McDonald, Fred N. 0-2022938 720th
S/Sgt McDonald, William W. 13080581 720th
Sgt McDonough, John P. 32939213 720th
S/Sgt McDuffie, Raymond B. 7083055 721st
Sgt McEachon, Robert R. 32738653 720th
2nd Lt McEncroe, Paul R. 0-2070080 721st
Cpl McEver, Vernon G. 39693556 723rd
  McEvers, Richard   723rd
T/Sgt McFadden, Edward T.   721st
S/Sgt McGarvey, Robert C. 13145825 723rd
Pfc McGee, Richard W. 18202339 723rd
S/Sgt McGill, Robert E. 42007458 720th
F/O McGinnity, Patrick J. T-121641 721st
Pfc McGlade, Joseph A. 36444939 721st
S/Sgt McGown, James R. 14156279 721st
S/Sgt McGrath, John A. 32535852 723rd
Cpl McGrath, Loren A. 39461011 723rd
  McGraw, Harry L.    
Sgt McGreevy, Joseph P. 12120386 720th
  McGreevy, Michael   720th
2nd Lt McGregor, Robert A. 0-689979 723rd
Cpl McGuigan, Chester R. 33507096 722nd
Sgt McGuire, William F. 31274822 722nd
  McHale, Thomas W.    
  McIntyre, Charles   723rd
1st Lt McIntyre, Francis E.   722nd
Sgt McIntyre, Ian R. Jr. 35538545 723rd
2nd Lt McIver, Claud L., Jr. 0-684017 721st
Major McKamy, James A. 0-904660 HQ
2nd Lt McKart, Preston M. Jr. 0-701381 720th
S/Sgt McKee, Claude W. 18068663 722nd
Captain McKenna, Raymond F. 0-439669  
Cpl McKenzie, Paul 38468733 722nd
S/Sgt McKeon, Thomas F. 32023921 721st
2nd Lt McKinley, Merrill W. 0-807753 720th
2nd Lt McKinley, William E. 0-2061186 720th
Cpl McKinny, Charles L. 35722913 721st
Sgt McKool, Michael P. 38532149 722nd
  McKoy, R.M.    
  McLain, James L.   722nd
  McLain, Lawrence J.   722nd
  McLain, Lawrence L.   723rd
S/Sgt McLaughlin, Bill L. 35567235 720th
1st Lt McLaughlin, John 0-661518 722nd
S/Sgt McLaughlin, John W. 19091133 720th
S/Sgt McLaughlin, Lloyd W. 36560979 722nd
Cpl McLaughlin, Raymond 19188538 721st
  McLeary, Gordon E.   722nd
Sgt McLemore George L. 38392380 720th
2nd Lt McLure J.C.   722nd
2nd Lt McMahon, Thomas J.

0-716751 723rd
Cpl McMahon, Thomas P. 33425152 722nd
  McManus, Joseph   722nd
Sgt McMillan, M. 32578019 722nd
T/Sgt McMonagle, John J.   721st
2nd Lt McMullen, John R.   722nd
Sgt McNeal, Francis C. 33901380 720th
  McNeal, Robert L.   720th
2nd Lt McNeff, William F. 0-814938 722nd
2nd Lt McNulty, Irving B. 0-708307 720th
S/Sgt McNutt, Walker L. 18137527 721st
  McReynolds, Thomas   720th
2nd Lt McSloy, Ralph F. 0-756300 721st
1st Lt McTeer, William H.   722nd
Cpl McVay, Robert J. Jr.   720th
T/Sgt McVeigh, Charles B. 33364762 723rd
Major McWhorter, William A. 0-397563 722nd
2nd Lt McWilliams, John F. 0-2060332 723rd
T/Sgt Meadows, John E. 14150782 722nd
Sgt Means, Jack W. 33238162 720th
2nd Lt Medley, Marion D. 0-681457 722nd
T/Sgt Medville, Bernard L. 33002142 720th
Sgt Meehan, Eugene F. 32772220 721st
2nd Lt Meeker, Victor K. 0-690679 721st
F/O Meeks, Roy F. T-62054 723rd
T/Sgt Meese, John C. 36331894 723rd
S/Sgt Meier, Adolph D. 19046066 722nd
  Meier, Donald A.    
