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please contact us using the "Contact Us" link, in the main menu.


If the name is underlined, click on the link to find additional information about the person.





Pvt Cabrera, Lusio P. 39413439 HQ
2nd Lt Cadis, Clifford H. 0-713699 721st
S/Sgt Cain, Burdette L. 17089950 720th
Cpl Cain, Cletes A. Jr. 38427768 720th
S/Sgt Cain, Richard J. 12185620 722nd
2nd Lt Cain, Robert W. 0-859914 721st
2nd Lt Caldwell, Calvin H.   723rd
1st Lt Caldwell, Clarence B. 0-663479 722nd
2nd Lt Caldwell, John B. 0-838060 721st
Pfc Callahan, Andrew J. 37609782 722nd
Sgt Camara, Joseph A. 11116386 723rd
T/Sgt Cameron, Hugh E. 19028819 721st
2nd Lt Cameron, Leighton G.   723rd
1st Lt Campa, Arthur L. 0-577066 HQ
Cpl Campbell, Alexander J.   723rd
1st Lt Campbell, Donald D.   720th
Cpl Campbell, Earle F. 12139275 723rd
2nd Lt Campbell, Francis B. Jr. 0-822926 721st
T/Sgt Campbell, Frank S. 15107852 723rd
  Campbell, Jack    
Cpl Campbell, James L. 14163447 720th
S/Sgt Campbell, John E. 11037627 HQ
2nd Lt Campbell, John L. 0-699507 723rd
Pfc Campbell, Leonard E. 17166274 720th
Pfc Campbell, William H. 36566105 722nd
Sgt Campbell, William R. 19175328 723rd
S/Sgt Campbell, William R. Jr 19185826 723rd
Cpl Canada, William W.   722nd
Sgt Canary, Arthur D. 32293422 720th
Cpl Cangiano, James L. 32734992 720th
S/Sgt Cannon, Walter O. 34576601 720th
2nd Lt Cannon, William P. 0-747736 721st
2nd Lt Cantrell, Dillard R. 0-706694 720th
1st Lt Cantrell, Paul B. 0-795355 720th
Pfc Caplicki, Donald A. 12170802 720th
Sgt Caramanico, Domenic N. 33592605 723rd
Sgt Carder, James 37473377 721st
  Cardin, Philip G.    
Cpl Cardinalli, Carl V. 39119196 722nd
S/Sgt Carey, Charles H. 17834365 721st
Sgt Carey James P. 13151919 723rd
Cpl Carey, Michael F. 35915562 723rd
F/O Carlson, Edward E. T-1546 720th
S/Sgt Carlson, Paul S. 37124180 HQ
2nd Lt Carlson, Sidney E. 0-703025 720th
2nd Lt Carlson, Victor W. 0-2001886  
S/Sgt Carlsrud, Floyd R.   721st
Sgt Carlton, Virgil R.   722nd
S/Sgt Carmichael, James T. 34705946 722nd
Sgt Carney, Eugene J. 12084348 723rd
Sgt Caroll, Edgar 31247314 723rd
M/Sgt Caron, Fred J. 6565144 720th
2nd Lt Carpenter, Robert M. 0-825108 722nd
Sgt Carpenter, Roger G. 32570247 723rd
Pfc Carr, Harry H. 12171424 720th
1st Lt Carr, Rolland R. 0-734425 720th
Sgt Carroll, Edgar 31247314 723rd
Cpl Carroll, John M. 36740247 720th
Sgt Carroll, Oklahoma V. 38395855 721st
  Carron, Stuart   722nd
S/Sgt Carry, Robert J.   723rd
M/Sgt Carson, Earl S. 34513533 721st
  Carter, Aden    
Sgt Carter, Claudius A. Jr. 38045121 721st
Sgt Carter, Donald B. 35440437 721st
S/Sgt Carter, Edward J.   723rd
S/Sgt Carter, Eldon W.   722nd
Cpl Carter, Rankin B. 38458788 720th
2nd Lt Carter, Richard D.   723rd
Cpl Cartwright, Redick 37266059 722nd
2nd Lt Carvin, William 0-759354 723rd
S/Sgt Case, Richard L. 13176432 722nd
Captain Caselli, George J. 0-2043720 723rd
T/Sgt Caserta, Mario A. 31332456 722nd
  Casey, Robert    
Sgt Cass, Richard L. 13176438 722nd
S/Sgt Cassall, Elmo L. 14102823 722nd
2nd Lt Casselli, John D.   723rd
  Cassidy, B.   721st
Cpl Cassidy, James M. 13124100 721st
