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If you have a name to submit to the roster, or can fill in some of the missing information below
please contact us using the "Contact Us" link, in the main menu.


If the name is underlined, click on the link to find additional information about the person.





2nd Lt Wade, Doyce L. 0-2059870 721st
Captain Wagner, Alfred W. 0-471088 720th
2nd Lt Wagner, Donald F. 0-735844 720th
2nd Lt Wagner, George J. 0-579553 722nd
Pfc Wagner, John R. 33629403 722nd
2nd Lt Wagoner, Robert M. 0-747685 721st
2nd Lt Wahl, Owen N.   720th
2nd Lt Wajocwski, Edward A.   723rd
S/Sgt Walch, Fred L. 39187254 721st
Pfc Walck, Eugene c. 32702270 723rd
Sgt Walde, Robert F.   721st
Pfc Walden, Wilton N. 34771290 723rd
S/Sgt Waldhoff, Robert H. 37302551 720th
T/Sgt Waldrop, Robert J. 38209621 723rd
Sgt Waldrop, William L. 35061905 722nd
T/Sgt Walker, Archie J. 33290327 720th
2nd Lt Walker, Carl G. 0-749629 722nd
Captain Walker, Eugene E.   723rd
S/Sgt Walker, Handley R. 38476435 723rd
2nd Lt Walker, Norman F. 0-785536 723rd
Cpl Walker, Ryan E. 37417831 723rd
2nd Lt Walker, Sherrill E. 0-2057059 723rd
SSgt Wallace, Edgar L. 33326035  
Sgt Wallace, Gordon R. 39411951 721st
Sgt Wallace, John A. Jr.   721st
T/Sgt Walling, John R.   722nd
2nd Lt Walrath, Irvin E. 0-742805 722nd
Sgt Walsh, David J. 33457194 722nd
Sgt Walsh, Joseph C. 20120199 720th
Pfc Walsh, Robert M. 33491216 721st
2nd Lt Walsh, Robert W. 0-716789 722nd
T/Sgt Walsh, Walter J. 36042450 721st
S/Sgt Walter, Daniel H.   722nd
2nd Lt Walter Robert W.   721st
Sgt Walters, Calvin H. Jr. 34926561 721st
  Walters, Don    
S/Sgt Walters, Guy R. 36362955 722nd
Sgt Walters, John P. 30149781 720th
2nd Lt Walters, Johnnie M. 0-690511 723rd
2nd Lt Walters, Kenneth E. 0-819933 723rd
  Walters, Lee, N.   720th
  Walters, Robert   721st
Pfc Walton, Guy M. 39044532 722nd
  Wampler, Clifford   722nd
2nd Lt Wandell, Frederick H. 0-681486 721st
Sgt Wanless, Earling D. 16908137 721st
  Waqcoski, Edward    
Cpl Ward, Charlie 39211504 721st
S/Sgt Ward, J. C. 18192447 723rd
S/Sgt Ward, John L. 14150983 720th
2nd Lt Ward, John W. Jr 0-691931 720th
S/Sgt Ward, Keibard H, 11952361 722nd
S/Sgt Ward, Leonard J. 11052361 722nd
2nd Lt Ward, William R.   720th
2nd Lt Warner, Donald F. 0-795844 720th
Sgt Warner, Eugene L. 17079911 723rd
Captain Warner, Gerald W.   723rd
Pfc Warner, John R. 33620403 720th
S/Sgt Warner, Robert W.   721st
Sgt Warnett, Ralph W. 20329197 720th
S/Sgt Warren, Charles R. 32373993 722nd
Cpl Warwick, James D. 39205493 722nd
Sgt Waschak, John   720th
1st Lt Wasserman, Bernard 0-809780 721st
S/Sgt Wasserman, Solomon 12182599 720th
2nd Lt Waste, Robert L. 0-670683 721st
2nd Lt Waterman, David 0-690512 723rd
Cpl Waterman, Robert P. 31303990 721st
Sgt Waters, John F. 34403659 723rd
S/Sgt Watkins, Eugene L. 33559123 720th
  Watson, Arthur   722nd
2nd Lt Watson, Donald C.   722nd
1st Lt Watson, James E. III.   722nd
2nd Lt Watson, Winston C. 0-691020 720th
  Watts, J. R.   HQ
  Watts, Lee R.    
