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If you have a name to submit to the roster, or can fill in some of the missing information below
please contact us using the "Contact Us" link, in the main menu.


If the name is underlined, click on the link to find additional information about the person.





T/Sgt L'Heureux, Armand J. 31122494 720th
T/Sgt Labetti, Carmine J. 32991137 721st
S/Sgt Lachut, John T. 32281980 723rd
Sgt La Com, Alex F. 39290898 722nd
  Lacroix, Harold A.    
1st Lt Lael, Francis V. 0-667525 723rd
S/Sgt LaFaut, Gustave J., Jr 36563653 723rd
Cpl LaFlame, Allen N. 31297992 721st
Sgt LaFond, Wilfred A. 31109837 721st
S/Sgt LaFountain, Leo H. 12025374 720th
T/Sgt Laing, John H. 35600471 720th
Pfc Laino, George F. 32765499 721st
Pfc Laird, John M. 33257135 721st
  Laird, Paul M.    
  Lake, Harold G.   721st
2nd Lt Lamb, Harry L. 0-690669 720th
Sgt Lamb, Herman C. 35458566 722nd
2nd Lt Lamirand, Richard A. 0-749644 721st
S/Sgt LaMont, William   721st
2nd Lt Lamoreaux, George W. 0-690700 721st
Cpl Lamp, Jack F. 35748459 722nd
  Lancaster,   722nd
T/Sgt Landis, Raymond R. 33623378 720th
S/Sgt Landon, Edward T. 36007198 720th
2nd Lt Landry, Lamar R. 0-776998 720th
S/Sgt Landy, Herbert H. 31306845 721st
Cpl Lane, Albert R. 37259445 723rd
Pfc Lane, Harry V. 32781618 722nd
1st Lt Lane, John H. Jr. 0-684007 723rd
Pfc Lange, Harold H. 32707417 722nd
  Lange, Martin M.    
Pvt Lange, Marvin G. 36235868 721st
Pfc Langevin, Harvey D. 31288101 723rd
Pfc Langlitz, Harry 32889262 721st
S/Sgt Lanier, Robert A. 15377086 722nd
Sgt Lanning, Joseph M. 37251877 723rd
Sgt Lanoir, Joseph L. 32503611 722nd
Sgt Lantaigne, Alphonse J. 36071849 723rd
F/O Lapolla, Marc O. T-62853 723rd
Cpl Lapolla, Phillip 12165384 721st
Cpl Laramie, Marcus H. 37414705 723rd
S/Sgt Larbig, William J. 13058439 723rd
S/Sgt Larcey, William E. 18191917 721st
Sgt Larimer, Lawrence W. 34725258 721st
T/Sgt LaRivee, Leo M. 11091483 720th
Sgt Larkin, Louis J. 17069985 720th
T/Sgt Larkin, Patrick J. 32278592 721st
Sgt Larson, Alfred A..   720th
Cpl Larson, Christian D. 39560441 722nd
Pfc Larson, Lavern E. 36264786 721st
S/Sgt Larson, Orville E. 17063335 722nd
2nd Lt Larson, Quentin C. 0-827854 723rd
S/Sgt Lasecki, Walter S. 42065107 720th
Sgt Lash, Kenneth E. 33188155 720th
Pvt Laska, David J. 36296483 721st
Sgt Lattimer, Albert V. 14106283 720th
S/Sgt Lauer, Frederick A. Jr. 12033730 721st
Sgt Laughon, David C. Jr. 14189370 723rd
2nd Lt Laughlin, William M. Jr. 0-693335 723rd
2nd Lt Laurini, Zane P. 0-689616 722nd
S/Sgt Laurito, Rocco A.   722nd
2nd Lt Lawley, George B. 0-829377 721st
S/Sgt Laws, Richard L. 34857938 721st
2nd Lt Lawson, John D. 0-814349 723rd
Sgt Lawson, Maynard J. 15064826 721st
  Lawy, James   720th
2nd Lt Layton, Francis D. 0-692558 720th
S/Sgt Layton, Leon E. 12009999 723rd
  Lazano, Fred   723rd
  Lazot, Harry   722nd
Sgt Leach, John T. 14119725 720th
Sgt Leahy, Jon   720th
  Leard, Robert E.    