Pvt Cassidy, William L. 17071948 722nd
Sgt Casson, Robert A. 32805271 723rd
S/Sgt Castro, Julio 39842549 720th
  Caudill, Robert   722nd
S/Sgt Caudill, Roy 35537297 720th
Cpl Cavinean, James T. 34425806 722nd
Cpl Caviness, James T. 34425906 722nd
Pfc Caywood, David R. 15080634 723rd
Major Caywood, Grant D.   720th
Pfc Cedano, Marquis 79039722 720th
M/Sgt Centers, Dillard D. 19055655 720th
S/Sgt Cerbin, William   722nd
  Ceserta, Mario A.   722nd
Sgt Cettina, Frank N. 12158075 720th
  Chabb, Ralph W.   722nd
Cpl Chadak, Robert A. 36812961 721st
F/O Chadima, Jack P. T-131489  
S/Sgt Chadwell, Cyril J. 34189291 723rd
  Chaffin, William M.   721st
Sgt Chain, Clenton J. L. 34155718 721st
Sgt Chambers, David R. 36814073 722nd
S/Sgt Chambers, Kenneth M. 39200893 720th
S/Sgt Champagne, Alcide J. 31211173 722nd
2nd Lt Chance, Jerome 0-679050 721st
T/Sgt Chaplin, Daniel G. 11089458 721st
Sgt Chapman, Frederick W. 36560854 720th
Sgt Chapman, Harold R. Jr. 12121104 720th
S/Sgt Charron, John A. 37588862 720th
Sgt Chartier, Alfred A.   720th
Cpl Chase, James A. 38576266 722nd
2nd Lt Chatham, William L. 0-699543 720th
S/Sgt Cheek, Harlie   721st
2nd Lt Cheesman, Robert E. 0-695037 722nd
  Chelar, Edward P   721st
1st Sgt Cherry, Joseph B., Jr. 33264294 721st
Sgt Cherry, Merdy E.   720th
M/Sgt Chester, Herbert Jr. 17028076 722nd
F/O Chestnutt, Joseph D. T-122818 721st
2nd Lt Chetwood, Park G. 0-703699 723rd
1st Lt Chiama, Bernard A. Jr. 0-698827 721st
S/Sgt Chiavuzzi, Rinaldo 11138707 720th
  Chibers, Thomas P.    
S/Sgt Childers, Elvin W.   723rd
  Chittero, Frank S.   720th
1st Lt Chivers, Tom   723rd
Sgt Chizinski, Stanley H. 31325907 721st
Sgt Chmelar, Edward P.   721st
Pfc Chomer, Edward J. Jr. 35548430 720th
2nd Lt Chrestia, August A. 0-690135 722nd
2nd Lt Christian, William J. 0-702901 722nd
Cpl Christner, Lozelle F. 36481282 721st
Sgt Christopher, Clifford 37520372 720th
Sgt Christopherson, John R. 38471151 721st
1st Lt Chronister, Borden S. 0-571260 HQ
2nd Lt Chubb, Ralph W. 0-824323 722nd
Sgt Chupp, Doyle M. 14082047 720th
Sgt Chupp, Doyle W. 16082047 720th
Sgt Church, William P. Jr. 33388233 721st
T/Sgt Ciborski, John 6416611 720th
S/Sgt Cich, Everett R. 16056874 721st
Sgt Cilestio, Lawrence 33788845 723rd
Sgt Ciliotta, Aldo J. 32573448 721st
2nd Lt Cilli, Nicholas C. 0-742681 720th
Sgt Cinkowski, Albert J. 35347809 722nd
Cpl Ciranne, Thomas P. 12188793 721st
Sgt Cirillo, Alexander C. 32253133 720th
Sgt Cisco, Louis H. 38342576 723rd
2nd Lt Cisternino, John R. 0-864644 721st
S/Sgt Clampitt, O.C. 34923885 720th
2nd Lt Clancy, William A.   720th
S/Sgt Clapprood, Edward L. 31149526 720th
S/Sgt Clark, Aubrey A. 38273651 720th
Cpl Clark, Boyd H. 16086969 722nd
2nd Lt Clark, Charles R. 0-803774 721st
2nd Lt Clark, Charles W. 0-690052 723rd
S/Sgt Clark, Daniel H.   720th
Major Clark, Doyle J. 0-350786 721st
2nd Lt Clark, Frank E.   723rd
M/Sgt Clark, James B. 8594517 722nd
2nd Lt Clark, James W. 0-702236 720th
S/Sgt Clark, John G. 32488177 721st
T/Sgt Clark, Julian C. 7005862 720th
T/Sgt Clark, Morris B. 35134233 722nd
1st Lt Clark, Warren J. 0-835151 721st
  Clark, William R.    