Sgt Wavra, Rubin T. 8226992 722nd
  Waworth, Edward   721st
Cpl Way, John L. 33225772 722nd
Pfc Waymack, Lewis W. 33634149 722nd
2nd Lt Wayne, Maynard I. 0-809782 721st
1st Lt Wear, William H. 0-664096  
F/O Weathermon, Gerald E. T-187505 722nd
T/Sgt Weaver, Richard L. 16150894 722nd
2nd Lt Webb, George E. 0-773024 721st
S/Sgt Webb, Harold M. 38477976 721st
Sgt Webb, John H. 20457961 722nd
S/Sgt Webb, Thomas C. 13047909 720th
Sgt Webber,Carl B. 34005175 720th
Sgt Webber, Charles N. 13158392 720th
Sgt Weber, Edward L. 37384815 721st
S/Sgt Weber, Julius H. 36242868 722nd
S/Sgt Weber, Norman N. 16116583 721st
Captain Weber, Vernon A. 0-902772 720th
Cpl Webster, William C. 13090982 723rd
Pvt Weckbach, Alpha D. 35790691 722nd
Sgt Weckerle, Kenneth P. 12209030 722nd
S/Sgt Wehnert, Robert E. 12227644 720th
2nd Lt Weichman, David E. 0-700882 721st
S/Sgt Weider, Henry J. 33561843 720th
2nd Lt Weidman, Lloyd E. 0-865690 720th
2nd Lt Weilert, Irving J. 0-691426 721st
Sgt Weishaar, George F. 33377895 721st
Cpl Weiss, Gilbert C. 35429739 722nd
Cpl Weiss, Morris 32769172 720th
Pfc Weiss, William J. 36803418 721st
Sgt Welby, Raymond F. 33032575 721st
1st Lt Welch, George R.   721st
S/Sgt Weller, William V. 20252677 720th
Cpl Wells, Ernest J. 33807744 723rd
  Wells, Harry F.    
  Wells, Jack   720th
Sgt Wells, James E. Jr 13116962 722nd
S/Sgt. Wells, Jean E.   720th
2nd Lt Wells, John F. 0-799690 723rd
Captain Wells, John H. Jr. 0-579625 720th
S/Sgt Wells, Stanley L.   722nd
1st Lt Welsh, Richard K   723rd
S/Sgt Welsh, Robert L. Jr.   720th
S/Sgt Welty, Raymond F. 33302575 721st
Sgt Wenger, Elmer J. 39564800 720th
S/Sgt Wentzel, Clarence M. 13047632 723rd
Cpl Wentzel, James J. 31347395 722nd
Cpl Wenzka, Thaddeus J. 32280473 722nd
Cpl Werner, Frank J. 32720187 723rd
2nd Lt Werner, John M. 0-668861 722nd
Sgt Werner, Norman C. 39044045 722nd
Sgt Wernett, Norman C.   720th
S/Sgt Wernett, Charles T. 13027447 721st
  Wernett, Ralph W.   720th
Cpl Werries, Michael H. 35428374 722nd
S/Sgt Wertz, David L. 13157903  
2nd Lt Weseman, Edwin I. 0-785539 720th
Sgt Wesley, Harold R. 36830093 721st
F/O Wesner, Robert L. T-3363 722nd
S/Sgt Wessel, Ralph C. 35305917 720th
S/Sgt West, Cleo H.   722nd
Sgt West, Oscar D. 16154677 720th
Pvt West, Roger I. 19129653 720th
Sgt West, Stanley B. 11116525 722nd
Sgt Westfall, John W. 39218646 721st
2nd Lt Weston, Frank H. 0-707465 722nd
  Wetzel, Frank L.    