Pfc Meisch, Arthur 39287956 721st
Cpl Meister, Michael A. 20349500 721st
Cpl Meixner, Donald H. 16148522 720th
1st Lt MeLahn, Robert H.   723rd
Cpl Melby, Albert 37443931 720th
Sgt Melton, J. D. 39243059  
S/Sgt Menegus, Joseph J. 42104948 720th
2nd Lt Menendez, Edward 0-2064292 721st
1st Lt Menken, Summer H.   720th
  Mensul, Lawrence   HQ
Cpl Mercado, Paul S. 39294028 722nd
Cpl Mercer, Edward C. 35415216 722nd
Cpl Mercer, Edward E. 31306601 722nd
Cpl Mercer, Hubert H.   720th
Sgt Merecki, Carl M. 16159870 721st
Sgt Mericle, Harold H. 35399319 720th
Cpl Meriele, Harold R. 35339319 720th
S/Sgt Meritt, Gerald P. 15063477 722nd
  Merlino, Paul J.    
Cpl Merone, John M. 32780947 721st
S/Sgt Merrill, Charles W. Jr. 19141416 723rd
Sgt Merriman, Blaine E.   723rd
S/Sgt Merritt, Earl L. 39035077 723rd
Cpl Merrow, Verne L. 31217833 721st
S/Sgt Mesa, Alexander   721st
S/Sgt Meshenberg, Lester D.   720th
2nd Lt Messner, Robert M.   722nd
Cpl Metcalfe, Thomas W. 13131900 720th
Cpl Metchik, Mortimer 12149348 723rd
Cpl Metropolis, William   722nd
2nd Lt Meuller, Robert P. 0-797366 720th
  Meurer, Ray   721st
Sgt Meurer, Richard G. 12147761 721st
Sgt Meyer, Ernest O. Jr. 38415444 723rd
Cpl Meyer, Walter J. 37414022 721st
2nd Lt Meyers, Gerald L. 0-690480 722nd
1st Lt Meyers, Herman A. 0-698217 721st
S/Sgt Meyers, John R. 32458600 720th
T/Sgt Micek, Chester J. 32452160 721st
2nd Lt Michaels, Willis G. 0-857997 721st
S/Sgt Michelson, Marvin E. 37547992 720th
F/O Michnoff, Elihu J. T-126393 722nd
S/Sgt Michowski, Emil P. 35154539 HQ
2nd Lt Middleton, Richard H. 0-748209 720th
Sgt Mielke, Wallace J. 37566099 722nd
Pvt Mier, Dean 38123499 723rd
2nd Lt Mikkelson, Vernon E. 0-696581 721st
Sgt Mikle, Lewis A. 32712025 723rd
Cpl Mikolajczyk, Albain S. 35334362 722nd
2nd Lt Miles, James F. 0-728500 720th
2nd Lt Miles, Lawrence H. 0-749728 720th
Sgt Miliauskas, Francis G. 32014411 722nd
2nd Lt Milin, Norman Z.   722nd
Cpl Miller, Alton D. 34803172 722nd
Sgt Miller, Armond E. 12190952 721st
Sgt Miller, Carl E. 33483082 722nd
Pfc Miller, Dick J. 39662389 723rd
S/Sgt Miller, Frank E. 37357751 721st
S/Sgt Miller, Frederick G. 32696230 722nd
  Miller, Glenn    
  Miller, Harold   720th
1st Lt Miller, Henry B. 0-696857 721st
  Miller, James A.   720th
Sgt Miller, James I. 33565700 720th
  Miller, James W. 0-715093 720th
S/Sgt Miller, Lawrence R. 39304578 720th
S/Sgt Miller, Lester R.   720th
T/Sgt Miller, Livio L. 16044099 723rd
Cpl Miller, Paul B. 6249732 722nd
1st Lt Miller, Phillip A. 0-2064295 721st
2nd Lt Miller, Robert A. 0-2063265 721st
Cpl Miller, Robert C. 35057117 721st
Pfc Miller, Robert E. 35631448 722nd
S/Sgt Miller, Sterling H.   723rd
Captain Miller, Thomas B. 0-683046 723rd
S/Sgt Miller, Vernon T. 34925741 722nd
2nd Lt Miller, Warren K. 0-690857 723rd