S/Sgt Leasure, Richard B. 35424465 720th
S/Sgt Leatherberry, Chester O. 35335165 720th
Sgt Leavens, Francis M. 31215482 721st
Captain Leavitt, Charles W. Jr. 0-662279; 721st
Sgt Lebert, Vernon L. 37327020 721st
Sgt LeBlanc, Arthur E. 31361312 721st
1st Lt Ledford, Robert D.   722nd
Sgt Ledlie, James E.   723rd
Pfc Ledour, Lawence E. 31288243 721st
Cpl Lee, Carl A. 35310622 723rd
2nd Lt Lee, Charles H. 0-823013 720th
2nd Lt Lee, Edward M. 0-2001566 721st
S/Sgt Lee, Emerson E. 35710853 723rd
2nd Lt Lee, Paul E. 0-700480 720th
2nd Lt Leebody, Robert H. 0-749619 721st
2nd Lt Lefkowits, Stuart J.   722nd
  Legg, John   722nd
Captain Lehman, Charles F. 0-659566 722nd
Sgt Leichliter, James W. 33308786 722nd
2nd Lt Leis, Rudolph R. 0-2072007  
T/Sgt Leitch, Vernon D. 33738498 723rd
Sgt Lemke, Alvin C.   721st
Sgt LeMond, Nolan H. 39089417 720th
2nd Lt Lenhart, Francis M.   723rd
Cpl Lennex, John M. 39529076 720th
2nd Lt Lenz, George Jr. 0-2056858 720th
  Leonard, Eugene   721st
2nd Lt Leonhard, Albert T. 0-862970 722nd
Sgt Leonowicz, Joseph J. 13126960 723rd
T/Sgt Lepovich, Nicholas 32730889 723rd
1st Lt Leslie, Thomas R.   720th
Pfc Lesniak, Chester A. 36726518 721st
  Lessard, Louis W.   720th
Cpl Leszozynski, John L. 36027675 722nd
  Lett, Alva F.    
Sgt Levene, Herbert A. 12089627 721st
F/O Levenson, Robert N. T-131150 723rd
2nd Lt Levi, William A.   723rd
S/Sgt Levin, Sidney J.
32388019 723rd
1st Lt Levine, Edward 0-482414  
2nd Lt Levinson, Lawrence 0-1703118 721st
S/Sgt Levis, Leon 12180323 722nd
  Levy, Edmond A.   723rd
2nd Lt Lewandowski, Stanley 0-702060 720th
S/Sgt Lewis, Bernard J. 36785091 720th
Pfc Lewis, Eugene F. 31080945 721st
Captain Lewis, Kenneth K.   720th
Sgt Lewis, Richard B. 31239560 721st
2nd Lt Ley, Edmond A. 0-735806 720th
S/Sgt Liberio, Frank 32549582 723rd
T/Sgt Lick, Robert J. 17039164 722nd
Pfc Lidz, Daniel M. 35340090 723rd
2nd Lt Liebl, Howard C. 0-713198 722nd
1st Lt Liechty, Clinton S.   722nd
S/Sgt Lilles, Richard M. 31168533 HQ
2nd Lt Lilley, Robert W. 0-753145 721st
Pvt Limbach, Paul J. 36560937 722nd
  Lincicome, Chester R.   721st
S/Sgt Lind, Merlind O. 16155113 721st
2nd Lt Lindahl, Robert L. 0-745709 722nd
Sgt Lindbeck, George W. 37271881 723rd
S/Sgt Lindberg, David E. 39216924 720th
Sgt Lindeland, Thomas R. Jr. 19185464 721st
2nd Lt Lindquist, George L.   721st
2nd Lt Lindsay, Bruce C. 0-749649 721st
Sgt Lindsey, John L. 36480045 723rd
F/O Line, Robert A. Jr. T-134714 723rd
S/Sgt Lineicome, Chester R. 15021596 721st
Sgt Ling, Si K. 32704028 722nd
T/Sgt Linkous, Ronald G. 33447016 722nd
Sgt Linner, Harold L. 37485187 722nd
Sgt Lipnick, Albert J. 11040109 HQ
Sgt Lippman, Walter I. 12218892 722nd
Pvt Lipski, Felix C. 32913691 723rd
  Litmus, Nicholas   720th
  Littlefield, Herb    
Pfc Litwin, Seymour 12205895 721st
Lt Llewellyn, Paul M. 0-827699 721st
S/Sgt Lloyd, Eugene A. 13170475 721st
Sgt Lochte, Charles T. 32579655 720th
T/Sgt Lockwood, John A. 12172397 722nd
Sgt Loden, Quitman R. 14151165 721st
M/Sgt Logvercio, Francis A. 11027284 721st
1st Lt Lombard, Hillard J.   722nd
1st Lt Lombardi, James C. 0-690125 723rd
S/Sgt Lombardo, John A. 12053470 723rd
Sgt Lonergan, Francis P. 32501234 723rd
1st Lt Long, Donald D.   723rd
S/Sgt Long, Richard P. 33015017 720th
1st Lt Long, Robert F. 0-747666 723rd
Sgt Long, Robert S. 33127108 723rd
  Longfellow, Arthur L.    
