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If you have a name to submit to the roster, or can fill in some of the missing information below
please contact us using the "Contact Us" link, in the main menu.


If the name is underlined, click on the link to find additional information about the person.





Cpl Sabrowsky, Miles P. 36476014 722nd
Pvt Sacalo, Tony   721st
S/Sgt Sacco, Edward F. 36771196 723rd
Captain Sachs, Monroe 0-796441 720th
Cpl Sackman, James E. 31308002 722nd
S/Sgt Sacks, Sol   720th
Sgt Sadecki, Mathew C. 32572084 722nd
S/Sgt Salada, Herbert A. 33237856 723rd
  Salas, Tassey R.   722nd
Cpl Salazar, Jesse M. 39044876 723rd
Pfc Salazar, Jose R. 38367824 722nd
S/Sgt Sale, Burton Jr. 39004198  
Sgt Sale, Fred A. 34772805 723rd
2nd Lt Salinger, Gordon J. 0-669792 721st
Cpl Saloka, Francis W. 33576239 721st
1st Lt Salsbury, James W. Jr. 0-736031 723rd
1st Lt Samms, Marshall N. 0-696152 720th
2nd Lt Samsa, Louis J. 0-661134 723rd
Sgt Samuels, Irving A. 39542347 723rd
2nd Lt Samuels, John R. 0-2064108 721st
1st Lt Sanchez, George E. 0-751936 723rd
S/Sgt Sanders, Bennie M. 38191243 723rd
Pfc Sanders, Floyd 36811024 723rd
S/Sgt Sanders, George B. 35303680 720th
Sgt Sanders, Martin V.   723rd
S/Sgt Sanders, William N. 14092396 720th
Sgt Sanderson, Edward L. 16119157 723rd
Cpl Sanderson, James W. 36457027 HQ
S/Sgt Sandholm, Maurice H. 37436244 721st
S/Sgt Sandruss, Wilbur C.   723rd
S/Sgt Sands, Charles D.   722nd
Sgt Sandy, Frank   720th
Sgt Sanford, John G.   720th
Pfc Sanntman, Donald D. 36198450 723rd
Sgt Santarlas, Eugene J. 33587609 722nd
F/O Santomango, Anthony T-121810 723rd
S/Sgt Santoscoy, Ernest 38214364 721st
S/Sgt Saperstein, Harold J. 12183713 722nd
Cpl Sapola, Edward V. 31334511 723rd
S/Sgt Sarko, Earl R. 36482799 721st
Pvt Saroff, Robert B. 34702114 721st
Sgt Sartori, Baptista J. Jr. 33669711 722nd
Cpl Sarubbi, Daniel 32696012 721st
Pfc Sarver, Delaney H. 38257928 720th
Sgt Sarynski, Stanley A. 32824118 721st
Cpl Satterwhite, Vernon R. 38403566 723rd
Cpl Saul, William E. 33683626 722nd
1st Lt Saurer, Roger C. 35600384 720th
Pvt Sauvegest, Higb G, 35654860 720th
Pfc Savoy, John L. 38484365 721st
2nd Lt Scanlon, Phillip H. 0-749327 723rd
Sgt Scarba, Edward J. 35520968 721st
S/Sgt Scatterfield, Leon C. 39282973 721st
  Scavetta, Rocco J.    
Sgt Scebbi, Richard F. 35532244 723rd
Sgt Scerra, Louis   722nd
2nd Lt Schaefer, Robert L.   720th
2nd Lt Schaeffer, Gerald L. 0-693411 722nd
S/Sgt Schafer, Jack 16042636 722nd
Sgt Schafer, Robert P. 37581782 723rd
Cpl Schaffer, Richard E. 13094756 721st
  Schaffer, Robert L.    
