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If you have any photographs of 450th crews or can fill in any of the blanks in our current pictures, please contact us.

720th Squadron
720th Squadron
721st Squadron
721st Squadron
450th BGH
Missing Information
722nd Squadron
722nd Squadron
723rd Squadron
723rd Squadron

Click on the squadron logo or name to jump to that squadron

720th Squadron    
Pilot Name Aircraft Name Crew # Aircraft Serial #
Harry Amdur      
Joseph D. Anderson Frisco belle 77-48 41-29252
Oscar J. Anderson     41-29269
Augie Crew      
Ken Booth Dottie Darling   42-78237
Donald A. Buck     42-73426
Robert H. Buesing      
Paul B. Cantrell Pistol Packin Mama   42-52124
Grant D. Caywood Shadow 4-N-33 42-52611
Sherwood Cooke Belle of the Orchard    
William R. Cranston      
Daniel H. Dennis Jr. Sleepy Time Gal   42-78211
Brice C. Diedrick. Ruff N Reddy   44-40615
John C. Ebert Destiny Deb   42-78170
Robert W. Edwards Joker I   41-28757
Gerald H. Fahrer      
Alan Feeback Passionate Pirate   44-41041
Milton F. Flohr     42-51790
Harry L. Foster      
John N. Fredd     42-78284
Gerald M. French Liberal Lady   42-52148
John S. Fulks Jr.     42-52142
Bernard B. Gawne   141  
Donald W. Gilbert     42-78159
John C. Giraudo     42-64443
Donald G. Guldberg     42-78226
William Haines Satans Gal 200 42-78231
Charles Herrington      
Joseph W. Hirsch Banana Boat   42-7742
Ralph G. Hodgson Jr.     41-28612
Leonard S. Houston The Rowdy Dowdys   42-78184
Wallace C. Hopkins      
James D. Irwin      
John L. Jeff Miss Carriage    
Ernest F. John Miss Fortune   42-7728
Joe Karsonovich      
Ireland R. Kearns      
Nicholas P Kordich      
John W. Kreitz     42-78645
Edward B. Kunkle      
Francis D. Layton     41-28975
Charles H. Lee Hard To Get   42-78156
Kenneth K. Lewis      
Edmund A. Ley Ten Fighting Cocks   42-52119
Leonard Markley   313-25  
Frank C. Marpe Jr.     42-78185
Reaford C. McCraw True Love   42-7697
Carl E. Mulhollan      
Wayne H. Nelson      
Vincent H. Olney     42-50304
Lloyd O. Osborne     42-64339
David Paterson Piqua Bondolear   42-7748
Paul F. C. Radue Dolly   42-50277
Robert K. Ready      
Harry L. Rothman Ramp Rat   42-78454
Roger C. Saurer     44-10538
Phillip D. Schliesser   465  
Howard L. Selleck      
Robert H. Shamblin     44-41340
Vladimir Skuby      
Dalton W. Smith Banana Boat   42-7742
Homer W. Smith Babe in Arms   42-78234
Harold F. Stratton     42-50893
Charles M. Swinehart      
Dayton R. Taylor   AQ-65  
Dana V. Varvil Destiny Deb   42-78170
Paul V. Vegna     42-51472
Donald F. Wagner     42-94950
Owen N.Wahl Sick Call 4F C-36 42-51870
William Ward Heavens Above   42-50487
Ronald R. Whitehead Shady Lady   42-7743
Raymond Wnukowski      
Benjamin J. Wolfe Passionate Pirate   44-41041
721st Squadron    
Pilot Name Aircraft Name Crew # Aircraft Serial #
Robert Alexander      
Franklin R. Amthor      
Howard L. Anderson Yankee Fury   42-52109
Howard L. Anderson     42-78189
Charles H. Andrews   7158  
Ben H. Beckett Jr.      