Sgt Clarke, Joseph H. 39826582 721st
Captain Clarke, William A. 0-793069 721st
Sgt Clary, Robert B. 18188797 721st
S/Sgt Clatterbuck, Drexel W. 35591399 723rd
Sgt Claus, Louis A. 36768870 720th
1st Lt Clauser, Leonard M. 0-820721 722nd
S/Sgt Claverie, Leon M. 39035056 723rd
Pfc Claxton, Evan A. 34725796 722nd
F/O Clay, Robert J. T-121906 723rd
Cpl Clemente, Joseph 32881043 720th
S/Sgt Cline, Floyd W. 17069117 723rd
Sgt Clive, Walter   720th
S/Sgt Clune, Carmel R. 14121883 723rd
2nd Lt Coates, Charles L. 0-688312 723rd
Sgt Cobbledick, Harry D. 19075708 723rd
1st Lt Cobena, Lynn W.   720th
Sgt Cobia, Carl L. 34801864 722nd
  Cobleigh, Hank C. Jr.   720th
Cpl Cochrane, Ray D. 33036856 723rd
1st Lt Cody, Enoch S. 0-663239 720th
2nd Lt Coen, Francis J. 0-713130 720th
  Coffelt, Raymond    
Sgt Coffey, Melvin J.   721st
Sgt Cogan, William C.   723rd
  Cohen, Francis H.   721st
Cpl Cohen, Irving 32747283 720th
  Cohen, James    
S/Sgt Cohen, Lawrence A. 16154078 721st
Cpl Cohen, Meyer 19180857 721st
Sgt Cohen, Reuben 31304736 720th
Sgt Coil, Vernon L. 38401089 722nd
Cpl Cole, Ernest R. 38244602 723rd
Sgt Cole, Eugene T. 15066337 720th
  Cole, Oliver G.   723rd
S/Sgt Cole, Ralph B. 32669860 722nd
S/Sgt Cole, Raymond W. 38405696 720th
Sgt Cole, Robert E. 13059183 720th
S/Sgt Coleman, Tony B.   720th
2nd Lt Colfer, John T. 0-717386 723rd
Captain Colley, Gordon T. 0-412039 721st
Sgt Colley, Louis E. 18156282 723rd
T/Sgt Collinge, Charles H. Sr.   720th
S/Sgt Collinge, Frank R. 32626578 721st
Sgt Collins, Bennett H. 38370093 720th
S/Sgt Collins, Charlie H. 35298660 723rd
T/Sgt Collins, Fredrick H. Jr. 31279944 722nd
2nd Lt Collins, Joseph G. 0-709294 723rd
  Collins, Robert F.   722nd
Cpl Collins, Vernon J. 36672870 723rd
T/Sgt Collins, William H. 36443527 720th
Pfc Collinson, Robert J. 36444460 720th
T/Sgt Colombo, Alfred H. 12162764 720th
S/Sgt Colwell, Rex L. 18077977  
Sgt Comas, Gus 36165732 721st
Cpl Comeau, George N. 31286665 HQ
Cpl. Comeril, Eugene R. 32632799 720th
Sgt Commer, John F. 13113520 722nd
2nd Lt Compson, Kenneth F. 0-2001627 723rd
S/Sgt Compton, Eugene M. 35418209 720th
Cpl Conaway, Elberon T. Sr. 42083273 722nd
Sgt Condeelis, George T. 33603266 720th
S/Sgt Conkle, Richard L. 33541885 721st
1st Lt Conklin, William D. 0-684845 723rd