  Schaffer, Russell   723rd
2nd Lt SchaFranka, Robert V. 0-672876 722nd
S/Sgt Schanel, Donald B. 36629926 720th
Captain Schatzman, Eckley G. 0-707553 720th
Sgt Scheller, Carl F. 36296370 720th
2nd Lt Scherer, John P. 0-694803 722nd
Sgt Scherick, Sidney S. 32889419 721st
Sgt Schipman, Robert F. 14176481 722nd
Sgt Schira, Raymond J. 36420536 722nd
2nd Lt Schirmacher, Marvin L. 0-695538 722nd
S/Sgt Schlapak, John   721st
2nd Lt Schlappi, Robert A. 0-827976 722nd
Cpl Schlebel, Jean J. 17060593  
2nd Lt Schleier, Edward W. Jr. 0-691410 722nd
2nd Lt Schliesser, Phillip D.   720th
2nd Lt Schliger, Harry W.   721st
S/Sgt Schmalacker, John F. Jr. 32889069 722nd
Sgt Schmeltz, Joseph V. 17169257 720th
S/Sgt Schmidt, Carl H. 19112608 721st
Sgt Schmidt, Miles F. 33235727 722nd
Sgt Schmidt, Raymond H. 36262179 720th
2nd Lt Schmidt, William O. Jr. 0-817540 722nd
Sgt Schmit, Raymond H.   720th
1st Lt Schmitt, Robert A. 0-649706 HQ
Pfc Schmudlach, Alfred H. 36801668 723rd
  Schnelle, Leland    
S/Sgt Schoder, Thomas H.   720th
2nd Lt Schoeffler, Robert A. 0-814985 722nd
Sgt Schoenberger, Melvin H.   720th
T/Sgt Scholl, David L. 19059881 720th
S/Sgt Schooner, Jack C. 19112512 720th
Pfc Schopk, Samuel 16086234 723rd
S/Sgt Schott, Henry 38084693 721st
Sgt Schottenfeld, Herbert T. 32870135 723rd
S/Sgt Schraan, Arnet G. 37317768 723rd
Pfc Schuessler, William G. 33565665 721st
1st Lt Schuette, Frederick M. 0-824920 723rd
  Schull, Ernest R.   722nd
  Schultz, Carrol M.   720th
Sgt Schultz, Lester L. 36281386 720th
T/Sgt Schultz, Paul G. 17127985 723rd
Sgt Schultz, Wilburn C. 36442705  
1st Lt Schulz, Carrol M.   723rd
2nd Lt Schunk, Theodore W. 0-747626 721st
  Schussler, Charles J. Sr.   722nd
2nd Lt Schuster, Leo J. 0-690830 723rd
2nd Lt Schutt, Arnold W.   721st
1st Lt Schwab, Charles L. Jr. 0-830979 720th
Sgt Schwab, Edward T.   720th
S/Sgt Schwalier, Nicholas G.   721st
Sgt Schwartz, Harold 37545134 722nd
Sgt Schwartz, Milton 32983039 720th
Cpl Schwartzman, Jerome 12084684 722nd
T/Sgt Schwed, Fred C. Jr.   721st
Sgt Schweighardt, Norbert J.   722nd
1st Lt Schweitzer, Dean C.   723rd
Sgt Schweitzer, Herman A. 33613190 720th
Sgt Sciarrotta, Nicholas J. 12034577 721st
2nd Lt Scocos, John G. 0-685034 723rd
  Scott, Aylesworth   720th
S/Sgt Scott, Harry W. 32290766 720th
2nd Lt Scott, John J. Jr. 0-685037 721st
2nd Lt Scott, Leonard B. 0-684904 721st
  Scott, T. L.    