Sgt Wexstaff, Charles   723rd
1st Lt Whalen, William E. 0-660312 721st
2nd Lt Wheary, Frederick W. 0-690521 722nd
2nd Lt Wheatley, Babe E.   721st
Sgt Wheeler, Gerald B. 35495784 723rd
S/Sgt Wheeler, Lawrence N. 39173872 723rd
Cpl Wheeler, Theodore G. 33436599 723rd
S/Sgt Whetherton, Thomas W. 35487589 720th
Sgt Whiddon, James M. 34444548 HQ
  Whipke, Harold   720th
  White, Al N.   720th
2nd Lt White, Arthur D. 0-690694 721st
  White, Bess S.    
  White, Bill    
  White, Bob    
2nd Lt White, Charles L. 0-815609 721st
S/Sgt White, Charles R. 33117745 722nd
1st Lt White, Donald L. 0-564607 723rd
Cpl White, Donald R. 37473237 720th
  White, Edward   723rd
Sgt White, Harold P. 35406939 721st
Cpl White, Jack L. 37509722 721st
Sgt White, John E. 20810243 721st
Captain White, Lloyd F. 0-793210 721st
Cpl White, Morris J. 31332749 720th
2nd Lt White, Norman C. 0-692982 723rd
  White, Norman C.   722nd
2nd Lt White, Norman E. 0-579845 721st
2nd Lt White, Oliver G. 0-2068255 721st
Pvt White, Raymond M. 32490620 720th
2nd Lt White, Stanley A. 0-691026 720th
2nd Lt White, William C. 0-712716 721st
Sgt White, William K. 35771694 723rd
Sgt Whited, George C. 33252568 722nd
2nd Lt Whitehead, Ronald R. 0-735840 720th
2nd Lt Whitelam, Harry J. Jr. 0-756844 721st
S/Sgt Whitley, Lloyd 14196516 722nd
Sgt Whitlock, Marcus E. 14141358 723rd
F/O Whitmore, Joseph K. T-125428 722nd
1st Lt Whitney, Richard M. 0-660313 723rd
2nd Lt Whitt, Elbert A. 0-581546 721st
Captain Whytal, James S.   722nd
2nd Lt Wick, John F. 0-689426 723rd
Sgt Wicklund, Carl B.   721st
Captain Wicks, Clark J. 0-406434 720th
  Widde, Harry    
S/Sgt Wideneir, Rhonda E.   721st
2nd Lt Wiebelhaus, Virgil D. 0-6916558 721st
T/Sgt Wieduwilt, James D. 36590389 720th
  Wieland Keith   723rd
Sgt Wierzbicki, Bernard C. 12130715 722nd
T/Sgt Wilch, Herbert N. 17060801 722nd
2nd Lt Wilder, Lee L. 0-692928 723rd
2nd Lt Wilds, Robert Henry Jr. 0-825349 723rd
T/Sgt Wiley, Ralph L. 38114455 723rd
S/Sgt Wilhelm, Louis 37264699 722nd
Cpl Wilk, John H. 19190303 723rd
1st Lt Wilk, LaJune F. 0-661161 723rd
1st Lt Wilk, Vernon A. T-3325 720th
S/Sgt Wilkerson, Charles L. B. 14069129 721st
T/Sgt Wilkerson, Timothy A.   720th
S/Sgt Wilkins, Alexandor V. 33221155 722nd
T/Sgt Wilkins, Nelson W.   723rd
2nd Lt Wilkinson, Gene R. 0-723221 720th
  Wilkinson, James R.   722nd
S/Sgt Willford, Edward W. 16076740  
1st Lt Willford, Wade H.   721st
Sgt Williams, Donald E. 32369473 723rd
S/Sgt Williams, Edwin R. 36592779 723rd
Sgt Williams, Ernest E. 14149619 720th
2nd Lt Williams, Eugene A. 0-689296 720th
Sgt Williams, George W. 32865584 722nd
1st Lt Williams, Joe M.   720th
1st Lt Williams, Max L. Jr. 0-511689 720th
1st Lt Williams, Paul P. 0-750906 720th
1st Lt Williams, Raymond L. 0-692591 723rd
T/Sgt Williams, Robert L. 18232385 722nd
Sgt Williamson, Eugene D. 18171258 722nd