Cpl Conkling, Alvin R. 17164237 720th
S/Sgt Conlon, Paul C   722nd
Cpl Connell, Joseph W.   723rd
S/Sgt Connelly, Albert J. 15086644 723rd
2nd Lt Connelly, Byron E. Jr. 0-722424 723rd
T/Sgt Conner, James N. 34685937 721st
F/O Conner, Joseph E. T-128706 720th
T/Sgt Connor, John P. 13613520 722nd
S/Sgt Conners, Leonard T. 31248530 723rd
2nd Lt Connors, Ernest D. 0-752283 720th
2nd Lt Conradis, William A. 0-688314 723rd
1st Lt Considine, Thomas P.   722nd
  Cook, Charles W.    
Sgt Cook, Clarence L. 32714416 722nd
2nd Lt Cook, Fred F. Jr.   722nd
T/Sgt Cook, George C.   722nd
2nd Lt Cook, Harold E. Jr. 0-759795 722nd
Sgt Cook, John J. 13094474 723rd
Sgt Cook, Merle E. 37472868 722nd
T/Sgt Cook, Raymond L. 34269908 723rd
2nd Lt Cook, Robert R. 0-698870 720th
Cpl Cook, William 33196469 723rd
Sgt Cook, William A. 36237351 722nd
Cpl Cook, William E. 32678051 721st
2nd Lt Cooke, Harold L. 0-681523 722nd
2nd Lt Cooke, Sherwood L.   720th
Cpl Cooksey, Thomas N.   723rd
Cpl Coons, Earl W. 32856146 722nd
T/Sgt Cooper, Edgar 32554059 720th
2nd Lt Cooper, William H. 0-745304 720th
1st Lt Cope, Mart L. Jr. 0-702242 720th
2nd Lt Coquillette, Leon   723rd
Sgt Coree, Joseph T. 18199709 723rd
Sgt Corn, John L. 14137710 720th
  Cornatzer, Robert A. Jr..   723rd
2nd Lt Cornelius, Willard M. 0-700799 722nd
S/Sgt Cornell, Lawrence V. 33886435 720th
Sgt Corno, Frank J. 39323746 722nd
T/Sgt Corporon, Duane P.   722nd
1st Lt Correia, William P. 0-1553975 720th
Sgt Correll, Stanley J. 16102743 720th
T/Sgt Corsentino, Sam C. 17092055 723rd
Cpl Corson, Leroy J. 31310268 723rd
Sgt Coryell, Jack 36505263 720th
Sgt Cosenza, James   722nd
S/Sgt Cosgrove, Richard M. 19055215 722nd
S/Sgt Costabile, Henry J. 13167812 723rd
2nd Lt Costello, Joseph 0-703029 723rd
Cpl Cottle, William A. 39906041 720th
2nd Lt Cotton, Clarence C. 784303 722nd
Cpl Cottone, Joseph C. 38328233 722nd
Sgt Couch, Joseph B. 18156950 723rd
Pfc Couick, Lemuel L. 34772381 720th
Sgt Coulson, Ralph L. 37519787 723rd
S/Sgt Coulter, Neil F.   720th
2nd Lt Counts, Dave 0-688926 720th
F/O Courtney, William E. Jr. T-1233313 720th
2nd Lt Courtwright, James C. 0-742480 723rd
1st Lt Cousins, Roy L. 0-806804 723rd
Cpl Coutts, James D. 13127347 722nd
Cpl Coward, Thomas A. 16111514 720th
  Cowen, Arnold I.    
