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If you have a name to submit to the roster, or can fill in some of the missing information below
please contact us using the "Contact Us" link, in the main menu.


If the name is underlined, click on the link to find additional information about the person.





1st Lt Fagan, Vincent F. 0-699402 723rd
  Fahnstock, Walter   722nd
Sgt Fahrenbach, Elroy L. 39261898 721st
1st Lt Fahrer, Gerald H. 0-825813 720th
M/Sgt Fair, Floyd W. 18020776 723rd
  Fairchild, Norman    
S/Sgt Falcone, M.   723rd
S/Sgt Falconetti, Joseph R. 32915488 720th
Sgt Falstein, Louis   723rd
S/Sgt Falzarano, Albert 42105660 720th
T/Sgt Fanger, Franklin H.   721st
Sgt Fankboner, William H. 35539527 722nd
  Fanshel, David   722nd
Sgt Faoiz, Norman J. 35551258 720th
T/Sgt Farbman, Leo   722nd
T/Sgt Farina, Silvio P. Jr. 11116867 723rd
Pfc Farina, Thomas J. 33534657 723rd
2nd Lt Farmer, Harold W. 0-704178 723rd
2nd Lt Farmer, Robert L. 0-661089 720th
T/Sgt Farquar, Wayne H. 37428355 721st
2nd Lt Farr, Homer D.   723rd
2nd Lt Farrar, Edwin R. 0-694463 722nd
S/Sgt Farrell, John C. 17070876 723rd
2nd Lt Farren, Charles A. 0-694869 723rd
Sgt Farrer, William A. 18208824 721st
Sgt Farris, Edward N. 14138987 722nd
2nd Lt Farris, Mitchel E. 0-698878 720th
2nd Lt Farris, Robert C.   721st
  Faruna, S. P.   723rd
Sgt Farwell, Ward H. 36475884 720th
S/Sgt Fasolas, Charles E. 33286674 720th
1st Lt Fategoni, Andrew   723rd
Pfc Fattig, Eugene L. 35092936 722nd
S/Sgt Faulkner, Edward 31180142 722nd
Sgt Faulkner, Kenneth F. 18167921 721st
S/Sgt Fayden, Michael J. 42109989 720th
2nd Lt Feasel, Thomas O.   722nd
Cpl Federico, Dominic A. 39112377 722nd
S/Sgt Fedor, Edward F. 35600006 723rd
2nd Lt Feeback, Alan P. 0-823337 720th
S/Sgt Feffer, Milton S. 19176827 723rd
2nd Lt Fehr, Walter F.   723rd
2nd Lt Feinberg, Arnold B 0-2057744 720th
2nd Lt Feinberg, Irvin Q.   720th
2nd Lt Feingold, Martin 0-717769 722nd
T/Sgt Feitz, Herman C. 32394544 721st
S/Sgt Felchner, Charles C. 36441150 720th
Sgt Feld, Monroe H. 11021209 723rd
2nd Lt Felder, Harold A. 0-690070 720th
  Feldman, Harold A.   720th
Cpl Fellers, John R. 36631206 721st
  Felling, Bernard N. 35913781 722nd
2nd Lt Feltenstein, Harry D. Jr. 0-798466 721st
T/Sgt Fenner, Arthur B. 12004138 721st
Sgt Fenske, Norman C. 39555676 720th
2nd Lt Ferguson, Bernard B. Jr. 0-383040 723rd
T/Sgt Ferguson, Charles M. 14124663 721st
S/Sgt Ferguson, William C. Sr. 38267426 722nd
  Ferguston, William C.   720th
  Ferrante, Joseph   721st
Sgt Ferrante, Salvatore 32965351 723rd
Cpl Ferrara, Joseph J. 11044890 722nd
Sgt Ferrara, Mathew A. 6901793  
Sgt Ferrara, Thomas R.   721st
S/Sgt Ferrario, Joseph M. 37392958 722nd
Cpl Ferraro, Joseph C. 32589692 723rd