S/Sgt Longo, Anthony V. 32587991 722nd
Pvt Longo, Carmen 32760014 721st
Sgt Longsworth, Carl J. 15329072 720th
Cpl Loomans, Robert E. 16048552 722nd
2nd Lt Loomis, Edward C. 0-737602 723rd
Sgt Loomis, Harry E. 36127969 HQ
  Loomis, Richard   HQ
F/O Looney, Temple O. T-123713 722nd
1st Lt Lopate, Leonard   722nd
T/Sgt Lopeman, Harold E. 36378165 722nd
Pfc Lopez, Bernave B. 39408816 720th
S/Sgt Lorchak, Walter 33622797 720th
Sgt Lord, Paul A. 37516403 722nd
2nd Lt Lorenz, Everett A. G.   722nd
  Loss, James   720th
Pfc Loucstic, Frank J. 36728489 722nd
Sgt Louvier, Robert U. 38341710 720th
Cpl Lovill, James W. Jr. 34776719 723rd
  Lovis, Leon   722nd
2nd Lt Lovvern, Edward H. 0-690460 721st
Sgt Lowe, Emmet   723rd
Cpl Lowe, Gerald   722nd
2nd Lt Lowen, Thomas K. 0-749650 720th
Pfc Lowery, James K. 37414953 723rd
T/Sgt Lowrance, Beuford L. 37397918 722nd
  Loyn, Russell S.    
Sgt Lozano, Federico B. 18231962 723rd
Sgt Lubin, Soloman E. 33085217 720th
Cpl Lucas, Theodore J. 32748376 720th
  Lucia, Walter H.    
Cpl Ludlow, Thomas J.   722nd
S/Sgt Ludwig, Robert E. 33356052 721st
2nd Lt Lufkin, Elwyn W. 0-795852 722nd
S/Sgt Lukowski, Anthony L. 32671277 720th
2nd Lt Lumovich, Victor 0-749167 721st
S/Sgt Luna, John P. 37181612 723rd
2nd Lt Lunardo, Frank P. 0-704027 722nd
  Lundgren, Ernest O. Jr. 0-701447  
Pvt Lundy, James A. 34770988 721st
Sgt Lunn, Morris W. 11084943 720th
S/Sgt Lunn, Raymond W. 31378740 721st
Pfc Lunsford, Herbert C. 15112251 721st
Sgt Lunt, Hollis J.   722nd
Sgt Lusby, William E. 20343939 722nd
Pvt Lusk, Paul 6656287 722nd
  Lyman, Melvin A.   722nd
T/Sgt Lynch, Frank W. 35600622 723rd
Sgt Lynch, Thomas 18154857 723rd
T/Sgt Lyon, Russell S. 31160149 722nd
S/Sgt Lyons, Clinton R.   721st
  Lyons, Connie    
Cpl Lyons, Cornelius T. 31300148 721st
S/Sgt Lyons, Francis J. 12191121 723rd
F/O Lyons, Samuel D. 723rd



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