Melvin J. Benson      
Robert H. Berly Jr. Ramp Rat   42-78454
Herman F. Blumel Jr.   427  
Kenneth Bushnell      
William P. Cannon S. H. Mouse Esq   41-29255
Gordon T. Colley      
Jack E. Dyer     41-28929
William L. Eldred The Impatient Virgin II   41-28827
Merle W. Emch Miss Fury   41-29212
Robert Ferris      
Ray R. Fuller     44-50584
Joseph P. Gallagher Mad Cap Marge   41-28756
Elmer L. Ginter     44-50499
Charles E. Gothe      
Jack W. Graham Grahams Grimlin   41-29188
Thomas M. Haggerton     41-29338
Arthur H. Hannes      
Robert F. Harris Bottoms Up   42-64448
Elmer J. Hartman Deuces Wild   41-29222
Harvey E. Helmberger Yankee Fury   42-52109
Abner D. Hervey     41-29272
Benjamin G. Hofmeyer      
Murray V. Hollander     41-28618
Joseph Johnson      
Jack G. Kath My Akin   44-40927
Joseph T. Kent Hubba Hubba    
Carl A. Kluender      
George B. Lawley Augusta P   42-78455
Edward M. Lee     41-28854
Paul M. Llewellyn   6587  
Warren F. Maust      
Claude L. McIver Jr.      
Vernon E. Mikkelson     41-28973
Leonard T. Mojica     42-51566
Jeremiah P. O'Sullivan     44-41188
Edward J. Owen Jr. 978    
Roland C. Parnell     42-51733
James L. Price      
Clarence W. Reicherts Rage In Heaven   44-41066
William E. Reno Jr.     41-28604
Willis R. Retzlaff   77-45  
Leo F. Rogers      
Gordon J. Salinger     41-29227
Leonard B. Scott Jr. Hi Pockets   42-95385
Thomas A. Scott Paper Doll   42-52112
William C. Snaith Strange Cargo   42-51153
George A. Stanley Stardust   42-64455
George J. Stephens      
Claude W. Summers      
Ernest B. Thrasher      
Richard E. Turk      
Frederick H. Wandell     41-28592
Robert L. Waste Impatient Virgin   42-64446
David E. Weichman Tank Town Myrtle   42-78456
Irwing J Weilert #34    
William E. Whalen Yankee Fury   42-52109
Babe E. Wheatley      
Charles L. White      
Lloyd F. White   272  
Edmund H. Wollcott Tuff Ship   41-29224
722nd Squadron    
Pilot Name Aircraft Name Crew # Aircraft Serial #
Glen D. Babbitt      
William J. Barr 956   42-50956
John F. Barrett Joint Venture   42-78194
Rex A. Beene Tailwind   42-100252
Norbert T. Bertling      
Thomas J. Borgstrom     42-51928
Tommy F. Bruner     42-94901
Frank A. Brusek Janner   42-7731
Clay U. Bullis Reddy Teddy   42-78083
Clarence B. Caldwell Toni Gayle   41-29221
August A. Chrestia Mail Call   42-94960
Ralph W. Chubb Down N Go   42-52152
Thomas P. Considine      
Harmond M. Dessler Maiden USA   42-78180
William A. Donald Tulsamerican   42-51430
Karl C. Eberly Jr.      
Vincent F. Fagan Maiden America   42-78366
Thomas O. Feasel Boobie Trap   41-29332
Horace G. Ferry Rum Buggy   42-52144
Elwood A. Fitz     42-78505
Eugene F. Frink Toni Gayle   41-29221
Jessie R. Furrow The Snatch   42-78197
Bernard J. Gillespie Tanta Liza   41-29281
Harold B. Hall      
Emil Hobart      
Creighton R. Haupt Madam Shoo Shoo   42-99805
George A. Hesse Jr. Sack Time Sadie   42-51889
Paul J. Hoffman   4330  
Joseph Jackson      
Ivan C. James     42-78409
Herbert P. Johnson Jr.     42-78216
Norman A. Kath      
George H. Kincaide   208  
Clinton S. Liechty      
H.J. Lombard Fast Freight 95 42-95387
Mel Lyman      
Hobert R. Maddux      
Robert H. McCarthy      
Louis M. McCumsey Queen Ann   42-95458
Louis M. McCumsey Dragon Ass   42-51848
James L. McLain My Akin ?   44-40927
John McLaughlin Janner   42-7731
John R. McMullen My Akin? 7498 44-40929
Walter A. Murphy Flak Magnet   42-94984