2nd Lt Scott, Thomas A. 0-449997 721st
S/Sgt Scott, Walter R.   720th
S/Sgt Scudder, Ralph C. Jr. 32716402 723rd
  Sczalo, Tony   721st
2nd Lt Seabury, Thomas S. 0-796891  
Sgt Searle, Albert V. Jr. 19164395 721st
  Searles, Homer    
Pfc Sears, Marion C. 38445295 723rd
Cpl Seaver, Albert E. 31368013 722nd
Sgt Seawell, Harry l. 34658521 720th
2nd Lt Sebastian, Walter J. 0-691298 722nd
Pvt Secalo, Tony 19013712 721st
T/Sgt Secatore, Louis A.   722nd
Sgt Secaur, Gerald A. 25611239 723rd
T/Sgt Sedar, Adam   723rd
Sgt Seed, Raymond L. 33901744 723rd
2nd Lt Seeman, Richard D. 0-824924 723rd
S/Sgt Segesta, Rocco L. 33821740 723rd
Sgt Seich, Robert B. 13144889 721st
S/Sgt Seider, Lawrence M. 17129210 722nd
2nd Lt Seidler, James E. 0-684200 721st
  Seigel, Louis    
2nd Lt Seigel, Sheldon J. 0-863122  
  Seiple, Robert    
Sgt Seippel, William H. 33436949 722nd
  Seivers, R. C.   723rd
T/Sgt Selby, Bruce A. 39536929 720th
Captain Selleck, Howard L.   720th
Sgt Sellers, Richard B. 15200810 723rd
S/Sgt Seltman, Seymore N.   720th
  Selwyn, Palmer    
S/Sgt Semans, Edward S. 13137202 721st
S/Sgt Seminisk, Harvey   720th
2nd Lt Senio, Walter P. 0-682727 723rd
S/Sgt Septer, James C. 15062142 722nd
1st Lt Setzer, Lewis F. 0-699574 720th
Cpl Sevra, Charles E. 35547685 HQ
T/Sgt Sforza, John A. 12220310 720th
2nd Lt Shackleford, Lewis F. 0-818953 720th
S/Sgt Shadel, Donald F. 33826577 721st
T/Sgt Shafer, Charles A. 15054188 721st
Sgt Shaffer, John L.   722nd
Cpl Shaffer, Richard E. 13094756 721st
Cpl Shah, Leonard 36295128 720th
S/Sgt Shahood, Thomas W. 31360795 720th
Cpl Shaim, Sol 18140543 722nd
2nd Lt Shain, Layman E. 0-737657 722nd
Cpl Shain, Sol 34768677 722nd
1st Lt Shamblin, Robert H. 0-813595 720th
S/Sgt Shanahan, Edward J. 17147345 720th
2nd Lt Shane, Morris 0-856628 722nd
Pfc Shank, O’Brien 33201766 722nd
2nd Lt Shanken, Courtney D. 0-809738 722nd
2nd Lt Shanken, Earl 0-809739 722nd
Sgt Shanks, Oscar E. Jr. 34738264 721st
1st Lt Shannon, William   722nd
2nd Lt Sharff, Walter J. 0-527608 722nd
Pvt Sharkey, Herbewrt R. 12182582 720th
2nd Lt Sharrets, Amos B. 0-667575  
S/Sgt Shatzer, George E. 38444106 722nd
S/Sgt Shaw, James E. 13119439 723rd
S/Sgt Shaw, Lamond C. 37356498 720th
S/Sgt Shaw, Leonard 38298128 720th
Sgt Shaw, Samuel L. 35789749 720th
S/Sgt Shea, William E.   720th
Sgt Sheber, Phillip 36342923 722nd
2nd Lt Shebest, Joseph E. 0-815979 722nd
S/Sgt Sheehan, James G.   723rd
Cpl Sheets, Bernard C. 33632958 721st
2nd Lt Shellick, Joseph 0-822972 723rd
S/Sgt Shelton, James R. 38626229 720th
S/Sgt Shelton, Willard F. 18124308 720th
S/Sgt Shergold, William W. Jr. 12005895 721st
2nd Lt Sherrill, Franklin A. 0-809743 720th
1st Lt Sherrill, Fred M. 0-716773 723rd
S/Sgt Sherwin, Raymond H.   720th
Cpl Shewbert, Otis M. 18189241 722nd
S/Sgt Shields, John E. 13114181 721st
Cpl Shields, Lester B. 35405540 722nd
T/Sgt Shipley, Luther G. 34730429 721st
S/Sgt Shirley, James G. 39399946 722nd
S/Sgt Shlapak, John 13190965 720th
Sgt Shoaf, Carey Jr.    
2nd Lt Shoaf, John W. 0-694615 723rd
Sgt Shows, William D. 38390775 723rd
Sgt Shrum, Wymond D. 17086749 722nd
2nd Lt Shull, Ernest R. 0-708137 722nd
  Shultz, Lester L.    
2nd Lt Shultz, Ralph D. 0-690494 723rd
1st Lt Shuman, Jack J.   720th
T/Sgt Shuman, William H. 33241685 722nd
Sgt Shute, Thomas H. 34427353 722nd
2nd Lt Sibbick, William A.   722nd
S/Sgt Sica, Anthony J. 32496377 723rd
Sgt Sidney, Elmer W. 32972528 723rd
1st Lt Siegal, Zola   722nd
2nd Lt Siegel, Louis 0-752781 722nd
2nd Lt Siegert, Chester V. 0-2064112 721st
Sgt Siemer, Otto F. Jr. 34792096 721st
  Siffin, Donald E. Dr.    