Major Miller, William A. 0-438443 723rd
Pfc Miller, William W. Jr. 12049250 722nd
S/Sgt Milligan, Paul C. 37657722 723rd
Pvt Milligan, Wayne L. 36655090 720th
Sgt Milliken, William G. 16082055 721st
  Mills, Harold D.   HQ
Colonel Mills, John S. 0-017106 HQ
  Mills, Russell J.   723rd
Sgt Mills, William F. 36530792 721st
2nd Lt Millspaugh, Alvin G.   720th
  Millspaugh, Ben    
2nd Lt Millspaugh, John F. 0-715785 722nd
S/Sgt Minato, Alfeo E.   721st
Cpl Mintz, Abraham 32420346 720th
Cpl Mitcham, Grady L. 38522254 722nd
1st Lt Mitchell, Bobby D.   722nd
Sgt Mitchell, Charles K. 35694785 723rd
2nd Lt Mitchell, John L. 0-690682 721st
  Mitchell, Robert D.   723rd
S/Sgt Mitchell, Rocco J. 13100323 723rd
2nd Lt Moberly, George A. 0-862489 722nd
Sgt Modzelewski, Walter I 721st
Sgt Moen, Carl A. Jr.   720th
S/Sgt Mohler, Robert N. 35367573 721st
Cpl Moizer, Michael 11019746 721st
1st Lt. Mojica, Leonard T. 0-569441 721st
S/Sgt Molenda, Edward W. 35579635 721st
Sgt Molepski, Henry P.   723rd
2nd Lt Molina, Frank W. 0-689329 720th
2nd Lt Molitor, Charles A. 0-685088 723rd
S/Sgt Molitor, George E. 39609106 721st
Pfc Molvig, Glenn D. 39911440 720th
S/Sgt Monaco, Joseph J. 32768690 721st
T/Sgt Monahan, Robert E. 31135290 721st
T/Sgt Monkus, Victor J. Jr. 13136982 720th
S/Sgt Monohan, Robert E. 31335290 721st
Sgt Monroe, George K. 14173886 720th
Sgt Monson, Howard W. 38564727 723rd
Sgt Montano, Joseph 39280282 723rd
Cpl Montante, Leonard R. 12200967 722nd
S/Sgt Montgomery, Gwin R. 34706015 722nd
2nd Lt Montgomery, Gwin R. 0-1540419 722nd
2nd Lt Montgomery, Jack M. 0-751922 721st
Sgt Montgomery, Stanley J. 12054312 723rd
S/Sgt Moody Everett O. Jr 18168314 722nd
S/Sgt Moon, Carl A. Jr. 19179245 720th
Sgt Moon, Watson W. 332715263 722nd
Sgt Moore, Bufard 39849383 723rd
S/Sgt Moore, Calvin S. 34506870 721st
S/Sgt Moore, Dean J. 37473029 721st
2nd Lt Moore, Donald   722nd
Sgt Moore, Howard W. 32070879 720th
Sgt. Moore, James A. Jr. 33128707 723rd
Sgt Moore, James D. 36414979 722nd
M/Sgt Moore, James J. 18063464 721st
T/Sgt Moore, James W. 18083464 721st
S/Sgt Moore, Maurice W. 12159977 720th
Sgt Moore, Raymond A. Jr. 12217304 721st
Sgt Moorehead, Jack H. 18183988 722nd
S/Sgt Moramarco, Michael 32861479 723rd
S/Sgt Moran, James I. 18151191 723rd
Sgt Moran, John 33580863 723rd
Cpl Moran, Joseph B. 37182072 720th
2nd Lt Morey, William C. 0-689982  
Sgt Morgan, Carl D. 35712808 723rd
Sgt Morgan, Edward A. 16076112 722nd
T/Sgt Morgan, Howard W. 14121341 721st
Cpl Morgan, John A. 35691018 723rd
S/Sgt Morgan, Robert L. 23282299 720th
Pfc Morgan, William 35638159 723rd
Cpl Morgas, Eduardo F. 18121545 723rd
S/Sgt Morine, Merle L. 36318631 721st
2nd Lt Morken, Tilmen A. 0-689331 721st
Cpl Morley, Arthur W. 36575525 720th
Sgt Morre, Jessie C. Jr 14129485 723rd
  Morrigh, James   723rd