Robert W. Nutt Termite Chaser   42-52141
William L. Orris     41-29376
Andrew Peterson   579  
Willis R. Retzlaff     42-7746
Nelson L. Ruth Male Call    
Francis S. Rzatkowski   302-9-59  
Gerald L. Schaeffer Rum Buggy   42-52144
Robert A. Schoeffler I'll Get By   42-78334
Walter J. Sebastian     41-28603
William Shannon   271  
Walter J. Sharff Termite Chaser I   42-52141
Carl L. Smith Margie   42-52122
Kenneth R Stevens      
Charles H. Stenchfield      
James C. Stripp Patricia Ann   42-52088
Lloyd C. Treece      
Walter P. VanDerKamp Gallopin Ghost   42-7714
Henry C. VanPopering     42-78380
Ralph C. Volk     42-51177
Irvin E. Walrath Stinky's Siren   42-52085
Gerald Weathermon Patricia Ann   42-52088
Kenneth G. Wilson     42-78154
J.C. Word      
Joseph H. Zeleznock      
Eugene Kruger Stripped for Action    
723rd Squadron    
Pilot Name Aircraft Name Crew # Aircraft Serial #
Richard H. Ailes Swamprat 602 41-28968
Charles Aitken Lady Luck   42-51777
Victor Bahr      
Bert O. Baker Whiskey Kid   42-52215
Patrick Barbati Tung Hoy   41-29345
Robert M. Barry      
James P. Boger      
Theodore J. Brus Jr. Yoo Hoo 28 3128  
James W. Buck      
Charles W. Clark Little Lady Joyce   42-52519
Robert J. Clay Little Stinker    
Robert A. Cornatzer     69
William D. Conklin Yellow 28   44-41025
Leon Coquillette      
William R. Cubbins Charlot the Harlot    
William R. Cubbins Peekin' Thru   42-51159
Wendall H. Davis      
James E. Donnelly   4318  
Jack C. Evans      
Rex V. Fuller      
Robert H. Gernand Take Off Time   42-7710
Thomas R. Gregory      
Thomas P. Griffin   CQ-24 42-52163
Philip T. Hamer      
Richard C. Hefner Gadget   41-28620
Richard C. Hefner Wolf Pack   42-64454
Leland H. Henderson Judy Lee 68 42-7752
Robert S. Hogan Daisy May   42-78404
Ira J. Holloman Problem Child   42-7724
James H. Isbell Maggie Zass    
Walter P. Joens   W-91 42-52095
John Paul Jones Jr.   35  
Moe Kahan   4308  
Earle W. Kelly Peelin' Off   41-28919
Roger A. Kent      
Peter C. Koegel     42-78104
Harry L. Kellman      
Francis V. Lael     42-78199
James C. Lombardi     42-278325
Edward C. Loomis Twin Tail   41-28579
Robert A. McGregor Breezie Weezie   42-52613
William A. Miller Buelah   41-29228
Russell J. Mills      
Jack C. Morris     42-95296
Guy V. Munsey      
James T. Murray     41-28859
Robert T. Nelson      
Sigurd J. Nilsson Gremlin Gus   42-52161
Herb Powell Pardon Me   44-50845
Ralph R. Rickey Take Off Time   42-7710
Doris B. Robertson      
Jerold E. Rubinton     42-51976
Louis J. Samsa Round Trip Rosie   41-29213
Phillip H. Scanlon Leaky Tub   41-29226
Frederick M. Schuette      
Richard D. Seeman Nita   42-51841
Bryant L. Smick Liberty Belle    
Bryant L. Smick Tung Hoy   41-29345
Easley S. Smith Rocky   42-28985
James D. Squires   FY-AY-112  
Theodore A. Stanley     41-28923
William H. Stelte Set Em Up 7518 42-94787
Charles Stiede Sage Lady   41-28607
Carl E. Stocker      
Murray G. Stowe Lady Luck   42-51777
Murray G. Stowe Princess Pat   44-50245
Frank E. Tarasko      
Wesley W. Turner Curly C-400 44-41045
Elmer E. Venclik      
Eugene E. Walker   107  
John F. Wells Wells Cargo   42-52143
Edward White Kathleen    
Richard M. Whitney Buelah   41-29228
Lee L. Wilder Breezie Weezie 4-O-94 42-52613
Arnold Zohn 969   42-50969
Missing Information    
Pilot Name Aircraft Name Crew # Aircraft Serial #

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