Sgt Sigl, Ronald E. 32547625 722nd
S/Sgt Signs, William J. 35347128 720th
Sgt Sigwald, Gerald C. Jr. 14125706 722nd
S/Sgt Siler, Paul J.   720th
  Silestio, Lawrence    
S/Sgt Silver, Abe I. 13080720 723rd
T/Sgt Silverman, Martin R. 37287967 HQ
S/Sgt Silverstein Murray   722nd
2nd Lt Simler, Herman J. 0-810236 721st
T/Sgt Simmons, Carl W.   721st
Sgt Simmons, Edwin A. 38388386 723rd
Cpl Simmons, Howard M. 32855539 722nd
2nd Lt Simmons, Neil E. 0-748108 722nd
Pfc Simmons, William S. 14130113 722nd
2nd Lt Simon, Paul C.   722nd
Captain Simpson, Joseph W. 0-699575 720th
Cpl Sinclair, Charles W. Jr. 16189198 723rd
Sgt Sinclair, Raymond R. 37604919 723rd
2nd Lt Sinclair, William D.   721st
Sgt Singer, John E. 32671732 721st
2nd Lt Sinila, Alexander 0-691001 723rd
S/Sgt Sinski, Edward E. 32468326 721st
2nd Lt Sipser, Morris 0-700777 720th
Cpl Sischo, Grover H.   720th
2nd Lt Sisserson, William W. Jr. 0-684787 722nd
S/Sgt Sisting, Robert O. 39395947 721st
  Sites, Jack M.    
Sgt Six, James D. 33324153 723rd
Cpl Skarman, Karl A. 32878780 721st
  Skau, William H. 0-685041  
M/Sgt Skinner, Frederick W. 31128074 720th
2nd Lt Skuby, Vladimir W.   720th
Sgt Skylieca, Walter J. 32475525 720th
2nd Lt Slambrouck, James R. Van 0-2066061 720th
Cpl Slingland, Charles R. 20222934 722nd
S/Sgt Slinkerd, Albert 39259671 722nd
S/Sgt Sliva, Benedict J. 38418433 720th
2nd Lt Sloggett, Willard   720th
T/Sgt Small, Harmon L. 18037795 721st
Sgt Smallwood, Fred L. 13035468 723rd
  Smeltzer, Harold   723rd
Cpl Smethers, Claude B. 38429242 723rd
1st Lt Smick, Bryant L. 0-740966 723rd
F/O Smirnoff, Irving T-129881 721st
Sgt Smitehurst, Alvin W. 34406565 721st
2nd Lt Smith, Allen J.   722nd
2nd Lt Smith, Alvah G. 0-768848 723rd
S/Sgt Smith, Arlington B. 39325900 722nd
2nd Lt Smith, Arthur L. 0-814999 722nd
2nd Lt Smith, Carl L. 0-689384 722nd
2nd Lt Smith, Charles D. 0-2060121 721st
S/Sgt Smith, Charles E. 17069411 722nd
2nd Lt Smith, Charles L.   721st
Sgt Smith, Clair C. 33573737 722nd
1st Lt Smith, Clarence R.   722nd
1st Lt Smith, Clarence W. 0-670178 723rd
Sgt Smith, Clifford L. 35403946 722nd
2nd Lt Smith, Dalton W. 0-663192 720th
Sgt Smith, David J. 33615483 721st
Sgt Smith, Donald L. 31254450 723rd
1st Lt Smith, Easley S.   723rd
Cpl Smith, Edward F. 32563405 723rd
S/Sgt Smith Edward W. 12123636 720th
T/Sgt Smith, Everett M. Jr.   722nd
S/Sgt Smith, Francis E. 35691577 720th
Sgt Smith, Francis H. 14084055 720th
  Smith, Francis N.   720th
2nd Lt Smith, George C. 0-2056301 721st
Pfc Smith, Gerald G. 32746120 721st
Pvt Smith, Gilmer 35430793 722nd
T/Sgt Smith, Gordon E. 6547779 721st
2nd Lt Smith, Homer W. 0-755455 720th
Sgt Smith, Jack E. 35471447 720th
T/Sgt Smith, James E. 32983583 720th
Pvt Smith, James J. 16137759 720th