2nd Lt Williamson, Mervyn W. 0-703674 723rd
M/Sgt Williamson, Oliver 6936590 723rd
2nd Lt Williamson, William   720th
2nd Lt Williford, Wade H. 0-796932 721st
  Wills, Charles   722nd
2nd Lt Wilson, David A.   723rd
T/Sgt Wilson, Donald E.   720th
Sgt Wilson, Frank J. 35508780 722nd
S/Sgt Wilson, Homer B. 12168550 720th
1st Lt Wilson, Kenneth G. 0-687726 722nd
Sgt Wilson, Noble L. 17071063 723rd
Sgt Wilson, Richard L. 37500784 720th
  Wilson, Thomas F.   720th
S/Sgt Wilson, William W. 34449398 723rd
Sgt Windham, Richard A. 34477355 721st
S/Sgt Wingate, Ray H. 15354833 721st
S/Sgt Winn, Lavern A. 15345120 720th
T/Sgt Winner, Eugene M. 20725631 721st
Pfc Winters, John C. 39286446 720th
Cpl Wirtanen, Toivo R. 31429107 722nd
2nd Lt Wisbrod, William 0-690531 722nd
Sgt Wiseman, Donald E. 17059393 723rd
Sgt Wissing, Arthur J.   722nd
Pfc With, Russell E. 36284337 722nd
Sgt Witherow, Clarence D. 33244127 723rd
M/Sgt Witherspoon, Lester J. 6489954 721st
S/Sgt Withington, Harry G. 37394176 723rd
S/Sgt Witkowski, Alexander Jr. 13116594 722nd
Sgt Wittbrodt, George E. 36593929 720th
Sgt Witte, Harry A. 49043235 HQ
Cpl Witty, William C. 37519643 721st
S/Sgt Wiuff, Richard J.   722nd
2nd Lt Wnukowski, Raymond 0-720655 720th
Sgt Woebuck, Alfred H. 12083393 723rd
S/Sgt Wojcik, Chester 35320260 720th
2nd Lt Wojcoski, Edward A. 0-809793 723rd
Sgt Wolcott, Harvey R. 19070533 721st
  Wold, Clayton   721st
  Woldemar, George   721st
2nd Lt Wolfe, Benjamin J. 0-714244 720th
Sgt Wolfe, Edward W   723rd
Cpl Wolfe, Eugene R. 36762755 721st
S/Sgt Wolfe, Ray H.   720th
Sgt Wolfman, Melvin S. 12124367 721st
2nd Lt Wollcott, Edmund H. 0-799526 721st
S/Sgt Wood, Adam E. 15338627 722nd
1st Lt Wood, Earl W. 38313439 722nd
Captain Wood, Harris L.   721st
S/Sgt Wood, Herbert J. 38313439 722nd
S/Sgt Wood, James A. 33341008 720th
Cpl Wood, John H. 37506681 722nd
S/Sgt Wood, Marion W. 37408717 723rd
Sgt Wood, Robert W. 12227720 723rd
S/Sgt Wood, William Y. 34353824 721st
Sgt Woodall, Howard P. 34703794 723rd
  Woodland, Irvin F. 0-694907 720th
Pvt Woodruff, Robert Jr. 39564827 723rd
  Woods, Earl   722nd
  Woods, Regis F.   723rd
Sgt Woodson, Ora D. 37606457 721st
S/Sgt Woodstock, Stanley P. 33327553 720th
S/Sgt Woodward, Norman L.   720th
  Woody,   HQ
Sgt Woolley, Robert W. 39834928 HQ
  Woolsey, Robert G.   723rd
S/Sgt Woolun, Paul J. 15094728 720th
F/O Word J. C. T-187542 722nd
T/Sgt Worden, Arthur M. 15101322 723rd
Sgt Workin, Herbert D. 32708025 723rd
Sgt Wrambel, Eugene M. 32985883 721st
Pfc Wright, Hillman F. Jr. 34729488 722nd
2nd Lt Wright, James G. 0-442499 720th
Captain Wright, Louis A. 0-431690 HQ
Cpl Wright, R. K.   722nd
2nd Lt Wright, William R. Jr. 0-691025 722nd
2nd Lt Wright, William W. 0-2001489 720th
Cpl Wroblewski, Edward J. 33426187 721st
Cpl Wzorek, Carol J. 31212632 720th



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