Pfc Morrin, Donald A. 36590064 722nd
Sgt Morris, Arthur B. Jr. 15113772 721st
2nd Lt Morris, Jack C. 0-683750 723rd
2nd Lt Morris, James T. Jr. 0-747670 721st
Sgt Morris, John 33462847 722nd
S/Sgt Morris, Robert P. 35411790 722nd
Sgt Morris, Theodore H.   720th
Sgt Morrison, George W. Jr. 15330809 720th
2nd Lt Morrison, Herbert K. 0-684381 723rd
Cpl Morrison, Holmes S.   720th
S/Sgt Morrison, John B. 35373849 723rd
S/Sgt Morrison, Paul C.   723rd
S/Sgt Morrison, Raymond R. 15043805 720th
F/O Morrison, William D. T-61557 722nd
2nd Lt Morrissey, Francis J. 0-1703130 722nd
Sgt Morrow, Tony B. 32750878 721st
Sgt Moscovitz, Norman E. 14058361 722nd
Sgt Moshier, Richard L. 13146486 721st
S/Sgt Moskowitz, Theodore A. 12122484 720th
  Moss, Norman    
F/O Mostoller, Webster Jr.   720th
Cpl Moto, Louis J. 37496295 723rd
Pfc Moulton, Rodney F. 17108958 720th
Cpl Mount, John A. 32801326 722nd
S/Sgt Mountain, Robert S. 33919814 721st
2nd Lt Mouth, James H.   720th
2nd Lt Mower, Maurice C. Jr. 0-706301 722nd
M/Sgt Moyer, James W.   721st
  Moyer, Roy    
2nd Lt Mucks, George L. 0-833185 721st
  Mudden, D.    
T/Sgt Mulencamp, Donald L. 16826738 720th
Cpl Mulhall, John R. 31210312 721st
1st Lt Mulhollan, Carl E. 0-805516 720th
  Mulkey, John    
1st Lt Mullican, Carl D. Jr. 0-321062 722nd
S/Sgt Mullikin, Vernon E.   723rd
Sgt Mullins, Raymond   722nd
Pfc Mulvihill, James D. 39285724 721st
Cpl Mulvihill, Jeremiah J. Jr. 11120604 722nd
Cpl Munday, Adam 36339189 721st
S/Sgt Munden, Richard C. 37557444 720th
S/Sgt Munger, Earl M. 11102003 723rd
2nd Lt Munsey, Guy V. Jr. 0-687057 723rd
Cpl Munsey, Robert H. 33657840 721st
S/Sgt Munstermann, Raymond C. 37164070 723rd
Sgt Murphy, Daniel P. 33221864 720th
Pfc Murphy, James C. 32858908 720th
Cpl Murphy, James E. 37562803 722nd
T/Sgt Murphy, John C. 36708815 721st
S/Sgt Murphy, John J. 31188238 720th
1st Lt Murphy, John S.   723rd
2nd Lt Murphy, Walter A. 0-818195 722nd
Cpl Murphy, William J. 32791554 723rd
  Murray,   721st
Sgt Murray, Alan H. 32165912 720th
2nd Lt Murray, George W. Jr. 0-748109 721st
Major Murray, James T. 0-420626 723rd
Cpl Murray, Kevin R. 11096159 721st
2nd Lt Murray, Leonard P. 0-697053 722nd
Sgt Murray, Thomas J. Jr. 32319179 721st
2nd Lt Murray, Wayne L. 0-694472 720th
Cpl Mushial, Francis V. 31380381 723rd
  Musical, Stan   722nd
S/Sgt Musich, August L. 16144222 722nd
1st Lt Myers, Arthur K. 0-709093 721st
2nd Lt Myers Doyle A.   720th
Sgt Myers, Forrest M. 33588157 723rd
  Myers, Gerald   722nd
S/Sgt Myers, Guy E. 42091323 722nd
  Myers, James   723rd
Pvt Myers, James F. 39414874 723rd
Sgt Myers, Kenneth E. 14153937 721st
Sgt Myers, Robert R. 15195304 722nd
Cpl Myrvold, Robert W. 36441755 723rd
S/Sgt Mytych, John A. 32691718 723rd



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