Cpl Smith, James O. 39125211 723rd
F/O Smith, Joe M. T-1024 720th
Sgt Smith, John R. 35600504 721st
  Smith, John S.   721st
2nd Lt Smith, Lawrence J. 0-809749 720th
Sgt Smith, Lewis E. 14177320 721st
S/Sgt Smith, Lloyd T. 12136743 720th
S/Sgt Smith, Malcolm R. 38458653 723rd
2nd Lt Smith, Orrin R. 0-703117 721st
Sgt Smith, Orval A. 37545075 723rd
Cpl Smith, Perry M. 11119539 721st
Sgt Smith, Philip A. 31316895 720th
  Smith, Raymond   723rd
Sgt Smith, Robert F. 16169852 721st
Pvt Smith, Roscoe G. 34771420 721st
S/Sgt Smith, Roy R.   723rd
Cpl Smith, Samuel   722nd
Cpl Smith, Tom K. 31417169 721st
Sgt Smith, Warren G. 39685039 722nd
Cpl Smith, Warren J. 36462614 720th
Captain Smith, William B.
0-484325 723rd
T/Sgt Smith, William G. 39685098 722nd
2nd Lt Smith, William R. 0-816608 722nd
Captain Smith, William S. 0-433742 723rd
Pvt Smith, William T. 38391754 720th
Lt Col Snaith, William G. 0-399635 721st
Sgt Snitehurst, Alvah W. 34406563 721st
S/Sgt Snodgrass, Thomas. K.   721st
S/Sgt Snyder, Kenneth M. 35595625 720th
Sgt Snyder, Luther G.   720th
Sgt Snyder, Robert L. 33496094 721st
S/Sgt Snyder, Ted O. 18194726 723rd
Cpl Sobalo, Joseph C. 31302282 722nd
Pfc Socha, Edward 31313761 720th
Cpl Sociss, Antonio 38415006 720th
S/Sgt Soehner, John K. P. 42072252 721st
T/Sgt Solesbee, Howit B. 38022337 720th
Pfc Somich, Alec 32855764 723rd
Sgt Sopak, Erwin L. 16125828 723rd
2nd Lt Sorensen, Ronald G. 0-694812 721st
S/Sgt Sorenson, Raymond L. E. 37678153 720th
2nd Lt Sorensen, Theodore W. 0-758092 723rd
1st Lt Sosman, Sidney 0-801155 722nd
S/Sgt Sowers, Charles G.   722nd
2nd Lt Sparks, William C.   722nd
S/Sgt Speaker, John R. 36821929 722nd
Sgt Speakes, Marcus A.   723rd
T/Sgt Spector, Morris 12183223 722nd
Pfc Speers, Billy M. 15382271 721st
S/Sgt Spees, Walter E. 6915952 723rd
Sgt Spence, Jason L. 37520003 720th
S/Sgt Spencer, Donald R. 31312733 721st
S/Sgt Spencer, Herbert R. Jr. 12181351 723rd
Sgt Spendlove, Durward 39679016 720th
S/Sgt Spera, William M. 15076556 720th
T/Sgt Spiegel, Norman 32981429 720th
S/Sgt Spieles, Robert L. 36873957 720th
Captain Spitz, Henry 0-579325 721st
S/Sgt Spitz, Jack G. 14085504 723rd
S/Sgt Spoeneman, Howard L. 37458969 721st
Cpl Spotgoogle, George L. 36156789 723rd
2nd Lt Spotts, William E. 0-682732 721st
Sgt Spragins, Charles L. 14156628 721st
F/O Spriggs, James R. T-128586 722nd
S/Sgt Springer, Louis D. 18217707 722nd
Sgt Springfellow, Alfred E. 17032440 721st
2nd Lt Sprott, Samuel R. Jr. 0-754855 720th
T/Sgt Spuda, George W.   723rd
Sgt Spychalski, Paul W. 42020318 721st
S/Sgt Spyer, Sidney Jr. 42102389 723rd
2nd Lt Squires, James D. 0-816669 723rd
S/Sgt Squires, John O. 32384089 723rd
Cpl Srebacic, Rudolph M.   722nd
Cpl Sromovski, Frank P. 13194945 723rd