2nd Lt Cowgill, Winfield P. 0-814255 722nd
2nd Lt Cox, Albert W. 0-682810 720th
  Cox, Ellroy    
S/Sgt Cox, James E. 39400262 721st
Pvt Cox, James L. 39400242 721st
S/Sgt Cox, James P.   720th
Sgt Cox, Rufus O. 20364094 721st
S/Sgt Cox, Thomas S. 32377949 720th
  Cox, William B.   HQ
2nd Lt Coyle, Charles 0-689596 722nd
1st Lt Cozart, Stanley   723rd
Sgt Craft, Charles J. 17118740 720th
Sgt Craig, Joseph R.   723rd
S/Sgt Crandall, Donald V. 36455848 723rd
Sgt Crane, Charles H. 11079388 720th
1st Lt Crane, Francis H.   721st
F/O Crane, James M. T-134477 721st
2nd Lt Cranston, William R. 0-737368 720th
2nd Lt Crapps, Lorace A. 0-684640 721st
2nd Lt Craven, Albert D. 0-820723 722nd
S/Sgt Craven, Robert J. W. 12064177 720th
S/Sgt Crawford, Penn W. 13062131 722nd
Cpl Crawford, Ronald W. 39410895 720th
S/Sgt Crawford, William G. 35564052 722nd
  Crees, John   720th
Sgt Creutz, William A. 36595751 722nd
Cpl Critcher, Joseph M. 34644363 720th
Sgt Crocker, Richard 11122752 720th
2nd Lt Crockett, Ivan J. Jr. 0-690055 722nd
  Croes, William J.    
S/Sgt Crofoot, John A. 16148780 720th
Cpl Croghan, Charles J.   720th
T/Sgt Crosby, James F. Jr. 31292215 720th
2nd Lt Cross, George W. 0-703031 723rd
S/Sgt Cross, Grant H. 17083685 721st
  Crossland, Vance   720th
  Crosson, Thomas R   723rd
1st Lt Crosta, George M.   721st
  Crotty, Walter L.   722nd
2nd Lt Crouse, Donald N. 0-715087 720th
Sgt Croushore, Joseph C. 33703594 723rd
Cpl Crow, Gene L. 34601412 720th
2nd Lt Crowe, Leroy E. 0-688742 722nd
2nd Lt Crowns, Arthur J. 0-691615 720th
S/Sgt Crum, Paul L. Jr.   720th
Pfc Cruz, Marcelo G. 38113694 723rd
S/Sgt Crybal, Walter A. 16148425 720th
2nd Lt Cubbins, William R. 0-750347 723rd
S/Sgt Cuellar, Cuauhtemoc R. 38092622 720th
S/Sgt Cugini, Lawrence H. 11069220 720th
T/Sgt Cullen, James J.   722nd
Sgt Cullen, John P. 36240925 723rd
T/Sgt Culver, Robert B. Jr. 18169319 720th
F/O Cumming, James D. T-1536 720th
Sgt Cummings, Jessie C. 18082504 721st
2nd Lt Cummings, Richard S. 0-690059 720th
2nd Lt Cunha, Fred   723rd
Sgt Cunningham, Charles 33709834 720th
2nd Lt Cunningham, Charles E. Jr. 0-684292 720th
Pfc Cunningham, William P. 12123863 721st
  Cunningham, William R.   HQ
T/Sgt Cunnup, Thomas A. Jr. 14178364 721st
  Cupo, Frank J. 0-688684 722nd
  Curci, Michael C.    
2nd Lt Curley, James F. 0-691481  
S/Sgt Curran, Joseph H 32455189 723rd
Sgt Curran, Robert T. 15095806 722nd
Sgt Curreri, Jerry 32629955 721st
  Curtis, Harold   721st
T/Sgt Cushing, Edward B. Jr 13072433 723rd
Pfc Cushing, Victor H. 31317687 720th
  Cushing, Whitney    
1st Lt Cushman, George R. Jr.   720th
  Cutler, William   721st
  Cylkowski, Thaddeus   HQ



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