  Ferris Robert 721st
Sgt Ferry, Angelo T. 29134183 720th
1st Lt Ferry, Horace G. 0-795600 722nd
S/Sgt Feurer, Melvin   722nd
1st Lt Field, Sumner M. Jr.   722nd
Sgt Fields, Erskine L. 34806875 720th
S/Sgt Fields, William O. 37057591 720th
F/O Fiero, Joshua M. III   722nd
Sgt Fife, James R. 11113696 720th
Cpl Figg, George T. 36716853 720th
S/Sgt Fili, William J. 13151977 720th
  Fillnow, Ronald H.   720th
S/Sgt Finch, Jimmie C. 38395917 720th
Cpl Fincher, James L. 38395992 720th
T/Sgt Findeisen, Charles 32240869 723rd
1st Lt Fine, Harold E. 0-709322 720th
M/Sgt Fink, Louis E. 15017084 723rd
Sgt Fink, Samuel   722nd
Cpl Fink, Stanley R..   723rd
F/O Finkelstein, Zelig T-124372 720th
Sgt Finnigan, Kenneth C. 39020884 720th
T/Sgt Finson, Arthur J. Jr. 6949729 723rd
1st Lt Fish, Byron O.   721st
Cpl Fish, Victor J.   722nd
Cpl Fisher, Charles R.   722nd
S/Sgt Fisher, Lawrence J.   722nd
Sgt Fisher, Robert C. 16021946 721st
S/Sgt Fisher, William H. Jr.   722nd
2nd Lt Fisher, William R. 0-822428 722nd
Sgt Fishleder, Eli 32872670 HQ
S/Sgt Fisk, Wayne E. 37388817 720th
S/Sgt Fitch, Theodore   723rd
2nd Lt Fitz, Elwood A. 0-817648 722nd
1st Lt Fitzsimmons, John W.   723rd
Sgt Fix, James N. 31139892 721st
S/Sgt Flaherty, John M. 16080453 720th
T/Sgt Flanagan, Charles R. 32580213 720th
S/Sgt Flanagan, Joseph C. 31215369 720th
T/Sgt Flannagan, William N. 11032200 721st
2nd Lt. Flannery, John F. 0-1551616 720th
Cpl Fleenor, Hugh C. 35567551 720th
Captain Fleming, Julian D. 0-689574 721st
  Fleming, Max   722nd
1st Lt Fleming, Richard L.   723rd
Cpl Flemmens, Roger W. 33014982 722nd
2nd Lt Fletcher, Gardner   720th
Sgt Fletcher, Willis W. Jr 12208381 720th
Sgt Flippo, Ellis L. Jr. 34059708 722nd
2nd Lt Flock, William C. 0-688984 723rd
2nd Lt Flohr, Milton F. 0-825376 720th
Sgt Flolo, Eugene C. 17157563 720th
Sgt Flora, Raymond W. 15338865 722nd
Cpl Florczak, Matthew J. 42003347 723rd
Sgt Florczak, Walter S. 32777313 720th
S/Sgt Florip, John M. 36421886 723rd
2nd Lt Flowers, Archie I.   723rd
S/Sgt Flynn, James E. 33298008 721st
2nd Lt Fockler, Harry C.   723rd
  Follansbee, John G.   720th
2nd Lt Follett, Warren S. 0-820984 722nd
2nd Lt Forbes, Donald A. 0-688952 723rd
S/Sgt Ford, George H. 12204368 722nd
M/Sgt Ford, Robert H. 14068115 721st
S/Sgt Ford, William J. 17088141 721st
S/Sgt Forrester, Gather W. 33647012 722nd
2nd Lt Fors, William B.   722nd
F/O Forschner, Robert H. T-125717 720th
S/Sgt Forti, James A. 11044953 722nd
Cpl Fortini, Anthony   721st
2nd Lt Fortune, John J. 0-698188 721st
1st Lt Fory, Horace C. 0-795660 722nd
Pfc Foster, Charles 37368743 722nd
2nd Lt Foster, Harry L. Jr.   720th
Cpl Foster, James P. 35628345 723rd
S/Sgt Foster, John G. 39121479 720th
1st Lt Foster, John W.   722nd