S/Sgt Staatsburg, Edward L. Jr.   HQ
Sgt Stahlhoefer, Harry W. 39693391 721st
F/O Stanley, George A. Jr. T-121903 721st
Captain Stanley, Theodore A. 0-433599 723rd
S/Sgt Stansell, James D. 38429125 722nd
Sgt Staples, Seth P. 13178569 720th
Cpl Stark, Theodore R. 37181038 HQ
Cpl Starkey, King Jr. 39690695 722nd
S/Sgt Starkovich, John 38168649 720th
Cpl Starks, Paul B. 35498151 722nd
Sgt Starks, Ralph J.   723rd
2nd Lt Starr, Frank J. 0-719169 722nd
2nd Lt Staub, Fred L. 0-690870 720th
  Staveley, Arthur J.   723rd
2nd Lt Stearns, Bruce H.   723rd
1st Lt Stebbing, Harry T. Jr. 0-804419 720th
S/Sgt Steensgard, Raymond A.   721st
2nd lt Stefan, George M.   722nd
Cpl Stefano, Rocco L.   720th
Pvt Stefanson, Norman I. 37552280 720th
Cpl Steger, Joseph F. 16144285 721st
Cpl Stein, Kenneth L. 37668259 721st
Sgt Stein, Samuel 11091770 721st
S/Sgt Steinberg, Abraham   723rd
Sgt Steinbruegge, Bernard P. 35628058 722nd
S/Sgt Steinecke, William Jr. 11085663 720th
Sgt Steiner, Hilbert W. 39556854 723rd
F/O Steinert, John D. T-130460  
2nd Lt Steingrob, Herman 0-752630  
  Steinhart, Jack   723rd
Sgt Steinkerchner, Joseph E. 12169681 723rd
Sgt Stelck, Virgil L. 57661256 721st
2nd Lt Stelte, William H.   723rd
S/Sgt Stenvik, Henry A. 19060060 723rd
Cpl Stepan, Raymond 37352828 720th
1st Lt Stepanek, Walter   722nd
2nd Lt Stephens, Eugene L. 0-794069 722nd
1st Lt Stephens, George J. 0-706259 721st
Cpl Stephenson, Carrol A.   720th
S/Sgt Stephenson, Miles H. 17113415 723rd
Sgt Sternberg, John M. 11101859 720th
2nd Lt Stevens, Bernard H.   720th
  Stevens, Kenneth R.   722nd
Captain Stevens, Paul M. 0-508880 Chaplain
S/Sgt Stevenson, Ralph S. 15320018 721st
Captain Steward, Chadburn 0-417721 722nd
Pfc Stewart, Bohnson H. 34670118 720th
Sgt Stewart, Charles K. 35696253 721st
S/Sgt Stewart, Harry 13145483 723rd
Sgt Stewart, Jerome E. 37669127 723rd
S/Sgt Stewart, Merrill G. 19074496 723rd
S/Sgt Stewart, Stanley A. 11138300 720th
2nd Lt Stiede, Charles 0-2057449 723rd
Sgt Stiers, James P.   722nd
1st Lt Stinchfield, Charles H.   722nd
1st Lt Stine, Glen P.   722nd
T/Sgt Stock, Benjamin A. 32378224 721st
Sgt Stock, Marvin E.   723rd
Sgt Stockdale, Leslie H. 37230200 723rd
Sgt Stockdill, Robert J. 33707425 720th
2nd Lt Stockel, Irwin H. 0-718450 722nd
2nd Lt Stocker, Carl E. 0-705841 723rd
1st Lt Stockton, John B.   722nd
2nd Lt Stoeber, Leo O. 0-581250 721st
  Stolzer, Cliff    
Sgt Stonage, Richard S.   722nd
S/Sgt Stone, Alvah F.   723rd
1st Lt Stone, Ivan E. 0-825320 722nd
Sgt Stoner, Paul S. 33506398 722nd
Sgt Stork, Paul E. 35347277 723rd
S/Sgt Stose, William F. Jr. 35553573 721st
Sgt Stout, Juan B. 37497904 721st
1st Lt Stowe, Murray G. 0-770832 723rd
Pfc Stowers, Glenn M. 35655744 722nd
S/Sgt Stoy, Harry M. Jr. 18081439 720th
F/O Strachan, Robert G. T-129886 720th
1st Lt Stragnac, Thomas J.   721st
S/Sgt Stramozzi, Joseph L. 32692434 723rd
Cpl Stranahan, John J. 35528617 720th
Sgt Strange, Charles O. 37429570 721st
2nd Lt Strange, John W. 0-751972 721st
Sgt Strange, Rodney 12056350 721st
S/Sgt Strappelli, Ralph G.   723rd
2nd Lt Strathie, Arthur R. 0-749626 722nd
1st Lt Stratton, Harold F. 0-819204 720th
2nd Lt Strauss, Edward C. 0-824985 720th
S/Sgt Strautman, Raymond H. 16034427 720th
1st Lt Street, Samuel F.   723rd
T/Sgt Stretch, Vincent P. 37132869 720th
2nd Lt Strickland, Cecil L. 0-719793 721st
Pfc Strickland, Charles W. 34288841 723rd
S/Sgt Strickland, James E. 14182389 720th
Pfc Strickler, William Jr. 190163710 721st
1st Lt Stricklin, Robert B. 0-689555 721st
S/Sgt Stricklin, William H. 34426662 721st
S/Sgt Stripling, Glenn R.   721st
1st Lt Stripp, James C. 0-749352 722nd
Pfc Stroder, Henry 38267957 720th
2nd Lt Strong, George C. Jr. 0-809757 723rd
Sgt Strong, Rightly B. 33655921 720th
  Stuart, Chadbourne   722nd
S/Sgt Stuart, Harry B. 37375753 723rd
M/Sgt Stuart, Philip B. 6650480 723rd
Sgt Stults, Harold E. 16087657 720th
  Stultz, James    
Cpl Stutes, Lloyd 38266431 721st
Cpl Stuteville, James E.   722nd
  Suey, Paul V.    
Cpl Sulasalmi, Fino H. 36451119 722nd
T/Sgt Sullen, Clyde W. 34057502 722nd
T/Sgt Sullivan, Edward J. 31081590 722nd
Sgt Sullivan, George H. 38818303 721st
T/Sgt Sullivan, Irby N. 34264680 723rd
S/Sgt Sullivan, John E. 11063998 723rd
Cpl Sullivan, Peter F. 31262856 722nd
  Sullivan, Thomas C.    
2nd Lt Sullivan, Wayne H.. 0-759320 722nd
2nd Lt Summers, Claude W. 0-823770 721st
2nd Lt Summers, Fabian M. 0-719234 723rd
1st Lt Summers, James C. 0-743214 722nd
Sgt Summers, Willard M. 15082585 722nd
2nd Lt Sumpter, William B. 0-695386 723rd
Cpl Supernaw, Charles W. 32664326 HQ
S/Sgt Surovik, Walter M.   720th
Pfc Susebach, Richard F. 36741192 723rd
Pfc Sutherland, Cleo L. 3364708 720th
Pfc Sutton, Bernard J. 36562564 720th
S/Sgt Suverkrup, Jack M. 16076909 720th
Sgt Swank, Donald 35585656 722nd
S/Sgt Swann, Damon J.   720th
1st Lt Swartz, Arthur H.   723rd
Sgt Swartz, Myer 11091247 723rd
Pfc Swayze, Wiliam R. 42023249 723rd
T/Sgt Swearingen, Paul 16146307 720th
Cpl Sweet, Melvin G. 36481677 721st
  Swieca, Walter J.   720th
S/Sgt Swift, Orin D. 19203126 723rd
1st Lt Swindell, Haywood C. 0-831015 720th
1st Lt Swinehart, Charles M. 0-686509 720th
Sgt Sydenstricker, Melvin 39168063 723rd
  Sydney, Abbott    
Sgt Sykes, Frank 14158842 723rd
Sgt Sykes, Robert J. 13152106 723rd
Sgt Sypolt, Robert S.   723rd
T/Sgt Syverson, Ralph O. 17038319 720th
Sgt Szczesny, Raymond J. 13152379 723rd
Sgt Szymanski, Edward E. Jr. 35552385 722nd



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