S/Sgt Fothergill, Gordon H. 11998339 722nd
S/Sgt Fouer, Melvin 15354263 722nd
Cpl Fournier, Fernend 31310497 720th
Pvt Foutz, Roy G. 39393216 723rd
T/Sgt Fowler, Roy N. 17090195 721st
S/Sgt Fowler, Roy N. 17090195 721st
1st Lt Fowler, William R. 0-704378 722nd
Sgt Fox, Billie M. 18164192 722nd
2nd Lt Fox, Howard A. 0-857401 722nd
2nd Lt Fox, Jack E.   720th
S/Sgt Fox, James M. 11024851 723rd
Cpl Fox, Martin E. 14170793 720th
2nd Lt Fox, Roger M. 0-696354 722nd
M/Sgt Foyer, Ray Jr. 13047789 721st
Sgt Fraguglia, Pio R.   723rd
S/Sgt Francis, Ernest R. 14022014 723rd
S/Sgt Francis, Harold L. 32580104 720th
Sgt Francis, Lloyd W. 36240776 723rd
1st Lt Frank, Everett S. 0-7167719 721st
S/Sgt Frank, J. R. 38428302 721st
Sgt Frankboner, William H.   722nd
S/Sgt Franklin, Clyde M. 33648861 720th
Sgt Franklin, James S. 14181747 723rd
Sgt Franklin, Max 6863250 723rd
Cpl Franklin, William P. 36199986 720th
2nd Lt Franks, William M. 0-717177 723rd
Sgt Frantz, Frank A. 33507513 723rd
T/Sgt Franz, George A. 19003876 723rd
T/Sgt Franz, Harry J. Jr. 33719488 723rd
2nd Lt Fredd, John N. 0-798118 720th
1st Lt Fredrickson, Martin D.   721st
Cpl Freed, Samuel 19124334 721st
  Freedman, Martin   HQ
1st Lt Freeman, David J.   721st
Sgt Freeman, Marvin R.   720th
Sgt Freislinger, Robert 16136346 721st
2nd Lt Freitag, Robert B. 0-695363 722nd
2nd Lt Freitas, Henry J. 0-770999 720th
2nd Lt French, Gerald M. 0-685248 720th
  French, James    
Sgt Fretz, Edmond A. Jr.   720th
2nd Lt Frick, Raymond A. 0-810129 723rd
2nd Lt Fridderichs, George L. 0-2058153 720th
Cpl Fridley, Vearl R. 37651455 721st
T/Sgt Friebolin, Norman 36653629 720th
2nd Lt Friedberg Alan 0-707257 722nd
Sgt Friedlander, Robert A. 12143064 721st
Captain Friedman, Martin E. 0-676370 HQ
S/Sgt Friedman, Martin M. 33250457  
  Friend, Edward P. 0-723788 723rd
S/Sgt Friend, Peter C.   723rd
Sgt Fringer, Duncan L. 6976904 720th
2nd Lt Frink, Eugene F. 0-696356 722nd
Pfc Frittz, George N. 38398334 722nd
2nd Lt Fritz, George H. 0-814289 723rd
  Fritz, Harold   HQ
S/Sgt Fromm, Paul J.   721st
Cpl Frye, Ira E. 33529572 723rd
2nd Lt Frye, John S. 0-698110 723rd
S/Sgt Frymire, Clarion J. 35540139 720th
2nd Lt Fulks, John S. Jr 0-801612 720th
2nd Lt Fuller, Ray R. 0-2057602 721st
Major Fuller, Rex V.   723rd
2nd Lt Fullmer, Kenneth D.   721st
2nd Lt Fulmer, Joel A. Jr. 0-700000 723rd
S/Sgt Fulton, George W. 33599820 722nd
  Fulton, James   722nd
2nd Lt Funderburk, James R. 0-815609 721st
Cpl Furby, Arthur Jr. 38420356 723rd
S/Sgt Furer, Melvin   722nd
2nd Lt Furlong, Robert J. 0-717985 720th
Sgt Furney, John E. Jr.   722nd
2nd Lt Furrow, Jessie R. 0-696640 722nd
2nd Lt Furtado, Manuel P. 0-716722 722nd
  Furtaw, Roy    



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